8 Genius Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing Campaign



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19 July, 2022

Have you ever considered the genius ways that QR codes can boost the success of your marketing campaign?

If not, why not?

QR codes are a way of connecting the physical world to the online world in one easy scan, and can help to enhance your company’s marketing efforts.

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They are easy to implement, and a low cost way to reach a wider audience as they are accessible to all smartphone users across the world!

The community of mobile device users is ever-growing, and this means more and more consumers are using their smartphones as a way to keep track of their favourite products and brands. Therefore, implementing QR codes into your marketing strategy means you are able to stay connected with your target audience by connecting them directly to your digital platforms.

Not only can these codes help make sure your marketing campaign is successful, but they can help to boost consumer interaction and engagement with your brand.

In this blog post we will dive right into what QR codes are, and outline 8 ways you can use them effectively in your marketing campaign.

So, let’s get started.

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What Is a QR Code?

Let’s begin with the basics, what is a QR code?

QR code stands for “Quick Response” code, and they are square shaped symbols, consisting of small black squares and dots which store different pieces of information, mainly URLs.

When this is scanned with a smartphone camera or QR reader application, it is translated into actionable data such as a text message, or a link to a mobile website.

Similar to the standard barcodes that we see on everyday packaging, QR codes are everywhere too, but provide a lot more information about a company, product or service. This can be in the form of links, coupons, promotions or interactive experiences.

This type of marketing in particular enables businesses to transfer this detailed information to the user, in a quick and easy way.

Although QR codes started gaining traction back in 2011, there are always new uses evolving for companies to enhance their communication with consumers within their marketing campaign.

So, if you’re looking to spread information about your company and increase consumer engagement with your brand, these codes are the place to start!

Why You Should Consider QR Codes for Your Marketing Campaign

So, now we’ve covered what QR codes are, let’s consider the advantages of plugging them into your marketing strategy.

There is a long list of possibilities when it comes to how your company can use QR codes, but in this post we will highlight the 8 genius ways we think they will help your marketing campaign thrive:

  • Directing customers to your website
  • A platform for customer feedback
  • App download
  • Advertising
  • Directing customers to your social media pages
  • Delivering freebies and offers
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Augmented reality

As an extra added bonus to the list above, when consumers scan QR codes they leave trackable data which you can use to your advantage to enhance your marketing campaign.

This allows you to better understand consumer behaviour through interests, time and location, and other demographics, meaning you can alter your campaign making it more personalised to your target audience.

Therefore, this should give you enough reason to use QR codes already, as every scan gives you more consumer information to keep building on and improving your campaign!

QR codes are known for spreading information faster, and to a wider community of consumers, as they are accessible and easy to scan on the go.

This not only gets customers engaged and intrigued about what is on offer, but also encourages interaction as there is more than one use for a QR code.

QR codes can trigger a range of actions such as taking customers to the company website, or sending a discount coupon to their mobile wallet. This means you can use them in a way that suits your company, or more specifically, your marketing campaign.

Ultimately, the data from these codes is easy to analyse and review, so you can use web analytics or tools to measure how many consumers are actually scanning your code, and spending time browsing your site.

So, with that in mind, let’s get into the several ways you can maximise these codes to help monitor engagement and boost your campaign!

person holding glass globe with qr codes

8 Genius Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing Campaign

Now we are clear on what QR codes are, and how important they can be for your marketing campaign, it’s time to get into the specific ways these codes can be used to enhance the way you interact with your consumer base.

It may be that you have already put a few of these ideas into action to enhance your campaign.

However, branching out and using QR codes in a more unique way will help to set your business apart from competitors.

Let’s get going with the must-knows first, then move onto the fun and unique ideas!

Direct Customers to Your Website

There are many different ways to get consumers to your website, and using a QR code is one of them.

Using a QR code to direct customers to your website might seem obvious at first, and that’s because it’s effective, it generates more website traffic which means more visibility for your company.

By using a QR code, customers can scan and be taken directly to the landing page of your company’s website, here you can include various different pages depending on the goals of your campaign.

It may be that you include a campaign page with more information about the product or service you are offering, which contains links to your product catalogue. This makes it simple for users to browse all of the pages available on your website, all through one simple QR code scan.

Similarly, using a QR code to take your customers directly to your website could be useful if you are looking to get more engagement. For example, taking customers directly to a sign up page, perhaps for your email newsletter or for a free month trial of your service.

This takes the customer to exactly where you want them to be, makes it easy for them to input their details, and the rest is automatically done by you!

Using QR codes this way encourages online traffic to make a purchase or engage with your brand via mobile, and it is very direct, meaning you can hold onto your customers interest with ease.

A Platform for Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is so important when it comes to understanding your consumer wants and needs, and QR codes can help you with this.

These codes can transform how customers provide feedback on your service or product, and as we’ve said before, they can scan and go!

Providing a QR code at the right point during a customer’s visit to your store, for example on the way out or at the checkout, is a direct way of reminding customers that you want, and need, their feedback.

In order to acquire customer feedback, linking a short survey or questionnaire to this QR code enables customers to scan and be taken straight to the corresponding webpage.

Customers can then fill out the template of questions you have provided for them, rather than filling in a long list of details, or being transferred to several pages on your website.

Believe it or not, this can put people off as it’s taking up their precious time!

Therefore, this is an easier way for consumers to give you feedback as it’s mobile, can be filled out on the go, and those who were unwilling to give feedback before might rethink if you make it this easy!

App Download

Now this one is genius because of its simplicity!

Using QR codes for app download is a way of making the process easy to navigate for your customers, and therefore influencing and increasing app download altogether.

The main advantage of having an app store QR code is that it can be created to link to every app store, (for example, GooglePlay or the App Store) so they are all conveniently in one place.

