7 Reasons Branding Your Business Professionally is Important

There’s no escaping it, branding your business professionally is important.

At Canny, we offer professional branding services – but we never stop to ask:

Why does professional branding matter to the companies we work with?

We all know what branding is. Companies like Apple, Amazon, McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Nike have taught us the way.

If you’re still asking “What is Branding?” then check out this post to help you with that.

This post is going to explore the advantages a professional brand strategy and brand identity can bring to your business.

Outside of the obvious “It makes it look good” – we’re going to dive into the reasons you should really be working with an agency or professional branding expert to help get your business branding right.

Ready to find out why branding your business professionally is important to your success?

Let’s dive in…

1. A Platform for Growth

Professional branding gives your business a platform for growth.

Getting your branding right should be taught in Business School as Lesson 1.

If you don’t have your branding right, you have no platform to base your growth on.

You need to get your brand strategy and identity right, so you can use it to make hard decisions as you start to grow and market your business.

Picture this:

You decide to advertise on a billboard in the city centre. But you haven’t had your branding taken care of professionally.

What should go on the billboard? What should it look like?

Who knows!

This is why professional business branding is important. Without it, you’ll struggle to make key business decisions.
Your branding tells your customers what’s important about your business. Second of all, it gives you a framework and platform to grow your business out from.

Your branding and brand identity informs:

  • Your customers what you’re about
  • Your staff team how they should conduct themselves
  • Your agency about how you look and feel

Without creating brand guidelines for your business, you’re leaving a lot of your success to chance.

Professional branding will result in a solid brand handbook or guideline.

In turn, this will prevent people from stabbing in the dark and making assumptions about your business and branding.

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2. Branding Builds Recognition

Professional branding builds recognition for your business.

Think of the most famous luxury brands in the world:

  • Rolex
  • Rolls Royce
  • Tiffany & Co

Sure, their products are top quality, but their brand identities have helped to build marketplace recognition.


In a market that’s saturated with sans-serif fonts, and monochrome colour, Tiffany stand out from the crowd.

They’re instantly recognisable through their aqua blue colour palette and traditional looking typeface.

Their products come in bright blue boxes that a lot of people dream of being on the receiving end of.

It’s less about the products inside, than the Tiffany & Co experience and brand. People have well and truly bought into their brand experience.

And being memorable and recognisable goes a long way in helping towards that.

Professional branding helps you stand out among your competitors, and hopefully, it can help your products get picked up off the shelf.

Take the insanely competitive craft beer scene for example. The amount of beer packaging design on display shops is crazy these days.

So, with so many cans on display in shops, how do you know what to pick? Which one jumps out to you on the shelf?

It’s the one with the great branding of course!

You want your branding to make a great impression with people on first glance. And from then on, you want it to help you become recognised.

Your branding is a differentiator for your business.

Now, a logo isn’t a brand, but take the follow logo descriptions for example:

  • A tick
  • A golden M
  • Red swirly writing

They’re the logos on Nike, McDonalds, and Coca Cola.

They instantly connect you, to the brand in question. You know which brands which, through their logo design alone.

Also interesting to note, is that none of these logos explain what the company does. Nike’s logo isn’t a sports shoe. McDonald’s logo isn’t a burger and fries.

They’re quick identifiers that help them instantly connect with their customers.

But that doesn’t just happen because of their logo design. It happens because of a larger branding effort that utilises a range of marketing channels.

Forall having professional branding for your own business won’t catapult you into the realms of Nike, it will put you miles ahead of your nearest competitors.

One of the main reason’s branding is important, is it helps to build recognition with your audience. An effective, well designed, logo can help you with that.

3. Increases Business Value

Professional branding increases the value of your business.


Well, there are a few different ways that branding can help increase your business value.

First of all, well considered branding can help a business become more appealing to customers or clients, and generate new leads.

More on that later.

It can also make your business a more appealing investment opportunity because of the recognition you’ve built in the market.

Think about all of the businesses you’ve seen on Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank.

They’re always much more inclined to invest in well branded, well considered businesses.

Like building an operations manual, branding is another one of those “jobs on the list” that just needs done.

Investing in a business that’s already had their branding taken care of professionally is a more attractive option than one that hasn’t.

Any time you brand something, you’re adding perceived value.

For example, all of Canny’s resources all have a unique name and cover. A lot of our resources are made up of sections of our blog posts.

The information is out there already.

But because we’ve designed a cover and given it a new, unique name, it takes on perceived value.

Whether your goal is to grow your business exponentially, or grow it, and sell it – professional branding adds a lot of value to your business offering.

4. Adds Consistency Across Touchpoints

Professional branding helps to ensure consistency across your brand touchpoints.

One of the things we see a lot of businesses do is dive headfirst into creating branded products and materials.

But they do it without a solid understanding of their brand and it’s identity.

