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Ready to use print design to your advantage?

Your print design often goes unnoticed in a primarily digital world. We work with businesses from around the world to help get their print design noticed.

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How to Use Print Design Effectively

Print design used to play a bigger part in marketing that it does today. However, that doesn't mean you can't used print design effectively.

You could use print design to:

  • Create a printed brochure that you give to potential clients and customers
  • Build a mailing campaign that sees your materials posted directly to clients and customers
  • Produce a periodic newsletter or factsheet that keeps people up to date with your business

With the recent rise of digital media, and decline of print design, it's becoming an even more effective marketing tool than ever before. People are happy to receive "snail mail" and "real post" these days!

If you have a business, why not experiment with print design?

Let's work together?

How We Work with Clients

Canny are not a massive design agency, with a posh office, ping pong table, and an ornamental bike on the wall. We’re a small creative team based on the not-so-sunny coast of North East of England, with a passion to help your business grow.

Our brand values are:

  • Small but mighty.
  • Partnership over profit.
  • Awesome design, always.

We’re all about bringing that big agency feel to each and every one of our print design projects. Our partnership based approach allows us to build strong relationships that result in awesome design work.

We’d love you to be part of it!

" Canny's design work is refreshing and has enabled Seaton Valley Council to develop a branding and publicity style that has proven to be well received in the community."

David Freeman
Engagement Officer, Seaton Valley Council

"I have worked with design agencies of all sizes in my career, and Canny are simply top class."

Justin Brown
Founder, Shodai /

"The identity and website Canny built for me has helped to grow my business and take it to the next level."

Carly Morgan
Director, The Shire Bakery

"It has been a great pleasure developing our business together with such distinguished experts."

Michael Isenschmid
Director, IAP Zurich

"I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Canny. I simply wouldn’t work with anyone else."

Robbie Thompson
Business Owner, Personal Trainer

"We now have a brilliant brand identity and website that can grow alongside our business."

Katy Moody
Head of Client Results, Publicity Seekers

"People always compliment my branding at events I attend, and it has allowed me to grow my business."

Ali Nouraei
Director, The Neutral Corner

"My brand identity and website design puts me head and shoulders ahead of my competition."

Stuart Philips
Director, AALTO Mortgages

"Working with an overseas team like Canny was easy and I believe we arrived at the perfect solution."

Heather Blue
Founder, BizPixPlus

"I am delighted with my new brand identity and website design and just hope my company can live up to it."

Howard Walwyn
Director, Prism Clarity