Our monthly updates are getting later and later. Simply put, this time, it’s because I was off on holiday in Las Vegas.

I also got engaged! So that’s one of the biggest “Canny Updates” for May 2017.

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Here’s what else happened Canny Creative whilst I was away:

Project Updates

This month, projects have been in the “heads down, grind grind grind” stage of the process. We’ve not launched anything news as everything is at the mid-end stage.

The Secret UI/UX Project

In April’s update I mentioned a new project for Vortex Training Solutions. The project is coming to the end of Phase 1 and hopefully next month we’ll be launching.

Working on this project has been a lot of fun, and involved a team meeting in Newcastle with visitors from Brighton and Worthing. That was a great experience in our hometown!


We also struck up a contract with a Brazilian agri-tech company to help with their new branding. Based out of Sao Paulo, we’ve started working to create the new Visuagro brand identity.

Next month we’ll be able to show you where we are with the development of this exciting brand project.


We’ve also focused a lot on wrapping up the brand identity for Metidian, one of our projects from earlier this year. It’s been tricky to get Metidian over the finish line, but we’re nearly there! More updates soon.

New Enquiries and Successful Client Meetings

We’ve had more enquiries over the course of May than any other month so far. We’re in early stage talks with most of these new clients, so there’s not a lot I can share.

But we’ve talked to:

  • A mergers and acquisition company
  • A new football league
  • A new letting agency

Hopefully we can share more from these companies next month!

New Blog Posts

Over May we posted 5 new blog posts. Here’s what we wrote about in May:

It’s been a great month for posts on the Canny blog, and I’d love it if you would check them out!

Website Traffic

May’s traffic appeared to be up on April’s, which is great news. We were getting a little worried for a while there! But, panic over.

Check out the Analytics for May below:

There’s not a lot of growth, but total visitor count is up by around 500 over the course of the month. We also had more enquiries in May than we’ve had all year so far. So again, that’s great news!

Email Subscribers

And the email subscription machine keeps on rolling!

In April we gained 100 new subscribers, which is down from last month, but that’s not too bad!

Again, we got several unsubscribes when we push out new posts via email, but it’s unavoidable.

Engagement remains high at 30-35% after we cleaned up our subscribers in April.

And that’s it!

May has been a mixed bag type of month. Personal highs and lots of business hustle.

Tony Hardy is the Founder and CEO of Canny Creative. He is a graphic designer, web designer, brand consultant, blogger, Newcastle based entrepreneur, drummer, and wrestling fan.


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