How Customer Testimonial Videos are Your Ultimate Sales Tool


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There’s no greater sales tool than a testimonial video.

Why that is comes down to the great visual vs text debate that has gone on for years. Still, when it comes to testimonials, there is a very clear difference between video and text-based.

For starters, it’s a very indirect way of showcasing what you do, how you perform, and what you do differently.

It’s a form of indirect marketing that cuts straight to the chase, allowing your viewers to visualise themselves from the perspective of someone who’s already worked with you – or continues to work with you to this day!

You’ve more than likely come across one or two video testimonials already, either through ads on YouTube, or the videos you see sitting on various landing pages of certain sites. By the way, that’s another great thing about testimonial videos:

You can share them just about everywhere for maximum visibility.

There’s only so much a written referral can do, especially if what you offer – be it a product or a service – is somewhat confusing to understand from the outside looking in.

A video testimonial gives you an edge, something that could make the difference between netting you a client/customer.

The alternative is risk losing sales to a rival competitor.

Which would you prefer?

What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

Testimonials are statements that confirm and validate someone’s character and qualifications.

From a business standpoint, it’s a confirmation — a confirmation that what you’re doing works, and a window into what you’re like to work with to those interested.

It’s also a chance for viewers to see the types of people/companies you’d typically work with, which can sometimes get lost in translation if your brand messaging isn’t clear enough, or your website isn’t getting the message across.

Try not to pigeonhole testimonials.

They’re a lot more than evidence, which is what makes them such a viable tool to use within your marketing campaigns.

Testimonials are multifaceted in the best way.

You can create a standard testimonial video, which runs off the essentials (i.e. what you’re like to work with etc.), or you can go a step further and include them within your overarching brand statement video.

There’s multiple approaches to consider in line with what type of business you are and who you’re looking to attract.

All in all, video testimonials make for fantastic sales tools, the likes of which could easily compete with the likes of explainer videos, or product demos.

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How Video Testimonials are Your Ultimate Sales Tool

Video has always been more engaging than written content, and while a written testimonial has its benefits, there’s just something about a video that sticks.

What’s more, they aren’t that tough to put together either, depending on much information you’d like to include, and how many individuals will feature within the same testimonial.

Using testimonials on your website can help generate 62% more revenue from each customer, and that’s on every visit.
— BigCommerce

Less is more, but including multiple speakers within the same video can go a long way in establishing credibility, and make sure that the point is communicated effectively.

The stat you see above is one of the main benefits of video-based testimonials, however, there are others you need to know about.

For example, did you know that video testimonials are great at establishing and nurturing trust?

Trust and sales, name a better duo.

Video Testimonials Establish Trust

Seeing is believing, and seeing a previous customer talking on screen is a hell of a lot more memorable in contrast to a photo and a quote underneath.

According to WordStream, 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text, and around 72% of customers said they would rather learn about a product by way of video.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know right off the bat, nothing will.

What’s more, a testimonial video is a lot more personable, making it a lot more engaging as it puts a face to the referral.

Tone of voice, body language, clothing, and where they’re at in terms of location – all carry a lot more weight when it comes to relaying information and establishing trust.

And a trustworthy brand tends to be a successful brand — a statement that applies to brands operating in all spaces, be it B2B or B2C.

One of the great things about trust is it benefits word-of-mouth marketing.

And if you can nail word of mouth marketing, well, you’re pretty much sorted sales-wise when it comes to reaching more people organically.

Video Content is Easily Shareable

Once that content has been made and uploaded, you then have 1,000,001 ways of sharing it.

The most obvious place to share it being any relevant social media pages. By ‘relevant’ we mean any page that is likely to increase the amount of times your testimonials are viewed.

That being said, there are ways to promote the video on social media that could lead to increased sales – or work people into your sales funnel, at the very least.

Chopping the testimonial up into snippets could encourage people to watch the video on your site, or check it out on YouTube.

Hashtags are great at luring people to your posts, so make sure you’re leaving those somewhere to create a pathway to your brand on social media, and your testimonials by proxy.

Frequently posting this out will help with its visibility, you could also take it a step further and use it in your paid social ads to maximise its selling potential.

Video-based ads have been known to gain a lot more traction vs static ads, that much is true, which again goes back to the statistic in the previous section about the types of content people tend to gravitate towards.

And it’s not just social where your video testimonials have a place either.

Placing your video testimonials at the top of landing pages are great at grabbing the attention of anyone visiting your site.

To recap, here’s a complete rundown of where you can share this type of content:

  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Emails
  • Presentations

It’s like we said: there’s 1,000,001 ways of sharing video testimonials.

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Video Leads to a Higher Retention Rate

Retention rates look at how much information is going in one ear and not coming out the other.

