And that’s the second month of 2017 under our belts. Last month we wrote the first of these instalments. Check out our January 2017 update here.

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February has been completely different to January. In January we launched a total of 3 new websites, but in February, we haven’t launched any.

So, here’s what we’ve been up to this month:

Project Updates

We’ve been getting down to the nitty-gritty this month at Canny. Whilst we’ve not released any projects into the wild, we’ve been hard at work. From website builds to animation, design for print, design for advertising and some new Council branded gateways, it’s been a very busy shortest month of the year.

Vortex Training Solutions

We’ve been working with Vortex Training Solutions for a little over 2 months now. In that time, we’ve built them a strong brand identity, practical landing page and designed their stationery.

This month we’ve been working on a minute long animation and explainer video that details their business, and building out their website, which will be going live at the beginning of March.

More details on that and their portfolio entry will be making it’s way onto the new Canny website when it’s released later this year.

Seaton Valley Council

Business as usual for Seaton Valley Council. This month saw the design and release of their quarterly Council magazine, which usually goes off without a hitch.

However, this month, when the printing arrived, it arrived at A5 instead of A4, with all of last quarter’s design work on it. That flummoxed us a bit but our printer quickly resolved the issue so we could all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Residents now have the magazine through their doors, and everyone’s happy.

Georg Jensen

We started working with an international jewellery chain this month. Their name is Georg Jensen, by appointment to Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark.

The team at Georg Jensen have been working with Canny to distribute print advertising throughout numerous magazines as well as London’s most famous department store, Harrods.

Working with the marketing team at Georg Jensen has been a great challenge and the fast turnaround times have been keeping us on our toes. But we’re going into March strong, and long may our relationship continue.

Blyth Town Council

And finally, February was the month in which we finally got the call to come into our local town Council, and start doing some work for them.

Last year we designed some Valley Gateways for Seaton Valley Council, and now Blyth Town Council are following suit.

Design on this project has only just started with a view to completion by the end of March. We can’t wait to see the signage in site and share the photographs with you all.

New Enquiries and Successful Client Meetings

On top of all the exciting work we’ve been doing this month, we’ve also been engaging with some existing clients about continuing work, and some new leads about projects for later in the year.

Vortex Training Solutions Dashboard

Our relationship with Vortex is set to expand outwards this month as they awarded us the contract to build their unique training system dashboard.

This is an exciting opportunity for Canny and we look forward to getting to work on it as early as this week. We’ll share updates as we go!

Candy Floss

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve been in talks with a local candy floss company to help with their rebranding efforts. Nothing is underway just yet, but with a meeting set for this week, hopefully, it will be soon.

Special Effects

As well as the two exciting new projects above, we’ve also been talking to a special effects company about their rebranding needs. Early this week we’ll be meeting them to talk about their exact requirements and see how Canny can help their business grow.

Continued Blogging Strategy

Over the course of February, our renewed blogging strategy has continued. This month we’ve published a new post every single Monday.

This month’s posts include:

These 4 posts have been very well received and have lead to quite an increase in our website traffic.

Website Traffic

For anyone that’s not convinced on the power of content marketing and it’s ability to drive traffic to your website, have a look at this:

This is our Analytics report comparing the same 3 week period from January to February. Three Monday-Sunday cycles.

Apart from the odd anomaly, it’s quite apparent that as each post is released, our traffic grows. And comparatively, February is much healthier than January in terms of traffic.

This month we’ve had a total of 7075 visitors, whereas in January we only had 5911 amount of visitors. Now the growth isn’t huge, but it’s there. Imagine if we were blogging 2 or 3 times a week?

Email Subscribers

To go along with the growth in our traffic, our email subscriber count has risen too.

At the end of January we were sitting on 898 subscribers. And now we’ve finally broken into the thousands. 1012 to be precise.

That’s a monthly growth of around 200 subscribers, which is fantastic. Broken down, that’s roughly 7 subscribers per day. Not a huge amount, but enough for us to start generating a good amount of traffic when we send out broadcasts emails.

So in the traffic and email subscriber departments, things are picking up substantially. But, we did pay for some advertising this month.

Facebook Advertising

This is the first time in Canny’s 4 years, that we’ve paid for advertising or marketing in any form. And we didn’t invest much.

From Monday the 13th of February to Friday the 17th of February we spent £35 on Facebook advertising.

This is how it panned out for us:

We didn’t notice any increased level of inquiries as we advertised, but we did notice our mailing list grow rapidly over this period.

We’ll be experimenting more with paid advertising and marketing for Canny in the coming months.

“The C Word”

And finally, our video show is coming along nicely. We bought some lavaliere microphones this month and shot quite a lot more footage. We’ve started to edit together the first few episodes of the show and learned a few things along the way.

We need more footage, and more talking, but it is coming along. More updates soon!

Tony Hardy is the Founder and CEO of Canny Creative. He is a graphic designer, web designer, brand consultant, blogger, Newcastle based entrepreneur, drummer, and wrestling fan.


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