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Skitracer are a ski holiday provider for snow holidays to Europe, USA, Canada & Japan.


Skitracer came to Canny with an existing brand identity that was in serious need of an update. Everything from their logo to their printed stationery, right through to their online marketing materials and website needed changed. Some potential starting points were already in place and together with SkiTracer, we brought their new idea to life. When SkiTracer came to Canny, they already had some rebrand concepts rolling around. Together, we took the idea of rebranding SkiTracer as Holiday Heroes and fleshed the concept out. Positioning SkiTracer as skiing/snowboarding super heroes allowed us to create a fresh and unique brand identity that separates them from other snow holiday providers.

Sarah Hannity
Marketing Executive
The Canny Creative team have been a great help in bringing our superhuman ideas from initial concept through to the finished product. The high standard of the elements they designed look fantastic on our live site and a smooth delivery made this a seamless project. We have employed their services on further projects since this and plan to continue to in future.

Let's Work Together.