The Best Business Websites Blown Wide Open

When it comes to the best business websites it is all about resources, content and the services they offer. You go to these sites to get the best content or service you can. We keep finding that sites may be full of good content and offering the best services. But they are hard to navigate and the design can be lacklustre.

This user experience instantly turns us off, stopping you from further exploring the site. So we have brought together a list of the best business websites. That have a great balance of, useful content and sleek design. Making them easy and enjoyable to view content and convert users.

This list will be a mixture of business resource sites, and business websites that offer services.

Happy Maven

Business is always better when employees are happy. And it has become a more prominent discussion when it comes to work. Especially with the increase of weird and wonderful hours or remote working.

Happy Maven is all about employee wellbeing. But you could be mistaken to think it could be a design agency with the beautiful website it has.

As you scroll down the homepage a little path leads you down the page, highlighting all the important information along the way. As you get half way down the page you go into a side scrolling motion which brings a new element to the site.

This path extends throughout the site. Every page you visit the path leads you through the content. The site looks and feels great as you use it. It’s consistent and clear, showing the information the user wants and needs to convert.


Dixtior is a Portuguese consultancy firm that is moving with the times. Combining expertise in economics with technology to provide the best solution for their clients.

Looking at some of the big consulting firms, you can find they have a slightly dated look about them. Which is very corporate and results driven, not a personable experience at all.

Dixtior is shedding this dated look of old. Creating a website that really opens up about them as a company. A big thing we come across when creating brands for clients is that they are people dominated. They want to celebrate their staff and the people they work with.

Dixtior similarly does this and pushes the community aspect. Clients can relate to this, thinking they are being looked after personally. Rather than being a number on someone’s books.

Another big thing we notice about this site is the interactive and animation elements. This makes the user experience much more dynamic and friendly. This isn’t a new thing when it comes to websites. More and more sites these days are moving away from flat, static website designs. And Dixtior is a perfect example.


When it comes to a business, you need money for your business to grow, pretty simple. It could come in the form of investors or funding. But just throwing money at a business doesn’t always solve the problem. You need to be smart with funding and make it work for your business.

For Harbour, thats where they come in. The header of Harbour’s site is pretty straight forward, its bright purple which grabs your attention and simply asks the question, “need serious funding?”.

This straight talking approach is brash. But when there are so many funding sites out there, you need to grab the attention of potential clients.

When it comes to your website header, it needs to give the user what they want or relate to a problem they are having. But that isn’t the end, you need to give the user a path to conversion. Whether that is a stand out button or a link to further down the page. The path needs to be clear to complete the conversion.

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is close to one of those sites that is so busy and overwhelming. But HBR has stripped back the overwhelming content. and took a little more consideration into the design aspect.

This allows HBR have the best of both worlds, great content and good user experience. The website itself is a blog website, focused solely around content. So unlike Harbour they don’t have to sell their services at the top of the website.

As you get deeper into the site and into a post you are met with an easy to read blog structure. Making it easy for the user to take in your content.

The navigation is also a nice element. Making the site easy to get to and search for exactly what you are after. This is key to any site, you need to make it easy for users to get around your site.

Both Sides Of The Table & Medium

Both Sides Of The Table is a blog that shows the perspectives of a 2x entrepreneur turned VC at UpfrontVC. The blog is built on Medium from what I can see, but has a totally different look than the normal Medium site.

Blogs are important resources when it comes to business so creating a nice experience for users on your blog is key. And both BSOTT and Medium are designed in that way.

One big thing we like about Medium is that they don’t allow you to read through full posts without signing up. This allows Medium to access the user via email and send them great content and marketing.

On boarding users is key to your business even if they don’t make a purchase straight away. Get an email to be able to stay in touch with a user. Remind them of all the great content they are missing. And convince the users who aren’t totally sold on your services.


From blog posts to video and podcasts. TED offers a multitude of content related to pretty much anything. Spreading ideas and information. But they haven’t overwhelmed people with information as you arrive on the site.

The main thing that you see when you arrive on the website is a simple question that asks “what are you interested in?”. This allows TED to guide you to the content you are after rather than try and find it yourself.

This may seem like something small, but it is so useful in making the user experience as clean as possible. If a user can’t find what they are looking for, they are more likely to bounce off your site. In a world which endless information is at a user’s fingertips, users expect to be able to get the content they want quickly.

The design of the TED website is clean and minimal, making it easy to understand. With a site with so much content you can fall into the trap of overdoing it with the design. TED keeps it minimal, making everything easy to read and navigate.

Hyper Island

The key to growing your business is continual development. Of both the business and your individual skills, through training or courses. Hyper Island is both a business resource and a business selling a service.

There site is easy to use and navigate. For example it has simple navigation at the top. Splitting the business and individual sections of the website.

