Guest Posting

Guest Posting at Canny Creative

What We Publish

We’re looking for long-form (that’s 2500+ words) based around marketing. Particularly, we’re more likely to publish pieces written around the value of digital content marketing and SEO, the importance of website design for B2B companies, and insightful pieces based around branding.

We’re looking for takes and point of views that we haven’t considered before – so take a look through our blog and see if you can identify any gaps in our existing knowledge library! We’re not looking to publish 3 different versions of the same blog, so if you’re thinking of pitching a piece titled ‘What is Branding?’… think again.

Check out the sort of stuff we’re writing about, and pitch an idea based on that. It isn’t a hard concept, really.

The main thing for guest posting is it has to be original work.

We run everything we get sent through a couple of plagiarism checkers as a matter of course, so don’t send us anything that has been previously published elsewhere- it won’t be published.

Submission and Publication Process

Send a submission query email to [email protected]

This email should consist of a suggested title, or ideally a selection of 3-5 titles for us to choose from. If you have previously published work, great- link us up and we can get an idea of your style and general writing ability. If you’ve previously written for Canny let us know!

If you don’t have an extensive publishing history, that’s ok too. We’re looking for quality, and we know you don’t have to be a New York Times Bestseller to be able to write. Unfortunately, we don’t pay for guest posts at this time, so if you’re looking for remuneration for your writing this might not be the opportunity for you.

After you’ve sent us the submission, give us at least 4 weeks to get back to you. We get a hell of a lot of submissions but we try to get back to everyone within that time frame. If you haven’t heard back from us within that 4 week window, assume we aren’t interested in your pitch- but are apologetic for not getting back!

If we like the titles you suggest, we’ll then invite you to write a full length blog. We expect a fairly quick turnaround from this point, and would like to see the full, completed blog in a Google document within 4 weeks.

Submission Rules

Your writing belongs to Canny

Canny Creative owns all of the content that appears on the Canny website. We will attribute the writing to you, and include a link to your LinkedIn profile or website, but as soon as it gets published on our site, we can edit, delete, or otherwise amend the content as we see fit.

Generally speaking, changes will only be made as a result of a content audit just to make sure all of our blogs are 100% up to date and relevant. We’ll try to keep content the same, and would never change the content to the point where it becomes unrecognisable from the original, but it’s important to understand that by submitting, you relinquish control over your writing.

Original Pieces Only

We check everything, regularly. We hate copy/paste stuff. We hate plagiarism. Content needs to be 100% unique to Canny, and it has to stay 100% unique to Canny.


We reserve the right to not publish anything. If you send anything that doesn’t meet our high standard of quality, it will be rejected. This means good grammar, spelling, and an understanding of structure is the bare minimum.

We talk about lots of very technical, fairly high level stuff on the Canny blog, and we try to be as clear as possible. We don’t like jargon, and avoid it where possible. To show you’ve read our submission guidelines, send your query email with the subject line: “Content for Canny?”. It will really help your chances.

It isn’t a requirement that English is your first language, but the blog should read flawlessly and fluently in English.


Submissions should be exclusively written in UK English for now. This might change in the future, so keep checking back.

Links to other content

We’re digital marketers. We understand that people guest post for the backlinks. We have no problem with this- just don’t make it obviously spammy, or dense in the text. As a rough guideline, we recommend no more than 3 links out to whichever website you’re trying to build backlinks for.

They have to appear naturally as well. No shoehorning links in for the sake of it.

Use your common sense

You can see on our blog the sort of thing we publish. If you don’t read a few of our blogs before submitting your own piece to see what we like and how we write and structure things, it becomes obvious.

If your piece is poorly written, or includes calls to action for competing businesses, or advocates something illegal or says something stupid it just isn’t going to get through the editorial process. If you include anything homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, or any other asshole behaviour, your piece will be ignored and your email will be blacklisted.

Don’t waste our time, don’t waste your own time.

Submission Status

We are currently accepting guest post submissions!

Follow our submission guidelines and we look forward to hearing from you soon.