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Best Marketing Blogs


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If you’re looking for the best marketing blogs to follow, then you’re in exactly the right place.

At Canny, we’re always reading up on marketing ideas and advice, and wanted to share our favourite sites with you.

These blogs range from famous marketers, to software companies, and small business blogs.

For a bit of variety, we’re going to splice some of the big names in the field, in with some people you might not have heard of.

One thing’s for sure:

Every single blog on this list has given us immense value over the past several years, and I hope you find value in them too.

If you prefer something physical in your hand to read, check out our favourite marketing magazines and marketing books.

Keep reading for 21 of our favourite marketing blogs!

Hubspot marketing blog


If you’ve spent any time at all in the online marketing world, you’ll have come across Hubspot.

At their core, they’re a software business, a CRM used by many people around the world.

However, they’re truly one of the pioneers in creating useful, actionable content that helps their audience.

This content strategy resulted in Hubspot’s rise to dominance.

Every year, they put together The State of Marketing Report which is a great read for any marketer.

They’ve got articles on everything from marketing and sales, through to software and business operations.

Check out the Hubspot blog here

Jake Jorgovan

Jake Jorgovan came onto my radar around 5 years ago when I was looking for examples of cold outreach.

Since then, Jake has founded Lead Cookie, a LinkedIn lead generation company.

And even though he doesn’t update his blog as regularly as he used to, his personal blog is still a favourite of mine.

Jake shares tips and stories from his journey as a self-professed “serial entrepreneur.”

With 90% of Canny’s leads currently coming from our inbound website and blog traffic, I’m particularly interested in his LinkedIn and outreach type posts.

Check out Jake’s blog here

Neil Patel

Neil Patel splits the online world in two. He’s very much like Marmite, people love him or hate him.

Neil’s advice plays squarely into the “easy to follow SEO advice” category, which has earned him a loyal following of DIY SEO types.

I started following Neil’s posts way back in 2015, and his personal brand has developed a lot since then. Back then, he only ran Quickspout, and not his own personal site.

The professional SEO industry pretty much sees him as a snake oil salesman (maybe because he’s breaking down the facade of SEO?)

However, given the wealth of knowledge and advice that Neil shares across his sites NeilPatel.com and Quicksprout.com – we can’t not include him on this list.

Away from his blogs, he also has an informative YouTube channel and a marketing podcast co-hosted with Eric Siu (more on Eric later) called The Marketing School Podcast.

He does contribute a tremendous amount to the world of SEO and search marketing and rightfully belongs on our list of favourite marketing blogs.

Check out NeilPatel.com and Quicksprout here


The Marketo brand has had quite the journey.

First they went through a successful launch, then were rebranded by Focus Lab (one of my favourite design agencies), then they were acquired by Adobe.

One thing has remained constant throughout the Marketo journey, which is their outstanding marketing blog.

The thing I like most about Marketo, is they serve their blog posts as “quick hits.” They’re short and informative, rather than long drawn out pieces.

And in the world of online marketing, that’s a rarity!

Check out the Marketo blog here

Wistia blog


Wistia are one of my favourite brands on the market.

They put out so much good content through their blogs and videos, that you can’t help but admire them.

Being a SaaS company producing video marketing software, Wistia coined the term brand affinity marketing.

The idea behind brand affinity marketing is to create high quality content that resonates and attracts your target audience. This in itself means they have a bank of amazing quality marketing content to follow along.

From videos to blog posts, Wistia has it all.

They also created a TV docu-series about the cost of making TV adverts, which is our favourite piece of their content.

Check out the Wistia blog here

Our Favourite Article

Technically, this isn’t an article, but Wistia’s series One, Ten, One Hundred is an amazing piece of marketing content that we had to include.

Content Marketing Institute

The mission of the Content Marketing Institute is to:

“To advance the practice of content marketing.”

Needless to say, they’ve got a whole lot of great content over on their website.

They’ve got blog posts that cover a whole range of topics, from the basics of content marketing, through to some pretty advanced topics.

Given they’re the flag bearers of content quality, you can expect high quality content on a daily basis. Outside of their own site, they post great content across the whole range of usual social channels.

Check out the Content Marketing Institute here


Attracting visitors and potential customers to your website is only one half of the battle. Once you get them there, what do you need to do with them?

Convert, convert, convert!

And that’s what CXL (Conversion XL) focuses their marketing efforts on:

Helping people attract, and then converting their visitors into paying customers.

Forall they offer a whole load of expensive courses (which are very highly regarded!), they also create great free content over on their blog.

So if you’re looking for help in converting your traffic, do check out the CXL blog.

