Improving your brand and your customer’s experience doesn’t always come so easily.

You want your customers to have the best experience possible, and you want them to interact and relate with your business in the way that they do with some of the big brands out there.

If that’s the case, why not take a look at some of those big brands. Why not see how they have mastered customer touchpoints and achieved their success. Let’s learn from the big boys, as it were, and feed off their knowledge in order to create, and sustain, brand touchpoints that work for your customers.

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I’m sure you saw that one coming.

Arguably one of the biggest brands on the planet, Apple sets the bar on creating beautiful brand touchpoints that truly resonate with their customers worldwide.

How have they managed to come out on top worldwide? And how have they set themselves up as one of the most successful brands to date?

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say that it all boils down to their outstanding relationship with their customers; their complete and utter devotion to delivering the best experience to those who use their products.

Let’s have a look and see what it is the makes Apple come out gold, and how you – a budding business owner – can imitate their example and provide the best experience for your customers.

Customer Interaction

Apple sure knows how to create brand touchpoints that successfully reach the hearts of their customers. They use creativity and innovation to effectively form powerful bonds between them and their target audience, and they have calculated strategies that reach a large variety of consumers worldwide.

To reach such a wide-span audience, they have adopted many brand assets that have made them stand apart from their competitors, therefore winning over a multitude of people.

These assets include:

Hands-On Customer Service

“Apple has elevated customer service into a science. Today, the company stands shoulders above the competition when it comes to alleviating the stresses that accompany a faulty tech product.” – Yoni Heisler, business entrepreneur.

In comparison to its competitors, Apple goes above and beyond when it comes to giving customers the very best experience they can have. With a hands-on team ready to help each customer, assistance is given a practical, simplistic way.

Enter any Apple store and you’ll see this in action.

Pretty much like a clinic for technology, really. Staff members are on hand, strolling through the vertically lined benches, seeking to give assistance to their customers.

A Simple, Innovative Website

As a customer, being able to access your favourite brand from anywhere is essential. Everything needs to be a few clicks away – whether it is on a desktop or a device.

This is where, again, Apple come out trumps.

Not only is their website accessible on all platforms, it performs like a pro.

Customers can see what they want (or what they didn’t even realise they wanted) as soon as they enter the site, no search needed. The images are crisp, clear and alluring, allowing customers to envision what it would be like to own one of their products without even holding it.


And, to top it off, the natural design and minimalistic make-up of the website in all its forms perfectly represents the brand and its customers.

An Interactive Show Room

You walk through your local shopping centre, minding your own business, only to be amazed at the library that is the Apple store. Customers are engaged at each desk, testing, practicing and prodding the devices as though it’s already theirs.

This is, in my opinion, one of the best touchpoints they have created. Allowing customers to come in and try out their products for any length of time has no doubt increased sales, also increasing the customer’s trust and reliance in the brand’s products.

It gives off the impression that they are open and honest with their products, and that they are willing to allow the public to come and test the products for themselves, with no obligation to buy.

Once again – clever.

Customer Experience

Each touchpoint Apple creates has formed engaging and stimulating customer experiences that have given Apple the name they have today.

They are simplistic, innovative and alluring; customers worldwide have enjoyed purchasing and using their products as it far succeeds the vision they imagined.


They are by far the leading brand in their industry, crafting high-quality products for their customers and networking with their audience in new, dynamic ways.

They tailor for a wide range of audiences – from the general public to professional athletic teams – and have successfully won the pockets of numerous sports fanatics.

Just how have they managed to make themselves the guru of the sports world?

You got it.

Via the way they make contact with their audience – their brand touchpoints.

When it comes to brand touchpoints, Nike has grand-slammed all areas in order to successfully hit the ground running with their customers.

Customer Interaction

Nike uses a multitude of brand assets in order to achieve satisfying interactions with their customers. You could even say that their products alone provide adequate interaction and promote their brand without even having to formally advertise.

They have created a care-free, “just do it” aura through various means, and they have elevated themselves above all other sportswear brands because of how they communicate with their customers.

What marketing strategies and brand assets have they used in order to slam-dunk the sports world?

Feast your eyes on just a few assets they use:

They Associate With The Big Guys

Does the name Michael Jordan mean anything to you? Or Air Jordans, perhaps?

These very trainers are well associated with the basketball player himself, and, despite their price, have sold to an innumerable amount of people all over the globe.

Thank you, Michael!

Names such as Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo are also in the mix, and it’s not just their fans that have then made contact with Nike, it’s the multitudes that have been in contact with the fans.

Associating with such big names, as it were, is a well-known branding strategy that has proven time and time again to be successful in creating positive interactions with customers.