As mentioned, video-based content is a lot more engaging to see, it’s also a lot better at transmitting the full message across without having to worry about your reader’s dropping off before they reach the end.

We have evidence to back this up:

A video based report from Insivia, found that viewers are likely to retain 95% of a message shown in a video format, compared to 10% when reading text. That’s a massive disconnect should you go with the latter.

Those that are tuned in, tend to watch videos through all the way to the end too, which is perfect if you have any call to actions (CTAs) towards the backend of your testimonials.

Your Sales Funnel will Thank You

A lot of your core audience will discover you for the first time through video content. Which should come as no surprise, given the fact that video is one of the more popular lead generators out there.

Videos work wonders for getting people into your sales funnel and working them through the stages of said funnel.

We’ve included a marketing funnel infographic below in case you needed a quick refresher:

green Canny sales funnel on black background

As you can see, the top of the funnel is all about awareness. That top level is all about gaining as much attention as possible before moving into the interest stage.

Well, with an engaging testimonial video, you can jump straight into this stage, or even begin generating sales right there and then – if your video testimonial is convincing enough.

We should note that this won’t happen all the time, as customers will often require context, or more info before they think about reaching out.

But if these individuals are already familiar with your brand and what you do, then seeing others praise your work could be what encourages them to follow suit.

What’s more, we’ve found that video testimonials are great at weeding out poor leads – as in leads that aren’t as likely to convert.

With a well shot, well edited, and well executed testimonial, you will find yourself netting quality leads on a frequent basis, guaranteed.

Which brings us to the last reason why testimonial videos are your ultimate sales tool.

Most of All: Testimonial Videos Convert

Relatability sells, and that’s essentially what a video testimonial is: it’s a relatability check.

A relatable business goes a long way in establishing that trust factor we mentioned.

Brands tend to spend a lot of time talking about what they do and why you should work with them, but often lack the evidence to back it up, which happens to be a major turn off for people looking to work with you.

B2B businesses in particular will want to see what you’ve done prior before they think about touching base.

Talking a good game in the modern day can only get you so far, you need to back everything you’re saying up, or risk losing business to a rival brand.

This is the point where your video testimonial comes in.

That relatability check is the last tick in the box needed to begin generating sales. Again, more-so if the video is of a high quality.

It will also keep customers coming back for more as you’re showing how important they are to you by featuring them in such a prominent way.

What if you Don’t Have any Testimonials to Show?

Startups will often run into video testimonial video issues due to the fact that they have no clients or evidence to pull from.

There are ways around this, one of which involves giving out free products or services in return for a testimonial. We get it, giving something out for free could be costly if you’re a brand selling something expensive, but you’ll find that the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Let’s say you’re a brand selling electric scooters and you want to get your name out there so that customers clock onto you and your brand.

By giving one away to a tech influencer, in return for a feature within a video, you instantly A) get the testimonial you were looking for, and B) create hype around your brand just like that!

This is one of the only testimonial cheat codes out there if you lack clients or customers, unfortunately.

Our advice would be to focus more on your first sale and getting them to take part in a video where they give you props for your work.

someone filming a client testimonial

Video Testimonials vs Text-Based Testimonials

The intention behind any testimonial is to sell what it is you’re selling in a way that isn’t as direct as handing out fliers or running email marketing campaigns that cut straight to the chase.

Like content marketing, testimonials are great at indirectly targeting your audience, only there is a significant difference between video and text to consider.

Yes, text-based testimonials are somewhat easier to put together. You can even write their testimonials for you, pending whether or not they’ve given permission.

Still, this doesn’t change the fact that there are limitations to these types of testimonials in contrast to video.

Video is a much stronger hook, in our opinion. It grabs the attention of your audience with both hands, letting nothing get lost within the translation. Moreover, it works exceptionally well on other platforms and on your native site from an engagement standpoint.

Don’t get it twisted, testimonials in any form are going to help generate sales. It’s just video testimonials do come across as a lot more authentic, at least to some.

The fact that you’ve put money into producing a video speaks volumes too.

It shows that you care about making a difference for people, and that you want everyone to see how people feel about you, straight up.

What Makes for an Effective Customer Testimonial Video

There must be hundreds if not thousands of video testimonials at this point, each specific to a set brand or business. That being said, some are a lot more effective than others when really hammering home why people should work with you.

But what makes for a good testimonial video? Surely it’s just a case of having a subject talk directly into the camera for a few minutes, splice some b-roll in there, and that’s it, right?

If only it were that simple.

There’s a lot more to video testimonials than that, so try not to think of them as so uniform. Every video testimonial you put together should be heavily focused on brand, alongside whomever is speaking.

High Production Quality Matters to a Testimonial Video

You can tell a lot about a business by the production quality of its videos.

It only takes a few seconds to work out the skill level of whomever put the video together, which can either have a positive or negative effect on your sales aspirations.