This creates huge inconsistency across their brand touchpoints.

And that’s a great way to destroy a brand.

Consistency is hugely important when creating a professional business brand.

We’ve already touched on creating brand touchpoints on the blog.

But here’s the deal:

Whether your customer picks up a Big Mac in the USA, or a Big Mac in Japan, they should be exactly the same.

The packaging design should be consistent, so should the taste, and McDonalds brand experience.

Professional branding gives you a design system that then informs all of your creative decisions.

With most businesses, there are a whole range of considerations to make when it comes to creating effective and consistent brand touchpoints.

Take Hamilton Brewery for example:

They had a huge range of things to consider, including:

  • Logo design
  • Website
  • Beer cans
  • On-site signage
  • Merchandise

By having Blind Media work on their new brand identity, they made sure that they had a style that could be easily applied to each of their touchpoints.

Consistency creates brands. Professional branding gives you what you need to make sure you’re consistently consistent.

5. Generates New Customers

Professional branding can help you generate new customers for your business.

Here’s the deal:

We live in a brand aware world. Consumers are more switched-on than they ever have been before.

Think about the following consumer brands:

  • Apple
  • Beats
  • Canada Goose

People want these brands, because it gives them status.

There are better performing computers than Apple. There are better sounding headphones than Beats. There are warmer jackets than Canada Goose.

But because of the brands they’ve built, people flock to them.

People are attracted to brands. It’s cool to have branded goods. From a young age, we’re sold a branded dream through advertising.

Through investing your hard earned cash into these brands, you’re becoming “part of the club” and experience a sense of belonging.
And that’s how professional branding can help you generate new customers.

A strong brand presence can help you build brand awareness, and generate interest from potential customers.

Going back to our beer example:

BrewDog are a craft beer brand that exploded, and have essentially become a mainstream beer brand.

If you’re visiting a new city, you fancy a beer, and on your travels you spot a BrewDog, chances are you’re going in.

Through their branding, they’ve become a memorable stalwart of good beer. They’ve built trust.

And therefore, they generate customers.

Professional branding goes way beyond the identity, and into the psyche of your customers.

Get your customer service and experience right, and leave your identity to remind them of just how great you really are.

6. Improves Employee Pride and Satisfaction

Professional branding gives your employees something to take pride in.

Branding doesn’t just have to be customer focused. Your employees are the cogs in your machine that keep it running smoothly.

And professional branding can instill pride and satisfaction into your business, through your employees.

Think of your business like a small army.

Through professional branding, you can give your army a sigil to get behind. (Sorry, I’ve definitely watched too much Game of Thrones lately!)

From your logo, to the uniform you wear, a well crafted brand identity can generate buy in from your employees.

If you’re considering a rebrand, why not involve them in the process?

By having your team involved in your branding process, you’re giving them something they can really rally behind.

And again, it goes beyond the visuals.

Much like when a customer buys Apple and feels “part of the club” – having a strong internal brand can help new employees feel like part of the team much quicker.

They know what to wear, they know how to act, they know how to treat their teammates. They know the office looks great.

Professional branding goes beyond the reaches of customers. It weaves itself into the fabric of your business, and has a positive effect on your employees.

7. Creates Brand Loyalty and Helps Build a Loyal Fanbase

Professional branding creates loyalty, and helps you build a customer base of raving fans.

As discussed earlier, a recognisable brand goes a long way to creating a consistent brand experience.

Combine this with great customer experience and products, and you can start to build brand loyalty.

When customers learn to trust you and the products or services you sell, you can double down on that, and make them lifelong fans.

For example:

I do most of my online shopping with Amazon.


First of all, I pay for Prime, so I get the things I order rather quickly.

Secondly, they’re often the best from a pricing perspective.

But most of all, I know that when there’s a problem, I can reach out to them on live chat and they’ll remedy it immediately.

This builds trust with me, the customer.

It means I’m less inclined to go elsewhere, just in case there is a problem, and they won’t fix it!

I don’t often go in for “Instagrammable quotes” but I read recently:

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

And that’s a great way to think about building brand loyalty.

Want an exciting and dynamic range of customers? Then you need to become an exciting and dynamic brand.

Building brand loyalty isn’t easy, but it’s a sure fire way to help make your business a success.

Conclusion: 7 Reasons Branding Your Business Professionally is Important

Professional branding not only makes your business look good, but leads to success across your business.

From attracting the right customers, to sending the right marketing messages, and encouraging your staff to rally behind your business, professional branding can add a lot of value to your offering.

Without it, you’re stabbing in the dark, and nobody wants that.

Get in touch with an agency that offers professional branding services, and get your branding taken care of.

It’s a step in the right direction for your business. We’d love to help.

What do you think? Does your branding matter? How has it affected your business? Let us know in the comments below.


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