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5 Exciting Examples of Barber Shop Branding

Haircuts are one of those things that you either love or loathe. I can’t stand going for my haircut (hence the lion’s mane I’ve had for the past few years). I hate the way you feel instantly itchy afterwards and the way that the t-shirt you wear gets absolutely ruined and relegated to the status of “haircut shirt”. However, if any of my local barbers had an branding like the following, I think I could grow to love it.

Fast Eddie’s by Commoner Inc

Fast Eddies Barber Shop Branding

The monotone branding for Fast Eddie’s barber shop by Commoner Inc is the work that kick started my investigation into barber shop branding and the male grooming market. I particularly love the creative envelope design.

Blade and Badger by Bo Roberts-Leung

Blade and Badger Barber Shop Branding

In the branding for Blade and Badger, Bo Roberts-Leung takes influence from traditional barber shop branding whilst adding modern twists and introduces flashes of colour. With talks of Movember, brand influenced beer mats, pop culture references and a moustache comb, this truly is a barber shop for the 21st century.

Zach’s Barber Shop by Marco Boualis

Zachs Barber Shop Branding

The branding for Zach’s Barber Shop by Marco Boualis is a great student project that has delivered a brilliant result. Essentially a made-up brief for a fictional barbers, the design work on display here trumps a lot of existing businesses.

Milo’s on Fourth by Luke Lieskie

Milos on Fourth Barber Shop Branding

Luke Lieskie‘s work for Milo’s on Fourth uses distressed textures and typefaces to emphasise a vintage look, and the use of colour helps to add a contemporary feel to the work. I think this branding works particularly well on the product cans.

Proper Barber Shop by Joshua Wills

Proper Barber Shop Branding

Joshua Wills‘ branding for Proper Barber Shop is my favourite on the list. Everything from the punk influenced logo to the fantastically shot video and photography on display on their website makes me want to visit Colorado just to have my haircut.

Currently, Canny Creative are looking to work with a barber shop or a hairdressers on their branding. If you, or anyone you know, own a barbers or a hairdressers, contact us today to see how we can help improve your brand! If you’re based in Newcastle, we’ll offer you a great discount!

Where do you go for your haircut? How good is their branding? Is it something that works or something that you would love to improve? Let us know in the comments below.

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