If you offer services to both business and consumer you have to make sure your site has clear pathways for both. It might be something as simple as a menu option or something a little more complex. But again I must emphasise, the clearer the path for the user, the better the website will be at converting.

Along with the layout and path of the site. Hyper Island looks visually looks great. The use of typography and colour bypasses the need for endless photography. Although the photography they have selected is also very well thought through.

Holm Marcher & Co.

Being a headhunting agency you have to stand out to both candidates and employers. This can be difficult and as there could be a wide gap in what each audience is looking for.

The candidate, for example may want to know what jobs are on offer. Whereas the employer may want to know more about the process of finding the right candidate for them. Knowing this Holm Marcher & Co have created two very different routes in their website for each of these target audiences.

Similar to Hyper Island above, making a clear split for each route is key. And this is made very simple on the Holm Marcher & Co. homepage. Using straight talking simple questions like “looking for a new job?” and “looking for a new employee?” make it simple to get where you need to be.

The overall design of the website is definitely a little different but I like it. They have a completely different approach to a navigation menu which is refreshing. The subtle animations throughout the site give another level of movement, bringing a flat design to life.

Genesis Block

Genesis is all about “Empowering the future of finance”, with the key word being “future”. With the design of the site they have pushed the limits with an interactive design. Essentially allowing the user to reveal content by scrolling the mouse.

Giving the user the feeling that they are controlling the content, involving them in the experience. But be careful going to far, it can stunt the users experience if they want to quickly get somewhere.

Keeping with the futuristic theme the sites design pushes on the dark sci-fi and space styles. Using dark black matched with blues, purples and greens for a colour palette. This may feel like an easy choice, but it all supports being the “Future of Finance”. And, to my knowledge, they look totally different to many other finance agencies.


The Kneip website is bright, bold and clear about exactly what they do. This is vital when you arrive on a website homepage. It is amazing how many times I have left a website solely because of my first interaction when the page loads.

As you scroll down the homepage all the content is concise and informative. With clear calls to action, leading you down different routes through the site.

The consistent approach to as little content as possible continues throughout the site. Giving the user clear and concise information is key to keeping them on your site.

Sometimes you can go into more depth with content. But as you are leading users through the site the less content that is more informative, the better.

This will get customers on board quicker and more willing to part with their contact details or even buy into your service. But be careful, too little content and the user could be left thinking what you actually do.

Green Leaf Logistics

The Green Leaf Logistics website has a few things that really set it apart from other websites. From language to imagery, colours and interactions.

The main thing I pick up on is the language they use throughout the site. You may think you have to be as professional as possible when dealing with customers you don’t see in person. And I would say you definitely do, but you can slacken those reigns a little. Green Leaf bring in a friendly but straight talking language that anyone can relate to.

The language personifies the website, as if their is someone in the users screen talking to them directly. This is a key part to making connections with users that will get them to the buying or converting stage.

Imagery, colours and interactions throughout the site support this personable and friendly feeling. When you can push the same message throughout the elements of your website. You create a successful website pushing out one consitent message.

Softbank Vision Fund

Using a more corporate style than Green Leaf Logistics. Softbank Vision have created a very professional looking site. They us less friendly feeling language, which speaks to a different target audience.

Using lighter grey colours for body copy and muted gradients for colours gives an altogether softer feel to the website. Less brash, and a little more sophisticated. Even the animations and interactions are slower, contributing to this more sophisticated feel.

You can see from the last two examples that the look of a website and the choices made in design can dramatically change the feel of a website. So for all user journey and experience are very important. Understanding who you are targeting with the website. And tailoring a design around that can add to the users experience, pushing them closer to the converting stage.

Bullshit Free Dictionary

The Bullshit Free Dictionary is a website that clears up some of the fancy or technical terms used in the business world.

The language used sits right on the button with what the website is trying to achieve. Cutting through the “Bullshit”, getting straight to the point, being brash and unforgiving. Matching this with the striking colours sits well with the overall feeling and meaning behind the website.

This website isn’t strictly selling something or trying to get you to convert. It is more of a resource. But I like how the feeling behind the website was captured in different elements like the colour and language used.

Conclusion – The Best Business Websites Blown Wide Open

When it comes to the best business websites, you need to make sure that a few things are checked off your list.

The initial interaction with the user, it has to be clear and concise about what you offer and how to get it.

The user experience needs to be sleek, easy to use and clear about where and what you want the user to do.

Supporting this should be informative and relatable content.

After all the above. Create a tailored design around your message and how you want to come across.

There are plenty more tips and tricks to creating the best business websites. But follow these points and you will right on track to creating a website that works for you.

If you would like to discuss your business website, or how you can create one, please get in touch.

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