Check out the CXL blog here


Hotjar is another SaaS company with a great marketing blog.

For full disclosure, we use Hotjar at Canny. We’ve used both the free and paid versions over the last several years, and can’t fault it.

We actually highly recommend all of our clients sign up and install Hotjar alongside Analytics on launch of their website.

Now, back to their blog.

The Hotjar blog focuses on website analysis and tracking tools, which shouldn’t be a surprise given that that’s the space they’re in.

What Hotjar does well is take a complex topic, and break it down so it’s easy to understand.

Check out the Hotjar blog here

Content Mavericks marketing blog

Content Mavericks

Chris Von Wilpert is the writer behind the Content Mavericks blog. And yes, it does feel a little spammy at times.

Essentially, Chris utilities great content to help him sell his premium courses. Given the quality of his content and his successes, I don’t doubt his courses a chock full of value.

However, this isn’t what first grabbed my attention about Content Mavericks.

Earlier, we mentioned Marketo focused on short posts, but posted quite frequently, and how that was rare in the content space.

Chris takes the opposite approach. He rarely posts new content, but when he does, it’s so well written and in-depth that you just have to read it!

On the blog, Chris teaches a range of strategies, from inbound to outbound and everything in between.

I’d class Content Mavericks as a must read, and they’re currently one of the only mailing lists I haven’t unsubscribed from!

Check out the Content Mavericks blog here

Our Favourite Article

The $10,000 Per Month Agency Story


I’m starting to notice a trend here, SaaS companies have awesome blogs!

HelpScout creates tools for customer centric businesses that help them retain their customers. Customer loyalty in turn, becomes the focus of their blog.

The HelpScout blog is great for businesses in general.

They cover topics such as:

  • Customer retention
  • Staff retention
  • Effective marketing

There’s a lot of value to be found in their blog!

I first discovered HelpScout through their wildly popular “color in marketing” post which is my top pick from their blog.

Check out the HelpScout blog here

Orbit Media

Orbit Media is a website design agency based in Chicago, and their founder, Andy Crestodina, is one of the most prolific blog writers in the space.

Andy is the type of content marketeer that I’m trying to be. He writes, speaks, and I’m sure there’ll be a podcast and video show on the horizon soon.

Orbit Media creates massive in-depth content guides to some of the trickiest parts of the wonderful world of website design.

From conversions, to attracting website visitors, and laying out your website in a logical order, the Orbit Media blog has it all – in lengthy detail!

Check out the Orbit Media blog here

Our Favourite Article

How to Generate Leads


Unbounce is yet another SaaS company with a great marketing blog. They offer A/B and website testing solutions for their customers.

Much like CXL, Unbounce focuses their efforts on helping their customers to convert more leads.

Unbounce’s content marketing efforts and offering doesn’t just stop at their blogs.

They create outstanding marketing resources, sample landing pages, and much more. All with the view of helping your marketing efforts.

Check out the Unbounce blog here



AHREFs, like Hotjar, is a piece of software that we use at Canny Creative.

We use AHREFs like many others, to help our content marketing efforts, check for keywords, and make sure our site is performing well in search engines.

As you can imagine, their blog covers exactly those topics.

The AHREFs team share tips from the SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing world. They write in-depth studies, tutorials, and software insights to help people grow using their software.

Not only that, but they also give away a whole host of free resources, and their CMO, Tim Soulo, has just started a YouTube channel of his own. Tim is one of many great business YouTube channels.

If you’re looking for other great marketing channels to subscribe, then check out our list of best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs.

If you’re looking for a great range of search engine marketing and content marketing tips, then make sure to check out their blog.

Check out the AHREFs blog here


Backlinko is one of those marketing blogs that has been around forever.

People know it, but most of all, people know the guy that runs it. Brian Dean.

Brian is synonymous with the world of content marketing and blogging. And, much like Chris at Content Mavericks, is a huge advocate for quality over quantity.

Brian doesn’t post that often, but when he does, you can bet his blog posts are crammed full of useful tips and tricks.

As you can probably tell from the name, Backlinko’s focus is on helping people get backlinks to their website. But that’s not all.

Brian shares tips on SEO copywriting, how to get more traffic, using infographics to win visitors, and more.

Backlinko is definitely a do not miss marketing blog!

Check out the Backlinko blog here

Our Favourite Article

Copywriting Guide

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the most respected websites in the world of search engine optimisation and marketing.

They give updates from within the SEO community, sharing news, thought pieces, and more, to help their visitors succeed with SEO.

Their website is crammed full of insights on:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content
  • Social
  • SEO News

And while Search Engine Journal is not an out and out marketing blog, SEO is a crucial part of the marketing puzzle.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of meta descriptions, backlinks, and robots.txt – then this one’s for you!

