First of all, let us apologise for the lateness of our March update. It’s been a crazy few weeks here!


One quarter of the year is over already. How crazy is that?

I hope you had a busy and productive first quarter like we did here at Canny. March has been a crazy month for us, with new opportunities and exciting avenues popping up all over the place.

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So, at the quarter year mark, here’s what we’ve been up to:

Project Updates

As I’ve said already, it’s been a really busy month at Canny. We’ve been working on all sorts of exciting new projects and exploring some avenues we’ve not been down in a while.

Vortex Training Solutions

Vortex’s business continues to grow and grow. The animation we working on in February is nearly finished. We recorded the audio towards the back and end of March and now we’re in the process of pulling it altogether.

Their website hit some unforeseen delays last month but will be ready to launch as early as next week.

And then, we’re working on a secret new UI/UX project that will position Vortex head and shoulders above their competition. Things are just getting started with that and hopefully we’ll be able to provide a more comprehensive updated in the coming months.

Blyth Town Council

The work we were commissioned to create by our local town Council went ahead as planned and was indeed complete by the end of March.

The designs for the gateways into Blyth Valley have now been sent off to the manufacturer and should be installed towards the end of April.

We’re looking forward to seeing these as we zip around the North East and as soon as they’re up, we’ll get some photos taken.

Georg Jensen

More print advertising has been designed for Denmark’s favourite jewellers, Georg Jensen.

This month we designed a new light-box design that will be on display in Harrods, London as well as several print adverts and online banners.

New Enquiries and Successful Client Meetings

On top of the work we’ve been doing over the course of March, we’ve also been talking with several new companies. We’re pleased to say that going forward from this month, we’ll be working with the following:

Word Play Media

Word Play Media are the parent company of new educational gaming platform, Tornado English. Their platform teaches children in China the English language through educational gaming.

We’re working with the team at Tornado English to bring their brand identity to life, as well as creating the visual styles for the games themselves.

The project is already off to the races, and will be wrapped up by the end of April.


Our good friend Howard Walwyn of Prism Clarity recommended us to one of his friends who’s starting a new company called Metidian.

We’ll be working with Metidian to create their brand identity and website.

More updates on this project next month.


We’ve known the team at ANA-UK (The Association of Nannies) for a little while now. Originally, we talked with them about a different business entirely.

However, this month we got a project agreement in place to redevelop and redesign the existing ANA website as well as become one of their corporate partners.

We’re looking forward to developing our relationship with ANA, and partnering with them to help grow their business.

Cramlington Town Council

And we’re three for three.

First it was Seaton Valley, then Blyth Town, and now the Council from the next town over also want our help to grow their Council brand.

At first, we’ll be working on gateway designs for Cramlington, but shortly after we’re looking to create new signage for around the town, as well as redesign their existing website.

Full steam ahead!

Life at Canny

And if all of that wasn’t enough, we haven’t even got to the meaty part yet.

The New Canny Office

It finally happened. After months and months of searching, we’ve finally agreed a deal on our new Canny Creative office.

As you can imagine, securing our new premises has had a lot of our attention over the month of March, and we’ve really been rushed off our feet!

However, we’re finally pleased to announce that our new permanent home is the Blyth Workspace by Arch.

Going forward, you’ll be able to find us at:

Blyth Workspace
Commissioners Quay
Quay Road
NE24 3AG

So if you’re passing, and you want to pop in for a coffee, let us know! (We’ll have to get some coffee, because we’re all tea drinkers here at Canny.)

Sean’s Visit

This month we had Sean visit us from the South Coast.

Sean has been working with Canny for a while now but he’s always been working digitally. This month it was nice to welcome him in person to the land of stotties and Brown Ale.

This also gave us a great opportunity to finally have the first Canny…

Team Photoshoot

That’s right. Super awkward photoshoot time.

With Sean up from the South Coast, we finally had the entire Canny team in one location. So we enlisted the help of our friend, Jon Forster from Headshot Popup to take the photos.

And they look great!

Here’s a sneak preview:

We’re all really happy with Jon’s work, and really, we can’t recommend him enough. Thank you Jon!

New Blog Posts

The posts keep coming. Every Monday we release a new blog post, and here’s what we wrote about in March:

Website Traffic

March was a funny old month for website traffic. We had some insanely high days, and some really low days.

Towards the back end of February, we initiated a 301 redirect that removed the /blog/date format from our URL’s, and we’re attributing that to the strange traffic we’ve been seeing this month.

With February having fewer days than March, we’ve pulled a comparative time period from Google Analytics in the image below:

As you can see, everything has been a little all over the place and impossible to predict.

However, one constant has remained, and that’s our…

Email Subscribers

We’re always gaining subscribers, and it’s great!

We send out a weekly newsletter to accompany each of our blog posts, and sure, we have 4 or 5 unsubscribers each week.

But, we’re gaining that most days, so we’re seeing the total number of subscribers grow and grow!

Over the course of March, we gained 137 new subscribers, and lost only 23. That’s not a bad churn rate.

Let’s hope it continues!

“The C Word”

Owing to the busy month we’ve had here at Canny, The C Word has been put on hiatus until we have time to commit to the project in it’s entirety.

It’s not dead in the water, but making a YouTube show is a huge time commitment, and currently we don’t have the time available to fully commit.

We’ll be returning to The C Word later in the year.

And that’s it!

We’ve had productive Q1. Have you? We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to so leave us a comment below.

Tony Hardy is the Founder and CEO of Canny Creative. He is a graphic designer, web designer, brand consultant, blogger, Newcastle based entrepreneur, drummer, and wrestling fan.


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