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Seaton Valley Council.

Seaton Valley Council are a government body based in the North East of England.


Seaton Valley Council is a parish council within Northumberland, in the North East of England, serving 5 communities. The Council approached Canny Creative initially to produce materials promoting a number of Christmas events. Following this, the Council asked Canny to help develop a range of branding and promotional materials, including a quarterly newsletter. Impressed with the distinctiveness and quality of work, and the approachable and flexible working style of Canny, the Council has named Canny as its preferred supplier for design and promotional services, and has subsequently commissioned Canny to produce a new website.

Graham Bone
Engagement Officer
Canny have provided us with a distinct style for our communication tools, and our newsletters and new website have been very positively received by the public, as well as other local authorities. We continue to benefit from a very strong working relationship with Canny.

Let's Work Together.