Therefore, if a customer wishes to download your app, it really is as simple as scanning the specific QR code and clicking on the app store that works with their smartphone.

Customers will then be taken to the corresponding page that holds your app, click download, and less than a minute later they will have access to your company’s application.

This makes it a lot simpler for customers to get in touch with you and discover more about your company and what you are offering, as they have your app at their disposal.


Advertising will play a big part in your marketing campaign, and fortunately for you, QR codes are on hand again to help you out!

Whether you’re advertising on billboards, at bus stops, in train stations or on TV, surrounding consumers with QR codes wherever they spend a large percentage of their time will help to enhance your marketing campaign.

It’s important to include these QR codes into your advertising as this is a simple and effective way to get customers to head to your website to find out more.

For example:

If your advert is displayed in a train station this will catch the eye of consumers who commute everyday, and sometimes spend up to an hour waiting for their next train. This is a great opportunity for your customers to scan your QR code and learn more about the latest offer you are promoting.

This doesn’t just provide extra information, but more interactivity is available than you can offer within a printed advert on a billboard.

If your QR code is linking off to your website, social media, or even an interactive AR experience, (we will get into this further in this post!) this is more likely to hold your consumers attention for longer.

Which is of course, one of your main goals!

someone using LinkedIn on their mobile phone

Directing Customers to Your Social Media Pages

Another way you can use QR codes to enhance your marketing campaign is to gain more traction on your social media pages.

Social media is an important part of business, so pushing your channels to consumers is a great way to boost engagement and get your name out there.

Upgrading your click through links on your website to QR codes, makes it even simpler for your customers to scan and be taken straight to your Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

You could enhance this even further by pairing up this social media QR code with a discount or promo. For example, offering 10% off your customer’s next order if they scan the QR code and follow the corresponding social media account.

This encourages more consumers to get on board with scanning QR codes regularly and keeping up to date with your social media, as offering discounts and coupons allows you to hold onto their interest.

Deliver Freebies and Offers

Everyone loves a discount, or even better, a freebie!

QR codes are a popular way to include coupons and codes into your marketing campaign, and as we outlined earlier, they are an easy way to get people interested in what your company has to offer.

Consumers can scan the codes you provide and automatically receive a coupon that they can save to their mobile wallet to use at a checkout online or in person.

Using incentives like this puts your company name in the limelight, and if customers receive a coupon or a code for discount, it is likely they will go on to browse your website and learn more about your company.

Additionally, QR codes can be used to enter customers into competitions or raffles.

For example, by providing an incentive such as free tickets to a launch event of your latest product, or the opportunity to win a free year’s worth of your services, it will encourage potential customers to scan your QR.

Man with magnifying glass

Scavenger Hunts

This use of QR codes again, uses incentives to drive customer engagement with your marketing campaign, but in an exciting way!

The general idea behind QR code scavenger hunts is that your company will dot them around the local area or in a specific location, for example, at a launch event or in a shopping centre.

Then the idea is that consumers will see the QR codes out and about and take note of the campaign, for example, it might be that you need to scan all 30 codes to be entered into a prize draw.

Alternatively, your company could create a set of badges or stickers linking to your campaign that will save to devices, then consumers are required to scan QR codes to collect one of each badge or sticker.

Customer insights are useful in helping personalise your scavenger hunts, as with this information you can tailor the hunt based on the general demographics of your target audience.

If successful, you will have created your own company scavenger hunt, and even if people don’t fully immerse themselves into the fun, they will be talking about it.

This is particularly useful for your marketing campaign, as your company name will be scattered across the local area so consumers are more likely to remember you.

Augmented Reality

Now onto the 8th and final way QR codes can boost your marketing campaign.

Did you know that QR codes can help you to include Augmented Reality (AR) into your latest marketing campaign too?

Augmented Reality is the integration of real-time information for example, images and videos with real-world objects, which makes the user experience much more interactive, combining the real world with the digital world.

AR is growing in popularity, particularly for companies who want to get consumers’ attention and grow their engagement.

So, how to incorporate it into your campaign…

When a consumer scans the QR code on your advertisement with their smartphone, this will take them to a new type of content that is interactive. For example, this might be a minigame such as a scavenger hunt or a quiz, or something else that aligns with your marketing campaign goals.

There are several ways augmented reality can be used to enhance your marketing campaign, and it is important to target your AR projects to your consumer base to connect with them. Whether it’s your company mascot coming to life on-screen, a personalised game that links to a prize draw, or perhaps even an AR showroom experience.

This AR content can be used to your advantage as once the user has completed the minigame or engaged with the content, you can ensure they end up on a landing page. This is when consumers will follow onto your website, browsing your products, hopefully ending with a sale, or a sign up!

person scanning qr code under white monitor

8 Genius Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing Campaign

So, there is our round up!

8 genius ways to use QR codes in your marketing campaign to increase consumer interest, and grow your business.

Who new QR codes could provide so many opportunities for engagement and traction?

While some of the uses of QR codes may seem straightforward to some, using techniques such as AR, scavenger hunts or hosting prize draws can really set your campaign apart from the rest!

What is equally important is that QR codes can be used with one another creating links between web pages, social media, discounts and promotions, meaning each code helps to simplify each customer’s online journey with you.

In order for QR codes to work for your campaign, they need to be engaging, distributed properly, targeted to your audience, and most of all, fun!

Ultimately, your main goal with your marketing campaign should be to engage your audience to generate new leads.

QR codes can be a lot to tackle if they’re a new concept for your business, and add an extra to-do list on top of your marketing strategy.

At Canny we offer end-to-end marketing support from branding to content, so we have the knowledge and expertise to help enhance your marketing campaign.

Get in touch with us, and we can take some of the pressure off your growing list of responsibilities and help to set and reach your campaign goals.

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