Your landing page is the place where your website needs to “close the deal.” By the time your potential customer gets there, they have already shown some form of interest and curiosity. 

That’s a good place to start, but that’s not what we want. We want sales.

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We want people to sign up for our amazing programs. We want conversions. They have landed, but now what?

Whatever product, service or event you want to share with your customers, landing page videos can help. While we know that having a consistent brand, updated website, and informative content can help keep those potential customers interested, video on landing pages can increase conversion by over 80%!

So, if you want to convert your website visitors, you should consider using video on your website and landing pages.

Why Video?

Let’s face it: Everyone loves videos.

We even picked 51 of our favourite YouTube business video channels for marketers, because we just can’t get enough.

But, we’re not alone.

Kids today watch YouTube (many, obsessively). Many of us use our smartphones as a portable television and catch up on our favourite shows, updates, and cats on skateboard videos. It’s so easy to press play and marketers are taking full advantage of our need to watch everything!

An Example of How Videos Convert

A few weeks ago, I decided that my six-year-old needed some kind of structured lessons – nothing too strenuous, but something he could do after school to keep him occupied. The thought of him learning something new was also a bonus.

I thought music lessons would be a good start. He’s always singing and music ability seems to run in our family, so why not?

A friend of mine owns a local classical music school, so I quickly looked up her site online and reached out to her about lessons. “What do you think he should take?” I asked. She suggested piano, but I wasn’t sure. “Do you have any videos of your teachers? Of kids playing the piano?”

I knew he had his heart set on learning guitar, so it would take a bit of convincing him to take up classical piano. I figured the only way I could get my little guy excited about piano lessons was a video of other kids doing it.

Needless to say, my friend’s company did not have videos, but I was persistent. In this day of YouTube and quick access to information, it goes without saying: We love videos.

So I did my own YouTube search and found some videos of kids learning piano – kids his age playing the piano… and do you know what? Showing those videos of kids playing piano inspired my little guy to start lessons.

Videos work.

Not only are they flexible and easy to create, they engage your audience and encourage conversions. I have since encouraged my friend to get some videos on her website, specifically landing page videos if she’s promoting an event or a special rate.

Why? Because they work.

If you want to increase your conversions, keep more of your audience engaged while you land that sale, you’ll need to think about creating some landing page videos. Before you break out your smartphone and start yelling “Action!” at complete strangers, stop!

Let’s go over a few things first:

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are created to highlight specific products or services with the goal of converting online interest into sales.

Many businesses decide to use videos on these pages to engage the viewer and increase the chance of a landing page resulting in a sale. The question is: How is a landing page different from any other page on your website that has a video?

The Difference Between Landing Pages and Homepages

Your homepage is the introduction to your entire company, while a landing page is an introduction to a specific event, product, or service that you are promoting. Both should be branded, look good, and keep your audience engaged, but they serve different purposes.

Here is a great synopsis of the differences, from Leadpages:

A good homepage typically does the following things:

  • Occupies your root domain (think
  • Gives a comprehensive overview of what your business does
  • Links to every other important permanent page of your website
  • Tells visitors how to connect with you in other ways (such as getting in touch with you in person or following you on social media)

A good landing page, on the other hand, more often:

  • Is designed to receive traffic from one or several specific sources (such as an ad or email campaign) — hence the “landing”
  • Prompts visitors to take one well-defined action
  • Stays focused on a single topic or offer throughout the page
  • Omits or downplays navigation options
  • Is not necessarily intended to be a permanent part of your website

Landing pages are like distant relatives to your main website; they share the same look and feel of your brand, but they might not have global navigation to your main site, or can be a separate entity to the main site that allows you to focus on one promotion, product, or event.

There are basically two types of landing pages for marketing purposes: click through and lead generation.

Click through landing pages are typically used in e-commerce to communicate important features of a product or offer with the goal of convincing the viewer to buy.

Check out this example from Animoto:

Lead generation landing pages are used to collect data from consumers for marketing purposes:

Both are designed to sell directly to the consumer about a particular product or service before prompting them to the registration or checkout portion of the website.

Conversation (Homepage) vs. Conversion (Landing Page)

Landing pages are created to close the sale while your homepage is intended to provide more general information or guide people through your website.

On your website, you speak in a virtual sense with your customers at their leisure. You present general information about who you are and why you matter and provide a navigation bar so visitors can decide what they want to hear.

In a brick-and-mortar setting, this would look like your customer perusing your store to check out the merchandise, reading available literature, and asking associates questions about products or services.

The landing page, on the other hand, would be the hard sell – switching the narrative from a customer-driven dialogue to a pitch from a salesperson.