Check out the Search Engine Journal blog here

Gary Vee's website

Gary Vee

Ah, Gary Vee. Which list of marketeers or marketing blogs would be complete without good old Gary Vee?

Again, another polarising figure in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing.

But, you can’t deny his successes.

Having grown Wine Library, VaynerMedia, and most recently Empathy Wines, it’s safe to say Gary knows a thing or two about marketing a business.

In terms of sheer content output alone, Gary Vee is an absolute machine. And sure, he has a content team surrounding him, but he creates a whole range of great marketing content on a regular basis.

From YouTube videos, to podcasts, and the occasional written blog too, Gary Vee is to some, a phony and a fraud, and to others, a marketing god.

Either way, he shares a whole range of great marketing tips across a range of platforms.

Check out Gary Vee here


Another SaaS business. Need I say more? Again, another outstanding blog from the team over at Buffer.

Buffer is social media scheduling software that makes cross posting and distributing your content marketing efforts easy.

Their blog contains their teams thoughts on social media and online marketing.

Buffer actually take a leaf out of Wistia’s Brand Affinity Playbook. They’ve created several owned media brands that they distribute regularly.

They’ve got their regular ol marketing blog.

Then, Flow, a blog that curates real life marketing stories from social media’s most engaged brands.

Open, a blog all about workplace culture and lessons on remote work and transparency.

And finally Overflow, a blog about software engineering.

Throw in two podcasts and you’ve got nearly the whole content suite!

Whatever you’re looking for in a marketing blog, chances are, Buffer has you covered.

Check out the Buffer blog here

Layout by Flywheel

Flywheel is the website hosting company we use to host every single one of the WordPress websites that we design and build.

So yes, maybe we’re a little biased.

But, Flywheel’s blog, Local, shares some excellent tips for those in the design space, and covers marketing a business in great depth too.

Sure, a lot of the articles are targeted squarely at their target audience of design agencies.

However, there’s a lot of practical marketing tips that can be picked up and used in any industry.

If you’re interested in a marketing blog with a design flavoured twist, then check out Layout.

Check out Layout here


OkDork is Noah Kagan’s blog about marketing. If you’re not familiar with Noah Kagan, he’s the guy behind App Sumo, Sumo, Send Fox and King Sumo.

Essentially, he is a marketing heavyweight! (Get it?)

Noah’s marketing blog is made up of a range of things, including:

  • Interviews with successful entrepreneurs and marketers
  • Tips and tricks on marketing and growing a business
  • Personal thoughts and musings

After building several successful marketing based companies, the tremendous insights Noah shares can’t be overstated.

Check out the OkDork blog here

Our Favourite Article

6 Step Guide on Free PR for Startups

Single Grain

Eric Siu is chairman over at Single Grain. He’s also Neil Patel’s podcasting partner on the Marketing School Podcast.

Single Grain is a full service digital marketing agency, dealing in the whole range of services that you’d expect a leading digital marketing agency to deal with.

Much like others on this list, Single Grain write articles about marketing, but where they really excel, is when they think outside of the box.

Their clients are often large corporations, but they write posts using their knowledge of how large corporations work, while writing specifically for SMEs.

It’s a clever content marketing technique that relies on SMEs growing, and realising they can’t manage their growth, and their digital marketing.

Check out the Single Grain blog here

Venture Harbour marketing blog

Venture Harbour

Venture Harbour are yet again (yup, you guessed it) a SaaS product with a kick-ass blog.

I only discovered the Venture Harbour blog recently, but it’s consistently one of my favourite reads.

Their software is all about converting leads using the forms on your website.

Their blog is all about generating leads, attracting leads, customer experience, and delivering in a digital world.

They share some truly wonderful insights, and I first discovered them when looking for lead generation techniques and ideas.

As one of the smaller organisations on this website, I wanted to feature them to try and show their blog some love.

If you’re interested in really making your digital presence work for you, then the Venture Harbour blog is the perfect choice.

Check out the Venture Harbour blog here

Conclusion: 21 of the The Best Marketing Blogs to Follow Right Now

Good marketing blogs aren’t hard to find these days.

But the blogs we’ve shared in this post are the blogs that we find have the best information and most practical, actionable, tips.

There’s something for every marketer here and we hope you find these blogs as useful as we do.

Have we missed any of your favourite marketing blogs off our list? Let us know in the comments below.

And if we’ve inspired you to go ahead and start drafting your own marketing brief, then give this post a read for a step-by-step guide and free template to writing a marketing brief that drives results.