Animated Corporate Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign



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21 February, 2022

Are you in need of some animated corporate video examples to inspire your next project?

Well, look no further because that’s what we’re covering in this blog post.

If you haven’t started experimenting with animated video yet then it’s time to take the plunge.

And if you’re stuck in the mindset of thinking these are silly, cartoon type videos that no one is really going to watch, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

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Businesses across every sector are using animated corporate video to communicate key messages to both colleagues and customers alike. From animated training videos to animated product demonstrationa, the options are endless.

So what is an animated corporate video and why are they so effective?

Well let’s find out!

What is an animated corporate video?

Animated videos are created using original designs, drawings, and illustrations, or computerised effects to create a video that moves in an eye-catching and engaging way.

Unlike live action videos, they don’t feature real people or real settings but are made from scratch. As such, there is lots of room to be creative as you’re not restricted by the same limitations of live action video.

As long as you have an idea, you can turn it into an animation!

There are lots of different types of animated corporate video, which are outlined below:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • CGI
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Kinetic typography
  • Flipbook or stick-figure animation

Why are animated videos effective?

Animated corporate video is effective for a number of reasons which is why businesses from the IT sector to recruitment and training, are employing this as part of their marketing strategy.

For starters, animated corporate video is highly engaging as it adds a playful element to your brand. Regardless of what message you’re trying to convey, you can feature different characters, scenes, and locations to bring your concept to life.

Also, as we touched on before, you can let your imagination run free. Because these videos are created from scratch, you can create something that truly fulfills your project requirements. In real life you’re very limited by what you can do as things such as health and safety (and plain common sense) come into play.

This means you have to be realistic when recording live action video as you can only do so much. However, the very opposite is true with animated corporate video as you’re free to create anything you want.

Also in terms of price (because we know budget is important for all you business owners), animated corporate video is a cost effective alternative to live action video. When you’re using real people, you have various expenses to consider such as the venue, hiring professional actors, arranging logistics, and any props.

It all adds up!

But let’s get back to why animated corporate video is so effective.

By using a range of animated shapes and graphics, you can break difficult concepts down into digestible chunks, allowing your audience to better understand a product/service.

Animated corporate video examples

So now you know what animated corporate videos are and why they are effective, let’s take a look at some examples of companies who have got it right.

The most important part of any animated corporate video is that it’s enjoyable to watch, yet still communicates the relevant information to the viewer.

Let’s start with a popular communication platform, Slack.


The video starts by showing a businessman going through his working day overwhelmed with emails and notifications as different people demand his attention.

He’s clearly tense, stressed, and trying to battle through one million different things, failing miserably.

Whilst there is no audio, the soundtrack effectively conveys the feelings of tension and each scene is portrayed in a dull, grey colour.

Half way through, it transitions to a bright, happy scene as the businessman is now using Slack. All of his work and communications are streamlined, and you see him travel from one department to another with complete ease.

The music also changes tempo to suit the mood of the new setting, and is a lot more upbeat and positive. The video ends with the words ‘Work. Simplified’ which is clear and to the point. It doesn’t require any explanation as Slack has solved the problem.

A simple yet effective example of an animated corporate video.


As if we could really make a list of the best animated corporate video examples without mentioning the tech giant that is Apple.

These guys alway excel when it comes to creating high quality marketing content and the same goes for their animation video which they are using to promote the launch of their latest products.

Featuring a combination of live-action shots and funky animated text and icons, this video keeps you hooked from start to finish. The upbeat music is also highly engaging as it creates a sense of excitement and anticipation.

The video also ends on a strong note, featuring only the apple logo on a plain, white background. This draws your focus to the apple brand and its capabilities as it doesn’t require any supporting text or illustration.

It also goes out with a bang as the music stops on a loud drumming sound to make a real impact and leave a lasting impression.


Mint is an online budget planner which helps people better manage their finances.

My favourite thing about this animated corporate video example is that you feel as though Mint is taking you on a journey.

Throughout the video, each scene is tied together by a flowing green line which seamlessly continues throughout each frame. This makes the content very easy to follow and also keeps you engaged as you want to find out what the next scene has in store.

There is no stop and start with this video as it’s one continual message from start to finish. It’s really effective, especially when it’s promoting quite a dry service!

The video also features a range of cool and quirky icons such as a pencil scribble and a large arrow which is used to click on different elements. It not only catches your attention but also makes you feel like you’re being walked through the entire process.

The concept is also beautifully summed up towards the end of the video by the words ‘better, easier, smarter’. Each point is followed by a supporting icon, which makes the message hit home even more.

DHL logistics

The logistics and Supply Chain Industry can be a little boring when it comes to their advertising and promotion efforts.

