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If you’re a business professional who is tired of working from home, a coffee shop, or your local library, then there’s an abundance of coworking space in San Antonio.

From open workspaces, to private meeting rooms, to large conference rooms, coworking space has it all. This offers businesses the chance to work in a professional environment at an affordable price.

Aside from the price point, there are lots of benefits to coworking, such as having access to on-site tech support, secure 24 hour access, and not to mention a wealth of networking opportunities.

Because this is a shared work space, you’ll naturally be surrounded by lots of other businesses which expands your professional network.

Perhaps there’s a business there who shares similar values that you could partner with? Or a business who could put you in touch with one of their key contacts?

Whatever the opportunity, being able to engage with other like-minded individuals is a huge plus.

In lots of cases, co-working space comes furnished which saves you money forking out for new pieces of furniture – another plus to add to your list!

So, now you know the benefits of coworking space, shall we take a look at some examples?

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Credit to Geekdom


Where: 110 E Houston St 7th Floor, San Antonio, TX 78205
Contact: Online booking form

Situated in Downtown San Antonio, Geekdom is a coworking space that is ideal for a range of start up businesses and established businesses alike.

With exposed wooden beams, large colorful window frames, and low lighting, this creates a cool environment that is perfect for any creative mind.

Whilst facilitating great networking, all of the workspaces are evenly spread out so that you still have your peace and privacy.

There are also a range of places for you to sit including high bar stools and comfortable office chairs so that you can work where you feel most productive.

If you’re holding a team meeting or presenting to clients, there’s also a private office space which is available to book.

Another advantage of Geekdom is having access to mentorship. Perhaps there’s an area of your business you need more guidance on? If so, then this coworking space in Dallas is the perfect place.

Other useful amenities include free WiFi, lounge access, and networking events.

brown leather chairs and tall lamp
Credit to Venture X

Venture X

Where: 18911 Hardy Oak Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78258, United States
Contact: (210) 880-3184

Venture X offers freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals a modern coworking space in San Antonio.

Whether you’re a small business with a handful of colleagues or a bigger company, Venture X can accommodate your needs.

Featuring an industrial-looking vibe, the space is very open and bright. This is fantastic for making those creative minds tick as there’s lots of natural sunlight following through the space.

The aesthetic is modern and clean, featuring a range of sofas, comfy chairs, and bar stools. So, wherever you work best, you’ll find it at Venture X coworking.

There’s also a range of payment options to suit a variety of budgets as there’s no leases or long-term agreements. For instance, you can pay on a month-by-month basis which gives business owners more flexibility and control over their spend.

Depending on what you’re using the office for, there are a range of meeting rooms to suit various requirements. After all, whilst coworking space is fantastic there are times when you will need some privacy away from the hustle and bustle!

Through your membership you’ll get access to various supplies and office equipment which will save you spending money on new furniture. There’s also a frequent cleaning regime of all common areas which gives you and your colleagues peace of mind.

person typing on laptop in a green room
Credit to Venturepoint

Venturepoint Stone Oak

Where: 21750 Hardy Oak Blvd, Suite 102 San Antonio, TX 78258
Contact: +1 210-598-5595

Venturepoint has a number of coworking spaces in San Antonio, so you can choose which location best serves your needs.

Their location at Stone oak is fully equipped and provides business professionals with everything they could need for success.

There are a range of office spaces available for rent, each of which are fully serviced and furnished so they’re ready for you to move in!

In terms of working preferences, there are a number of places for you to sit including some very comfortable leather chairs! All you need is your laptop and a cup of coffee, and you’re good to go.

As part of your membership, you will get access to two conference rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people. This is perfect if you’re hosting an internal/ external meeting, presenting slideshows, conducting interviews, or simply want some space away from the office.

Both of the conference rooms are fully equipped with state technology so you can conduct your meeting with complete ease.

Amenities at this coworking space include high speed internet, conference room access, comfortable furniture, mail service, access to business printers, and a guest reception.

There are also beverages and refreshments on offer to keep you fuelled throughout your busy day!

wooden panel reception area
Credit to CoWorker

Regus San Antonio

Where: 9901, IH 10 West Suite 800, San Antonio, Texas 78230
Contact: +1 210-558-2800

Regus has nine locations around San Antonio that provide sophisticated coworking space.

Regardless of your business needs, Regus has something for everyone and serves various sectors throughout the city.

There’s also a range of service agreements depending on what your business requires.

For example, maybe you’re only in the city for a short period of time, and as such, only need the coworking space for a day or two.

Or, maybe you’re going through a period of expansion and need the office space for a whole year? That’s possible too with Regus coworking space!

Regus aims to make coworking as easy as possible for any working professional. Being able to book by the hour, day, or month is highly advantageous as you have total flexibility.

The membership gives you access to a whole range of benefits including 24/7 access to hot desks and private offices, meeting room access, kitchens, and large community areas. Therefore, everything you could possibly need lives under one roof.

