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07 April, 2022

ATX is known as a hotbed for innovation and creativity, with Austin technology events being one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Sure, hundreds of these events take place all over the States, but there’s just something about Austin that attracts some of the best minds and startups in the ever-expanding tech market.

You need only attend one or two local networking events geared towards technology startups to see that.

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These technology events come in all shapes and sizes with some having global appeal. Others are on the smaller side, but are in no way less important in terms of the networking opportunities and experiences on offer.

Of course, everyone thinks of SXSW when the terms ‘tech,’ ‘Austin’ and ‘events’ are mentioned in the same sentence. But there are other notable tech events in Austin that you should know about.

Here, we’ll show you.

Austin Expo & Tech Forum

First up is the Austin Expo & Tech Forum, an annual event that offers everything from advanced technical sessions, to networking opportunities in and amongst some of the ATX’s most skilled techies.

SMTA, the body behind the Austin Expo & Tech Forum runs events like this around the country. Each pinpointing a specific area to plant its flag in. They elaborate a little more on the website:

“Our expos provide a great platform to bring professionals within the industry together and provide attendees with exposure to global technology at a local level.

In addition, our local expos provide an opportunity to educate local engineers who may not be able to attend SMTA International.”

You can either attend the Austin Expo & Tech Forum as a visitor or as an exhibitor. Tech professionals are always in attendance at this type of event, not to mention suppliers. In other words, you could confirm investment right then and there!

Here’s a quick rundown of the attendees you’ll have the opportunity to network with at this Austin tech event:

  • Product Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Vice Presidents
  • CEOs
  • Managers

Austin Tech Happy Hour

The second Austin tech event we want to direct your attention to is the Austin Tech Happy Hour. It’s a tech networking event for those not in the know, one that’s been around since 2007 and still going strong.

Unlike some of the other Austin networking events we’ll be covering, the Austin Tech Happy Hour is a very informal sort of gathering. We say that as it typically takes place within a bar or restaurant of some kind.

For example, the next event we see in the calendar will take place at The Dogwood on West 6th. An event that takes place before another major event in the city, which they’ve actually included in the event description in a pretty funny way:

“The day after our happy hour there’s apparently some kind of big festival or something happening? All we know is that this is always our biggest event of the year and we’re looking forward to seeing you. Come hang out with us for this fun local event before all the visitors descend on our little town.”

Holding tech events in these types of locations should come as no surprise to regular attendees. Running events here help ease the potential stresses associated with other tech events.

The Austin Tech Happy Hour is definitely one you need to have in your calendar, especially if you’re looking to forge connections with members of the local community in a very seamless manner.

Austin Women In Technology

Looking to embrace with fellow female entrepreneurs in the Austin tech space?

If so, then the events run by Austin Women In Technology (AWT) could be exactly what you’ve been looking for and then some.

A little background on AWT. This non-profit organization is all about championing female entrepreneurial spirit through events and optimized support programs that help members grow their technical and ‘soft’ skills.

The opportunities are also there to network with other female tech-sperts, startups and guest speakers (depending on the event you attend). The AWT calendar is full of tech events in and around Austin.

We’d recommend checking out the Women In Tech Summit first. This annual summit consists of a full day of dedicated sessions and a 30 minute one-on-one coaching section for attendees. It’s also an excuse to mingle with others and talk shop in a motivating environment.

This is one of many events organized by the group. Others include happy hours, members only events, and seminars that highlight the experiences of female thought leaders in tech.

There’s always something going on with AWT, so it pays to keep checking in to see what’s coming up.
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Big 5G Event

Hailed as ‘America’s Foremost 5G Conversation’,’ the Big 5G Event is an annual three day event that, you guessed it, focuses on the latest innovations and solutions that drive 5G technology.

Technology that continues to evolve as time goes on. All eyes will be on this event, what with the anticipated rise of 6G technology and the number of tech startups looking to enter the market.

T-Mobile, Verizon Business, AT&T, Boingo and DISH Network have all participated in previous events. You might not think so, but 5G technology will affect your life and your business either directly or indirectly.

Still not convinced? Here’s a taste of the key topics typically discussed at Big 5G Events:

  • Private 5G Networks
  • Mobile Edge Computing
  • AI & Network Automation
  • Cloud Native Telecoms
  • Fibre Access for 5G

So as you can see, there’s something for everyone. There’s also some fantastic networking opportunities available. Here you can meet with peers, interact with experts in one-on-one meetings, and participate in roundtable sessions.

Data Center World

Featuring 100+ speakers, 70+ sessions and 100+ solution providers, Data Center World is one of Austin’s leading technology events.

This particular event looks to provide real answers for today’s date center issues following ‘the upheaval of 2020’ that has caused the industry to transform. Data Center World looks to provide the solutions, emphasized via speakers and presentations.

If you’re at all interested in digital infrastructure, and data-driven solutions, then this will be the Austin tech event for you, guaranteed.

Attending this tech event allows you to network with data center professionals, learn new concepts for data center management, and learn how to keep costs down as your data center needs and workload expands.

All very important info.

