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Brand Identity Design Process

5 Inspiring Brand Identity Design Case Studies

At Canny Creative design agency Newcastle, we love branding. We love designing for brands and creating brands, but none of our projects start without researching brands. In no particular order, here are five our favourite brand identity design case studies;

Graham Smith, I’m Just Creative – Brokers Direct

I'm Just Creative Brokers Direct Branding

Graham Smith of imjustcreative takes his viewers through his entire brand identity creation process for Brokers Direct in this post. From concept to completion, the post is very detailed and a great insight into the designer’s working mind. A great post for anyone interested in brand identity design.

Jacob Cass, Just Creative – Just Creative

Just Creative Self Branding

In this post, Jacob Cass of Just Creative takes his readers through one of the hardest jobs in graphic design, personal branding. Any designer will tell you they struggled when putting together their own brand identity, and Jacob proves in this post it’s no easier for even the best of designers.

Gareth Coxon, Dot Design – Pinche Pinche

Gareth Coxon / Dot Design Pinche Pinche Branding

I love Mexican food and found this brand identity design for Mexican restaurant Pinche Pinche by Gareth Coxon of Dot Design very compelling. Demonstrating several different identity ideas, this post demonstrates Gareth’s creativity perfectly, as well as showing the design in both digital and physical form.

David Airey – Digital Luxury Group

David Airey DLG Branding

This post is David Airey showing exactly how branding should be done. From the initial pages in the sketchbook to the completed branding presentation, David’s work for the Digital Luxury Group is complete class.

Matt Chase – United States Postal Service

Matt Chase USPS Branding

Whilst not strictly a case study into the brand identity process, this is one of my new favourite brand identity explorations. Matt Chase demonstrates perfectly how a branding project should be put together and shows how his fantastic USPS identity can be applied across several brand touch points.

Brand identity projects like the ones demonstrated here inspired me to become a graphic designer. I look at each of these posts at least once a week. When I think “I honestly don’t know what to do here…” and I’m lost within a project, these case studies often help me out.

What are your thoughts on the case studies above? Do you have anything that you always revisit when you need a little direction in your project?

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      No bother at all. I really enjoy your blog and your branding work. It’s an inspiration and I’m glad you share your branding design process with everyone!

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