I mean it isn’t exactly an exciting topic yet it’s something we all need to learn more about since the majority of us will use it. Think about how many parcels you send and receive – it’s a huge industry!

This animated video by DHL takes the viewer through the process step by step in a transparent and easy to understand way. Being concise and clear is crucial when creating any type of animated video and DHL have managed this with their messaging.

Furthermore, it is also inclusive, showing how a shipping company can tailor their services to meet your needs which puts the customer as the focus.

From a visual perspective, the use of colour reflects the brand’s identity which helps customers build up a sense of familiarity with the organisation. It ends by showing the DHL logo which reinforces the company image and leaves the message fresh in a customer’s mind.


Starbucks shows that animated corporate videos don’t need to be complicated to be effective. By using the right blend of colours, icons, and transitions, you can capture the attention of your audience and communicate your offering.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

What I love about this video is that different design elements swoosh and swirl before transitioning into totally new objects. It’s really eye-catching and keeps you engaged. It’s also a great way of adding some interest to a set of otherwise boring shapes.

There are a range of powerful sound effects throughout the video, such as splashing and cracking. This adds further depth to the moving icons and it helps the viewer stay tuned with what is happening on the screen. By combining the power of visuals and audio, it helps to leave a lasting impression.

Although a relatively short video at 49 seconds long, Starbucks has enough time to educate the viewer about their blend of coffee and how they can achieve this at home.

Job well done!


Now you might think animated video examples will not extend to the car industry – but they do!

Leading car manufacturer, Volkswagen, made a bold move when they created this playful, animated video. However, it was a great marketing decision as it’s really engaging and appeals to a wider audience.

Instead of going down a tech route, and alienating people who are not very interested in different car makes and models, this animation appeals to a much wider net of people.

It also differs from the standard car commercials, which gave Volkswagen that competitive edge. By turning different cars into cartoons, they have injected a sense of personality into a green beetle, and also added a human touch.

The story is told from the cars point of view, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the story and understand how the Volkswagen service benefits their cars.

It’s also a very creative way of showing you how they service their cars in an engaging and playful way, as the cars smile and ‘blink’ their eyes whilst receiving some much needed TLC! This also highlights the quality and luxury of their service, which is something that consumers will buy into.


Next up is WWF, an organisation that aims to prevent human impact on the environment to preserve wildlife.

Their animated corporate video aims to educate viewers about the damaging effects of marine traffic to the Bowhead Whale. An increase in boats and pollution is putting the future of this animal at risk and disrupting their natural habitat.

Playing on emotion in this animated video is very powerful as you actually feel sorry for the whale, despite the fact that it is a cartoon. The narrative of the video is very effective as it starts by showing you how happy they once were, before transitioning to the state of their habitat today.

It cleverly contrasts the problem with the solution by showing you what could be possible through the work of WWF.

Featuring a range of colourful shapes and vivid icons, this animated corporate video effectively depicts the problem this species face, whilst also pulling on the heart strings!


Our client, iVent, are specialists in delivering hybrid and virtual events through their digital platform.

They work with a whole host of sectors all over the world, to bring their idea to life through a digital means. They emphasise that by partnering with iVent, anything is possible. They turn the standard idea of a ‘virtual event’ on its head, as their platform allows you to deliver a fully immersive, engaging experience to a mass audience, regardless of your requirements.

So how do you get this across in a one minute animated video?

It all starts with an upbeat sound track and clear narration, which talks about what the platform can do. Using a range of bright illustrations and cool characters, iVent brings their message to life in a very visual way.

I really like how the characters step out of their mobile phones and meet face-to-face, to demonstrate that the iVent platform emulates the experience of being together in person. Regardless of a screen being in the way, your relationships are not compromised.

The animation also features a range of design elements to emphasise the key benefits of partnering with iVent, such as a spinning globe. This is visually engaging and represents the capabilities of the platform as you can engage with attendees anywhere in the world.

American Express

American Express is another organisation using animated video to deliver their messages to their audience.

They provide credit cards to customers all across the globe and want to demonstrate how they are revolutionising their technology to improve the lives of their customers.

The video is just under 50 seconds in length, which is enough time for the company to convey how they are enriching the lives of their worldwide customer base. After watching the video you have increased trust and confidence in American Express as it shows that they are striving to make financial transitions much easier.

Another great thing about this animated corporate video example is the clear narration. It follows a really good pace and allows you to retain key messages as the scenes transition from one to another. You don’t feel overwhelmed with information, but instead have time to truly understand how the organisation is moving forward.

The messaging is also very concise which is key when you’re trying to show people what your product or service does.