The future of digital infrastructure is bright, and this event proves it. Digital Center World is the perfect event for data center professionals, technology business leaders, innovators and aspiring tech entrepreneurs operating out of ATX.

website banner showing developer week

DeveloperWeek Cloud

If cloud computing is an area you operate, or are interested in, then you should definitely set your sights on DeveloperWeek Cloud. This Austin tech event is internationally recognized, gathering the brightest minds from here, there and everywhere.

DeveloperWeek is produced and owned by DevNetwork, who are an event community organization that specialize in conferences for the developer, engineering and IT industries. In other words, they know a thing or two about tech events in Austin.

The next event boasts a stellar lineup of speakers (over 90 speakers too), representing companies like Atlassian, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Cisco and IBM.

This conference is attended by thousands of developers, engineers, software architects and technical leaders. Giving attendees the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with others while learning more about the future of cloud computing.

It’s a win, win situation.


For IT professionals in Austin, check out InnoTech, a one-day technology event that is sure to educate, innovate and inspire.

The great thing about this event is that it champions Austin, gathering leading business and technology executives from around the region for a day of constant collaboration and insight.

Here you’ll learn how to run your tech business like a well-oiled machine, while avoiding the mistakes that others have already navigated. You’ll also be updated on the latest advancements in IT technology, as told by speakers and vendors.

Again, it’s a very community-based technology event in Austin. From web developers to business executives, there’s something for everyone. For tech startups, this will be the perfect opportunity to network while streamlining their understanding of certain topics.


Networking events in Austin are great at cutting straight to the chase. Gateway is Austin Technology Council’s signature get-together.

They call it a party, but Gateway is actually an opportunity to join hundreds of other Austin-are and visiting techies for an evening of networking and fun.

Like some of the happy hour Austin tech events, Gateway is quite an informal affair. There’s usually music playing, casual drinks, and a photo booth somewhere.

It’s technically a part of SXSW, but we thought we’d give it some spotlight considering how popular it is, and how many leads/connections you could gather, simply by rubbing shoulders! Check it out.


South By Southwest, South By, SXSW, call it what you want. This event is the ultimate tech conference in Austin, and the pinnacle for most entrepreneurs looking to create as much buzz as possible.

The event was founded in 1987, and it’s known for a lot of things, conferences being one of the main ones. Conferences that celebrate film, music, education, culture, and most of all, tech.

SXSW tends to look at tech from a cutting edge perspective. As in, they try to look beyond face value to find tangible benefits in whatever’s on show. Statements like “innovation is more than just disrupting industries” give you a better idea of why this Austin tech event is so prestigious.

South By is that big, it spawns various other Austin technology events around it due to how much interest is generated. People travel from far and wide to attend SXSW, with it continuing to grow in popularity as the years go by.

It’s probably one of the most known events in the world, period. In fact, it’s the reason why a lot of people have even heard of Austin, Texas.

It’s that big.

Be sure to put this event on your bucket list.

MadWorld Austin

MadWorld Austin is a four day tech event where attendees are given the “best learning and professional development opportunity of the year.”

A bold claim, but one that they more than backup given what’s included at this tech conference. There are typically 40 main conference sessions available, each taught by the best of the best with decades of experience in a variety of tech fields.

MadCap Software is the team behind this technical communication and L&D event, a company known for its unique approach to authoring tools and solutions for technical writers and documentations teams.

Its event, MadWorld Austin, carries the same innovative practices of the company, just with more opportunities to network.

You can attend MadWorld Austin either physically or virtually. Which will definitely help those who can’t make the trip.

Although, those that do miss this one will miss out on the conference swag bags they tend to drop, not to mention the ability to mingle with other techies.

You’ll also miss out on the pre-event workshop that occurs beforehand. How you choose this Austin technology event is up to you, but we know which we’d choose…

Women Who Code Austin

Women Who Code run a series of workshops and events across all of Austin. Their goal is simple and easy to remember, that being ‘to inspire women to excel in technology careers.’

It’s a cause that has led to many events, one of the most common being the ‘Lightning Learning’ events that cover multiple topics pertaining to programming, tech, and the various experiences of women working in the tech industry.

As its name suggests, Women Who Code Austin is exclusive for women, it also applies to ‘trans men, and genderqueer folks who are interested in attending.’ It’s an inclusive group that champions femininity and the rising development that is Austin’s bustling tech lane.

Austin Technology Events That Need Adding to Your Calendar Now

See, we told you there were more tech events out there other than South By!

The great thing about Austin is that there’s always something going on for aspiring tech brands. There’s networking opportunities on every corner it seems, some occur weekly which is ideal if you’re looking to grow your list of contacts.

You might already have a list of Austin technology events lined up in your calendar. If so, we hope we’ve provided you with some additional inclusions.

And yeah, maybe we’ll see you there?

From aspiring entrepreneurs to investors to tech experts, there’s something for everyone at the Austin technology events we just mentioned.

As a creative agency, we understand the benefits of networking in your respective market – or area of expertise. The knowledge shared is pretty much priceless for a promising young tech entrepreneur looking to build a successful brand.

We’re Canny, a creative agency with plenty of experience in helping tech companies stand tall above their competitors. Get in touch to find out more.

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