You can do the “hard sell” without seeming like a pushy salesperson if you keep something in mind: What are people looking for when they come to your site?

Here’s an example of a homepage with a landing page, but I would argue that this is the nice salesperson coming over to help you out:

With this landing page, the salesperson has taken charge of the conversation, highlighting the features and benefits of the products your customer has expressed interest in and directly asking for the sale. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button if you want a student loan, for example.

Another example of a conversion homepage is the one specific to an event, say a Rugged 5K.

Want to join me?

Here, the landing page is simple: Sign up for this rugged race today No excuses; you already made it this far! It’s already 55% full of crazies; why stop now?

Let’s Talk Video

Now that we’ve set the scene, it’s easy to see why videos would work well on landing pages. The audience is there because they are interested in what you have to offer. Now, all you have to do is convince them to complete the sale!

Videos are quickly gaining popularity in the content marketing world to close customers online. Why?

Because the Interest Is There

YouTube receives more than one billion (yes, billion with a b), unique visitors every month.

If you are not on YouTube yet, why not?

At Canny, we love watching YouTube videos, although we are guilty of not having our own YouTube show just yet! It’s coming though.

One in three Britons views at least one video a week which breaks down to a weekly audience of 20 million people in the UK alone.

While we agree that auto-playing landing page videos are a pain, and actually hurt your chances of impressing your users, we do think there are some great examples out there of companies doing it right! Here’s a good example from Outbrain of how to include a video into your landing page (without utterly annoying anyone!):

And when you click on the “See how it works” button, you get a great whiteboard video about the product which explains more about Outbrain for all who care to know more.

Videos Help With Your SEO

By now, we should tell you that the rules have changed when it comes to SEO, especially since we wrote our SEO top tips blog a while back. While we are currently working on updating our top tricks and rules of SEO blog post, we thought it would be a good idea to expand on things a little more here:

The New SEO Rules Favour the Bold and the Videos

It would make sense that because Google owns YouTube, they would want to drive traffic to their own offerings, but that is only part of the equation here. More and more users are preferring videos to actual content in their searches.

But why?

  • Videos keep people on your site longer. When it comes to landing pages, the longer visitors engage with your offering, the more likely they are to purchase.
  • Videos can showcase your offerings and products in real world conditions.
  • Videos are entertaining and engaging.
  • Landing page videos work well for mobile devices.

Today, with smartphone technology, having a landing page video means being able to be more mobile friendly or responsive.

Not having a responsive website is a huge design mistake. And it’s important that you comply or you’ll likely see your website heavily penalised by Google.

Having a landing page video that can easily be watched with the click of a play button can really help you connect with your audience.

Videos improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with search engines favouring videos. Studies show that videos are over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results page.

Why wouldn’t you want to use videos on your landing pages?

Videos Are the Future of Online Marketing

Cisco has predicted that by 2017, videos will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. With more and more of us using our smartphones to look stuff up, this number will probably increase.

We’ve also heard rumblings of what the future of online marketing might look like when it comes to Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence as well and it looks like the Google algorithm loves video searches, just like us.

64% of marketers expect video to be an integral part of their marketing strategy because they know that videos not only convert, but they help tell your brand’s story.

There are some aspects of your brand and company that can only be conveyed through videos. Bringing people into your world, showing them the value of your products, ideas, and company are things you shouldn’t take lightly.

If a picture communicates 100 words, how many words are you communicating with video?

Forrester estimates that one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated.

Videos, in general, are a fantastic marketing tool to engage your customer because they:

  • Help relay a lot of information quickly in an entertaining way.
  • Showcase your brand’s personality to emotionally connect with your target market.
  • Sell products and services in an interesting way.
  • Create feelings like no other medium can.

For example:

Each year, Brits can’t wait to see the Christmas advertisement produced by John Lewis, one of UK’s biggest retailers. In 2015, their holiday ad “Man on the Moon” was watched over 25 million times.

Videos like this one get people talking and sharing (maybe evening crying) for all the right reasons. When people emotionally connect with your brand that way, it’s marketing gold.

And, when it comes to big new Hollywood releases, things are getting a little crazy with video too.

At one time, we had the simple move trailer. Now we have a movie trailer teaser. Which is essentially a trailer for the trailer!

People love video. It’s time to embrace it.

But, Why Do Videos Convert Better Than Text?

Let’s ask “The Brain Lady:”

Dr. Susan Weinschenk, also known as “The Brain Lady,” is the leading expert in the psychology of consumers and is a marketing consultant for big-time players like Amazon, Walmart, and Disney.

Her research focuses on what motivates people to buy, and she helps her clients better understand the psychology of their customers to help increase their conversion rate online.