You’ll also be able to work alongside many like-minded individuals and collaborate with other businesses through an extensive range of networking events. This allows you to be part of a vibrant, global community of 2.5 million professionals and create new opportunities for your business.

sofas and projector screen
Credit to CoWorker

Space on the Fly

Where: 85 NE Interstate 410 Loop #301, San Antonio, TX 78216
Contact: Online booking

This is a coworking space that suits every budget!

Space on the Fly offers flexible daily rates that give business professionals total control over their spend.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can choose to rent dedicated desk space, open seating, and private office space.

This office space also combines the perfect mix of work and play! Whilst there are a range of desks for you to work and get your head down, there’s also a ping pong table. After all, after hours of staring at your laptop, you might need to switch off for half an hour or so!

And even better, there’s a popcorn machine too. Yes, you heard me. A popcorn machine.

This is ideal when you’re starting to feel the afternoon burnout, and you need a little snack to kickstart your energy levels!

To inspire your creativity further, the walls are filled with motivational words that give you that much-need boost. This also adds some detail to the interior, and creates a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.

There’s a range of spaces for you to sit in case a traditional desk and chair isn’t your thing, including plush, comfy sofas.

Amenities at this coworking space include free coffee and snacks, a dedicated mailbox service, and private phone booths.

people working on desks
Credit to The Impact Guild

The Impact Guild

Where: 708 West Summit, San Antonio, TX 78212, United States
Contact: +1 210-920-0728

This coworking space aims to build a community of entrepreneurs who want to make a real impact – hence the name!

The Impact Guild offers a selection of common desks, dedicated desks, and private offices, and is the perfect place for getting your head down and working on your business.

There are a variety of rooms, each with a different arrangement and capacity, which allows you to choose which workspace is best. All of the rooms are equipped with tables and chairs so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own furniture.

There’s a very warm vibe about this coworking space, thanks to the navy coloured walls and exposed wooden beams. It feels very familiar and homely, which is why so many professionals choose The Impact Guild as their workspace.

The walkways and corridors are very spacious, so although you’re working alongside other businesses you don’t feel as though you’re all crammed together.

Having peace and privacy is very important, and the different rooms at The Impact Guild enable this to happen.

Facilities at this shared space include a kitchen, free drinking water, free parking, air conditioning, wheelchair access, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

lady and man working on laptop
Credit to Cubes at the Quonset

Cubes at the Quonset

Where: 218 E Euclid Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212
Contact: +1 210-265-5095

Cubes at the Quonset offers a friendly, welcoming, and professional office environment housed in a light-filled Tobin Hill Quonset building.

And, with being just one block from the Pearl development and the San Antonio River, The Cubes is in one of the most exciting areas of San Antonio.

Being in the middle of it all is hugely advantageous, as this means you have plenty of choices when it comes to entertaining clients and colleagues.

Furthermore, you can easily connect to multiple highways such as 281, I-10, or I-35, or take advantage of the miles of bike paths outdoors.

This warehouse turned design studio is a quiet, light-filled, and productive office environment where entrepreneurs can really concentrate on their business.

Work spaces range from 250 to 800 square feet, and in total accommodate up to forty members.

There are lots of amenities on offer at this shared workspace including high-speed WiFi, 24 hour secure access, mail service, month-to-month contracts, bike storage, and a patio area.

Oh and we should also mention another important perk… it’s dog friendly! This is ideal for any pet parent who works long hours and doesn’t want to leave their dog home alone.

black chairs and TV
Credit to LiftOff


Where: 2014 S Hackberry, San Antonio, TX 78210
Contact: 210.874.1859

Located just three miles from downtown San Antonio, LiftOff is a flexible coworking space that offers a range of open spaces and private offices.

It’s tailored to fit any budget, as it comes with flexible lease terms to allow business owners to have more control over their spend.

If you need any help with your business then there’s also a range of business support available. Maybe you’re in need of some guidance or mentoring but don’t know where to start?

LiftOff provides its members with business advising which covers topics such as business planning, budgeting, marketing strategy, access to capital, and more.

On top of this, they also provide Business Workshops on a monthly basis which cover a range of topics ranging from marketing and sales, to accounting and finance. All of these workshops are available for members to take advantage of which can support your business moving forward.

There’s also a range of networking events which are run on a regular basis that enable entrepreneurs to interact and socialize with like-minded professionals in their field.

Inside the office space, the rooms are bright and spacious so you’ve got plenty of room to spread out and make the place feel a little more like home.

Lots of amenities await here, including WiFi, conference room facilities, coffee/ water service, 24/7 hour access, security system, and a kitchenette.

meeting table with leather chairs
Credit to Legacy Offices

Legacy Office Centers

Where: 8000 I-10 Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230, United States
Contact: [email protected]

If you’re looking for first-class office space to rent in San Antonio then look no further.

Legacy Office Centers offer access to premium conference and meeting rooms that you can rent as and when required.

You can choose to either rent by the hour if you’re only in the city for a short period of time, or you can rent for the day. This gives business professionals more control over their budget as you’re only paying for what you really need.

There are a range of spaces available including executive suites, private offices, and day offices. Regardless of which you choose, they’re all professionally serviced and come with a range of attractive amenities.

This includes a receptionist, mail sorting, IT support, WiFi, an on-site restaurant, breakout rooms, and monthly gatherings.

