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Frieda’s sell “Udderly Fabulous” frozen yoghurt from their vintage food truck, The Dairy Godmother.


Frieda’s is a frozen yoghurt business based in London, in the South of England. They sell frozen yoghurt from their food truck, The Dairy Godmother. When Frieda’s came to Canny, they had no existing brand identity or online presence. We were tasked with creating a unique, clear and fun brand identity that appeals to a wide range of people and encourages them to give frozen yoghurt a try. Using a character design based on both a cow and a yoghurt pot, we created a fun identity that gives Frieda’s a friendly and approachable look which feeds into both their packaging and website design.

Doug Sheffield

“Canny’s brief was to design a strong and distinctive brand which reflected the character and fun of Froyo Frieda and the Dairy Godmother (our 70s Citroen H van), as well as setting up the website and social media.

After the initial discussions, Canny came up with the concept which was quickly turned into our final logo and branding, meeting the brief on every point. Canny’s support and guidance on social media and the website has been invaluable.

I’m really pleased with the results and Canny will continue to play a key role in the development of the business.”


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