Architecture, Pop Art, and More: Dom’s Inspirations

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My interest for Design has grown throughout my life.

I have been able to turn what was once a hobby, into a career path which is something I’m very proud of.

Design can be powerful in so many ways, from illustration styles, to the layout of a website.

What’s great about design is that it doesn’t really have a structure or follow any rules on how/what you should be. As such, it allows you to have full creative control so that you can express your own style and individuality.

I didn’t really follow a certain graphic designer or agency, as it wasn’t until later in life that I realised how much I loved design, but I’ll get back to that later.

For me, it was more about architecture and designs movements that inspired me at the very beginning.

So, let’s go back to the start.

A skyline of Dubai

Bring it Back Now Y’all

My family and I moved to Dubai in 1999, back when the city was only starting to see drastic changes to the landscape, and bringing with it, famous architects such as Zara Hadid.

She designed iconic landmarks including Burj Al Arab that helped to put Dubai on the map.

The variety of architecture surrounding the modern city inevitably helped spark my interest in design, and how impactful design can be.

As the more established cities followed strict regulations, I was able to see Dubai in the early stages of its success.

This helped root my understanding of design as I know it today.

So, you could say architecture was my first inspiration, which has only evolved as time has gone on.

I’m a big fan of The Sims too, which probably helps.

Pop art on a street wall

The Design Movement

I was never really into playing video games growing up, with the odd exceptions.

I’m not a complete bore.

Anyways, drawing has always been a big part of my life.

Being dyslexic, I used drawing as an escape when not at school as I knew it was one of the only things I enjoyed. There was also no pressure in terms of whether or not something was right or wrong.

As my drawing skill improved I would always try and find other artists or images to copy from.

I then discovered one of my favourite design movements:

Pop Art.

I loved the vibrant, comic-style approach brought by the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, and of course, Andy Warhol.

The unapologetic approach of their designs, allowed me to see art in a different way. I would say the illustrative style from both of these designers initiated me pursuing a career in design.

Even now, I still look at this design movement for inspiration when starting new projects. When possible I love juxtaposing past and current trends to create something unique.

3 women sat at a wooden desk with blue, patterned wallpapered wall behind

Getting Creative

It wasn’t until I got to university that I started to look into creative agencies and how, as a designer, I would like to present myself when it came to my work.

Prior to this, I didn’t really think much about my career or what route I’d take. That all changed when our course gave us the opportunity to visit agencies in London to talk through their work and their process.

The only one that immediately caught my attention was an agency called ‘Anyways Creative.’ They work across a range of different sectors.

It surprised me how different their approach was to other agencies we visited. The confidence they have in their presentation is definitely inspiring.

Looking through their work at the time gave me the impression that they believed nothing was a stupid or impossible idea.

It’s all just about the final execution.

From the branding of the agency, to the clients they partner with, it all left a big impact on me.

It allowed me to see the world of design in whole a different light!

Even today they still inspire me to think outside the box and to look into other design processes, rather than always sticking to graphic design.

It helped me realise just how much there is to learn when working with other teams.

To Wrap It Up…

All in all, the inspirations I’ve mentioned have been instrumental in helping me become the graphic designer I am today.

However, I would say my passion doesn’t just stop at graphic design. My interest lies in a range of multiple disciplines of design, that all keep my mind open to new and different things.

That’s enough about me, now it’s your turn.

Who is your career inspiration or what inspired you?