There’s also ample on-site parking which is highly convenient for both you and your team!

If you’ve got guests visiting, then there’s covered space on-site which means they don’t have to worry about leaving their vehicle somewhere unsecure.

Another perk if you’ve got clients from different parts of the world, is the location of this building.

Conveniently situated just 10 minutes from downtown, and 12-15 minutes from the airport, this makes traveling easy.

There are lots of restaurants in close proximity which is perfect for entertaining clients or treating your colleagues!

white and black office space
Credit to Paradox


Where: 8522 Broadway # 109, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States
Contact: +1 210-756-5675

Conveniently located near San Antonio Airport, Paradox makes it easy to rent office space for a short period of time.

Perhaps you only require an office space for a month or two whilst you’re visiting the area?

That’s the beauty of this coworking space as you’re not tied into a fixed contract. As such, you have more flexibility – particularly important if you’re always on the move.

Inside the building, all of the offices are bright, spacious, and modern. Featuring a minimalistic interior, this creates a contemporary vibe that is suitable for a range of business across different sectors.

You’ll be proud to show new clients around this office space as all of the furniture is high quality. Featuring a range of high bar stools, plush armchairs, and rustic tables, this is a great space for work and collaboration.

The meeting rooms also come complete with large tables, leather chairs, and a TV that is perfectly situated to host presentations. So, whether you’re in the communal area doing your day-to-day work, or you need a private office space to deliver a presentation to clients, Paradox has it all.

Access to large conference rooms comes at an additional cost so make sure you enquire beforehand.

All offices benefit from high-speed WiFi, mailing address, access to conference rooms, and mailing address service.

white desks and chairs in lit up office
Credit to Key Coworking

Key Coworking

Where: 8522 Broadway # 109, San Antonio, TX 78217, United States
Contact: +1 210-756-5675

There are two main reasons why business professionals should choose Key Coworking.

This comes down to the range of modern office spaces and the two beautiful gardens.

When you’re working on a laptop all day, making your way through a sea of emails, having access to the outdoors is key.

On a warm summer day you and your team can sit outside and breathe in some much-need fresh air and collaborate in a more relaxed setting. Not only does this provide a welcome escape from the standard office environment, it’s equally important for your mental health.

Inside the building, there’s a range of offices available including dedicated offices, desks, and events. This facilitates great networking opportunities as it allows you to connect with others in the community and expand your network.

You can also get a day pass, which is ideal for business professionals who want to try the space first, or who only need the space occasionally.

As such, Key Coworking is ideal for freelancers and small teams, and offers access to meeting rooms with all membership packages. All offices also include 24 hour access and all membership perks including free tea/ coffee, snacks, and printing.

white office space
Credit to Work Hub

WorkHub Elite Business Center

Where: 22211 W I-10 Suite 1206, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States
Contact: +1 210-920-2901

Whether you’re a team of one or a team of one hundred, WorkHub Elite Business Center can help streamline your day-to-day business activities.

Running your own business can be tough. That’s why this coworking space in San Antonio aims to provide entrepreneurs with everything they need for success.

WorkHub’s professional team offers an upscale environment for business professionals where they can truly grow their company.

So, whether you need a spacious, full-service meeting room, a luxurious private office, a relaxing co-working space, or just a business mailbox and/or business address, it’s all possible at this business center.

Their coworking cubicles start at $225 per month and come complete with a range of attractive perks, including WiFi access, printing services, faxing and scanning, 3 hours of conference room time, and a dedicated break room with coffee and snacks.

If you want a more private setting then you can choose to rent one of their sophisticated private office spaces. With a bright interior, floor to ceiling windows, and fantastic views, this is the perfect place to be productive without any distractions.

With this package, you get access to even more perks! This includes 24/7 access cards, 15 hours of conference room access, a fully furnished suite, paid utilities, and a front desk receptionist with assistance.

There’s the option to hire a separate meeting room if you’ve got an important presentation which is available as a 5 Hour Package, 10 Hour Package or 15 Hour Package depending on your requirements. However, one time use is also available which gives you even more flexibility.

Awesome and Affordable Coworking space in San Antonio

If you’ve been looking for awesome and affordable coworking space in San Antonio then look no more!

After reading this blog post, you should have a list of options that suit the needs of you and your team.

Sure, working in a coffee shop or at home can be great, but they don’t provide the same professional environment as coworking space. As well as being able to get your head down and do some work (in peace), businesses can also network with other like-minded professionals which accelerates their growth further.

All of the shared spaces mentioned above come with a range of attractive amenities and can provide businesses with the tools they need to expand.

From spacious meeting rooms, to private cubicles, to a multitude of hot desks, coworking gives businesses more flexibility over where and when they work.

Running a business is no easy task, and we understand that first-hand at Canny.

But we can take some of that pressure off. You’ll already have a list of day-to-day tasks to get through, so let us concentrate on making your business a success. Whether you need help with any aspect of your branding, website, or content marketing, our team of experts are posed and waiting!

We’ve worked with some fantastic clients in the US who have achieved amazing results, and we can do the same for you. Simply get in touch and find out how we can help.