A few years ago, Nike reinvented some of its most iconic trainer models with an animated commercial video.

This concept is fun, quirky, and of course cool – we’re talking about Nike after all! The visuals also go hand in hand with the brand’s urban style using a range of neon green, bright pink, and vibrant orange. It’s all very hip, and the music drums up a real sense of excitement.

You can’t help but bop along as the scenes transition from one to another, which shows the importance of choosing the right soundtrack!

One of the best things in this animation is how well it honours previous trainer designs. The music also changes every time a new model comes onto the screen which creates synergy between the visuals and the music. It’s highly engaging and keeps you waiting to find out what the next design will be.

I also love how it ends by showing you Nike Air Max models throughout the years to demonstrate how the brand continues to innovate and evolve.

Sealy Hybrid Mattresses

This animated corporate video from Sealy mattresses, combines both motion graphics and live action video to deliver a powerful product message.

Also the use of bright and engaging colours are very welcoming and encourage the viewer to find out more about this type of product.

The text on the screen is clearly positioned and it is only used to communicate the product’s key selling points to prevent overwhelming the buyer with information. This creates a good balance between text and visuals and also helps to emphasise the reasons why people should buy the mattress.

The video ends with the brands tagline and trademark music which further builds up brand recognition. Sealy do a great job of solidifying their position as the right company to buy your mattress from.

This brand message is all tied up in just half a minute which allows Sealy to get the message across without losing a viewer’s interest.


McDonalds and great marketing campaigns go hand-in-hand.

And the same goes for their animated corporate video which explains how their new app works. Featuring a range of vibrant graphics, everything from the icons to the colour scheme is very on brand.

It starts by walking customers through the process of ordering from the app on their mobile phone device through to picking their order up from a collection point or drive-through. By showing the ease of ordering straight from a mobile device, it directly ties the benefits of the app back to the consumer.

McDonalds also use a range of sound effects to emphasise different aspects of the video, such as adding a ‘bleep’ when the character is scanning their QR code and a timer when they have ordered their items.

This makes it even easier to follow the story on screen and as it ignites even more of your senses. The video ends by showing the character holding their mobile phone which emphasises the convenience of this service.

In addition, the simple background design and characters keep your attention on what’s most important – the app!


During lock down, we all took to Google to find answers to a whole array of questions.

Searches such as ‘lockdown activities’ and ‘things to do during quarantine’ were probably pretty high on your list!

Well Google have used these popular search terms to create a highly engaging, powerful animated corporate video. It starts off by showing the different search terms people were plugging into Google during the lockdown phase of the pandemic.

It then transitioned to show the terms people could search for once restrictions were lifted and we were all allowed to enjoy some sort of normality!

For example, instead of ‘lockdown family activities’ we’re now free to just search for ‘family activities’ – a simple yet powerful message.

It’s very emotional and relatable as the pandemic is something that we all experienced. Regardless of where you were in the world, from the USA to Australia to Great Britain, we were all affected by the pandemic in some way or another.

In a strange way, it united the world and Google has used this concept in their video campaign to drive people to use their search engine. is an easy-to-use communication and collaboration tool used by businesses worldwide.

In their animated video, they feature a range of colourful shapes and icons all of which are representative of the brand. The scenes also transition quite quickly from one frame to another which also emphasises one of the USPs of the tool, in that it allows teams to work in a fast and dynamic way.

Therefore, a slow tempo for this type of video would have not reflected the brand’s purpose.

I also like how they use a large arrow to click on different parts of the screen as they walk you through the process. You feel as though you’re actually using the tool yourself which is highly effective as you can quickly familiarise yourself with how the system works.

As the communication tool has so many layers, they break the video up into different sections which helps the viewer to follow. There is lots of information to digest as there are so many possibilities but they have made the video engaging and fun!

Through a combination of upbeat music, colourful icons, and a clear voiceover, it’s easy to understand the benefits of using and it encourages the viewer to use this in their own business.

A winning example of an animated corporate video that is informative yet playful.

Animated Corporate Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

So there you have it.

A list of animated corporate video examples to give you a little inspiration for your next video campaign.

If you’re a Marketing Manager, and you’ve been tasked with the job of creating a new animated corporate video, it can be a challenge. After all, whilst this is a fun and playful format, it still needs to communicate the key brand messages.

It can be easy to play it safe or stick to a style that has been tried and tested, but hopefully after looking through these animated corporate video examples, you’ll have some fresh ideas to get started.

To make your life even easier, you could leave it up to a team of experts.

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We provide dedicated videography services and have worked with brands across of range of sectors to bring their concept to life. All you need to do is get in touch for an informal chat about your project requirements.

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