They Use Dynamic Ads

Nike’s ads truly harmonise with the brand’s slogan, “Just Do It”, exploring how powerful and colourful their products make a person.

Their ads stimulate their audience to act by appealing to the audience’s want to look, feel and be sexy. (Yep. I just used that word).

And when you see a Nike ad, you know within the first second that it’s them. They’ve completely nailed it when it comes to creating their identity and letting it be recognized without even saying a word.

They Appeal to a Wide Range of People

No matter where you are, you are bound to see people wearing Nike. On the train, in the supermarket, at the gym – every day you will see someone in Nike.

Even when you cross oceans and land in foreign territory, you’ll see adults, teenagers, and children – even babies – wearing a pair of kicks designed by Nike.

And you don’t even have to be a sports fanatic; Nike has broadened its brand to attract a wide variety of customers. They have managed to motivate an audience with such wide degrees of difference, and have proven themselves loyal when it comes to their touchpoints – they never deviate from their story and they stay true to their word at each and every point of interaction with their customers.

Customer Experience

Empowerment. Liberation. Luxury.

That’s how their customers feel before, during and after purchase because of the interaction they have had with Nike.

Customers who have worn Nike products in the past remain loyal because of the service they received, and the experience that was delivered to them.

To feel like they can “just do it” when they wear those trainers or style that hoodie; to feel like they could walk the earth twice because of how comfortable they feel – that’s the experience many will relay when they interact with the brand that is Nike.


There’s no place like home.

Well, even when you’re not technically “home”, you may find that no matter where you are in the world, you can find your home under the roof of Starbucks.

That latte you always order – the one with the extra cream? You got it.

Even in Thailand.

Starbucks seems to have found themselves in the hearts of consumers worldwide and they continue to spread their wings in countries that may surprise you.

Their loyalty and consistency is the backbone of building home-like experiences with their customers.

Plus, they unfailing show up at times when you’re desperate for a coffee.

How have they managed to create and sustain such brand touchpoints that build this kind of rapport with their clients?

Customer Interaction

Let’s just review what assets Starbucks, as a brand, have used to provide stimulating touchpoints for their customers:

Excelling at Customer Service

When you walk into a Starbucks store, you are greeted with a smile and treated like coffee royalty. Not only are they warm and friendly, but they are quick and efficient when it comes to taking, making and selling your order.

One little perk is they take your name, write it on a cup, and then when your purchase is ready, your name is sounded and you, again, get served with a smile. Even though it’s something small, it’s a nice little personable touch.

Comfortable and Familiar Atmosphere

The design and layout of Starbucks across the world are that of comfort and ease. It’s not outlandish, bright or overbearing; it’s ambient and spacious, catering for groups or those riding solo.

And no matter where you go in the world, you can guarantee that Starbucks will be the same as the one back home.

That’s what stands out the most with Starbucks- its ability to make you feel at home. Customers feel relaxed and ready to face their day after spending time in one.

The Loyalty Program

“Earn more with our loyalty card.” – And that’s exactly what they do.

Starbucks love their loyal customers; so much, in fact, that they are ready to reward them to build brand loyalty.

This, in itself, motivates people to be a loyal user of their services because they are being rewarded. That’s the key – make your customers feel that they are gaining, even after they empty their pockets.

After building up points on your card, you are eligible for free drinks, special offers and exclusive access to Starbucks’ newest products.

Pretty sweet, hey?

Customer Experience

When customers come into contact with Starbucks, whether it is before, during, or after their actual purchase, they feel a million times better because of the excelling service they have received.

They feel like they are truly benefiting from using the service.

And to top it all off, they feel at home – they feel comfortable and at ease – no matter where they are on the planet.

What Can We Learn?

We learn that we are no Steve Jobs. We learn that we don’t own the Nike tick, and we don’t have storehouses worldwide selling people amazing coffee! (Or maybe you do).

But what we can learn from them is how they have interacted with their customers and how that has brought about authentic experiences for them. And how you can use these experiences within your small business brand.

Starbucks use touchpoints that have kept true to their brand. They have given excellent customer service to their customers and create stimulating, motivating experiences through a hands-on approach, making their customers feel special and powerful.

No matter how small or big your brand is, integrating those qualities to all of your brand strategies will enable you to create – and maintain – powerful experiences for your customers.

Amy Aitman is the owner of 8menCan, a content agency based in Toronto, Canada. She works to create content strategies and digital marketing plans for businesses around the world. Away from the office, Amy takes her team out for chicken tacos and martins, extra dirty, extra olives of course.


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