Dr. Weinschenk believes there are four main reasons online videos work to convert customers online:

  • People like looking at faces: She says the fusiform facial area of our brain makes us pay more attention to faces and listening while looking at someone’s face increases the believability of the information shared.
  • Voices matter: Dr. Weinschenk’s work has shown that the sound of a human voice speaking makes online content more meaningful.
  • Emotions sell: Emotions, even subtle body language, appeals to online viewers and can help form an emotional bond with a brand.
  • Movement is in our DNA: She says since the beginning of time, humans have been hardwired to respond to motion with cavemen depending on it for survival. We still have that visceral response today, with motion grabbing our attention on landing pages much more than text.

Do Landing Page Videos Really Convert Interest Into Dollars?

Yes, and there is data to prove it. A recent study showed video on a landing page increased conversions by as much as 80%.

This may be the reason you’ve decided to create a video for a landing page. Videos can help customers who are unsure about the sale for any reason follow through with it.

Here are the main reasons your site isn’t converting interest into sales according to

  • Poor image quality
  • No customer support
  • Cart abandonment
  • Product out of stock
  • Lack of product reviews
  • High cost
  • Site isn’t mobile optimized 
  • Unable to find product

How Do Landing Pages With Videos Overcome These Obstacles?

Poor image quality: features and benefits of products are clearly seen and shown in videos.

Cart abandonment: videos can address any concerns that keep people from buying.

Lack of product reviews: reviews can be addressed in the videos through testimonials and statistics.

The site isn’t mobile optimised: landing pages are designed to make it easy to watch the video and purchase the item online with minimal effort on any mobile device.

No customer support: all questions can be answered in videos, and links are provided to help the customer navigate to other resources.

Product out of stock/unable to find products: videos can help explain how to find their products online and help direct customers to store directories and other resources to aid in their search.

High cost: customers on a landing page need that extra encouragement to justify a sale, especially on more expensive products or services. Videos can help justify that cost and show them how better their lives will be once they buy.

How to Get the Most From Your Landing Page Videos

By now, you should be thoroughly convinced of the power of having videos on your landing pages.

I hope your marketing brain has been turning out ideas on what kind of video you could have, what products you should be making videos for, and how this can help your overall branding and sales.

Before we wrap this post up, we thought it would be great to give you some practical tips on how to optimize your landing page with video:

  1. Limit the amount of text around the video, says Unbounce. Why? “Research has shown that the more choices people have, the longer they take to make a decision. If watching your video is the main action you want visitors to take on your landing page, then avoid distracting visitors with other options on the page.” If you want your videos to convert, save the storytelling and details for those that scroll down. Or, better yet, just include them in your video.
  2. Size the player so that it gets noticed, says Vidyard, but it doesn’t overwhelm.
  3. Keep the video short.
  4. Don’t autoplay your video. Ever. Unless you want to annoy people.
  5. Ask people to watch your video and give them a good reason.
  6. Make the thumbnail work for you. Have you ever watched a video thinking it was about one thing, but it turned out to be something completely different just because of the thumbnail? Whatever image you have that starts your video or the image you choose as your thumbnail has to communicate what the video is all about.
  7. Get to the good stuff as soon as possible, because, in all likelihood, your video will not be watched all the way through.
  8. Don’t be afraid to entertain, even if it’s serious business you’re after. While we don’t want you to stray too far off of your brand, videos can be an easy way to inform customers about your offerings and entertain.
  9. You don’t have to invest in expensive video production to have videos that convert. While we would love to tell you to rush out and hire an entire crew to film your event, talk about your product, or just tour your business, this isn’t always the best option. Think about what your audience really wants to see and focus on that. Some of the most converted videos are “How to” ones that while they may not be that sexy, sure do communicate the features of your product well. If you are running low on budget but have an event, why not share “audience perspective” videos? Whatever you choose, the important thing is to think about what your audience wants to see or know.
  10. Feel free to include more than one video on your landing page. Nobody says you have to stick to just one!

Are You Ready to Create Your Best Salesperson?

Landing page videos are your best salesperson: They sell online 24/7/365, never requiring a commission check or a lunch break while producing significant returns for your business.

The types of video that you can create are unlimited; it all comes down to what your customers will want to see from you and your brand. 

Now that you understand why landing page videos are an important marketing tool and how they work, start converting interest into sales today by creating one of your own! Get shooting and get more sales today!

Have you had success with using video on your landing page? Are you creating video content regularly? We’d love to know in the comments below.

Amy Aitman is the owner of 8menCan, a content agency based in Toronto, Canada. She works to create content strategies and digital marketing plans for businesses around the world. Away from the office, Amy takes her team out for chicken tacos and martins, extra dirty, extra olives of course.


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