Production quality is paramount.

There’s nothing more distracting in a video than something that’s off about it, be it the sound echoing too much, or the aspect ratio feeling off.

The quality of your videos will often come down to the type of equipment used. It goes without saying, but you might want to avoid an old style camera/microphone setup, for obvious reasons.

Basically, everything needs to be high quality for your message to be as crystal as possible.

Clear Results and Benefits

High-converting customer testimonial videos convert because they make sure to highlight specific results and any applicable data.

Many fall into the trap of simply having their subject reel off everything you did for them, which misses the point entirely.

Your video needs to highlight the benefits, so that others can grasp what they’re getting by working with you/buying from you.

Anyone can sit in front of the camera and list off what you did. The focus needs to be on what you do differently, and how you satisfy the needs of every individual, no matter how difficult it was.

In other words, highlighting tangible results should be the primary objective here.

Video Testimonials Showcase Authenticity

How authentic you are matters, especially when it comes to turning testimonial videos into your go-too sales net.

Consumers can tell the difference between videos that are fabricated to hoodwink them, and those that are 100% legit, and a true representation of the brand at large.

Scripting your testimonials to the point where everything sounds robotic is one way to come across as inauthentic.

Just be genuine, and don’t feel like you have to conform to the other testimonials you’ve seen.

Let your subjects be themselves, and direct them only when it’s required.

Man shooting video footage

Testimonials Should Tell a Story

Video testimonials don’t need to be boring, or incredibly corporate in order to get the point across. This applies to brands working in the Tech, IT and SAAS space too, despite what some might tell you.

Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling.

Telling stories makes for a more memorable experience, one that sticks with your viewers, as it allows them to follow along a lot easier. More-so when you hone-in on your customer’s journey from problem, to solution, to the aftermath.

Starting with a quick introduction is almost always the best way to start, where you introduce the client or person speaking, before letting them continue.

Check out Tesla’s ‘Fully Charged’ video below for the perfect example of customer storytelling in action:

The last thing you should be doing is boring your viewers.

If you’re going to form a connection with them, then you need to give them a reason to be invested, and stories have a proven track record for success, so take note.

Master the Before and After

Customer testimonial videos should be split into two very distinct sections overall, those being:

The before, and the after.

Before is everything the customer or business was doing before they sought your products or your help. Pain points are typically mentioned in the before as it’s an important detail that almost always leads into the after.

The after is the turning point, it’s how working with you made the difference in line with their goals.

This is how you demonstrate tangible results, and why storytelling – or having any sort of structure to video testimonials – is so important.

Quality Scripting is Everything to Video

When we say ‘Quality Scripting’ we mean: scripting that follows a specific structure and has a certain flow to it. And yes, structure and storytelling rely heavily on one another.

Here’s one example of how you can script a testimonial video, by breaking it into a clear beginning, middle and end:

  • Beginning: Customer X runs down pain points and what brought them to you
  • Middle: They describe what stood out about your brand that made them choose you over another
  • End: Customer X ties everything up by talking about how their needs were met and how satisfied they are

Keep in mind that this is one way to approach a testimonial video. There are countless approaches to pick and choose from. Although, this is one of the easier formats to script (just something to keep in mind).

If your subject is someone charismatic who is great in front of camera, then you might be better suited in jotting down a few bullet points, instead of a full script.

Just remember to steer them in the right direction should they stray from the important topics.

This is your testimonial, after all.

Send Questions Beforehand

Not every customer you interview for a testimonial will be trained to speak in front of a camera, which can cause problems.

Problems like stammering or not looking straight in front of them, actions that do limit the effectiveness of your testimonials.

One way to settle the nerves is by sending individuals the questions you intend to ask beforehand. This will allow your subjects to prepare accordingly, and be mentally prepared for what’s to come.

If you don’t want to give all your questions out beforehand, another option would be to provide them with hints — or a rough idea of the areas you’ll cover.

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How Customer Testimonial Videos are Your Ultimate Sales Tool

Every notable or successful brand will offer customer testimonials, either in a text-based format, or in a much more engaging video format.

Why that is comes down to this very short and sweet answer:

They work.

They work in establishing credibility, trust and relatability amongst the individuals or businesses that matter to you, thus increasing your chances of generating sales from quality leads.

Customer testimonials are, by far, one of the best sales tools you have at your disposal. Not only does it showcase and simulate what it’s like working with you, it also acts as a constant filter for leads, as we’ve just touched on!

If you want to revel in increased leads and conversions then you need to remember that quality is always key.

Don’t try to create your own testimonials if you know you can’t produce something that isn’t going to lure the right kind of attention. Or, if what you’re producing isn’t an accurate reflection of the brand overall.

You’d be better off seeking the help of Canny, a dedicated video agency with plenty of experience in filming, editing and delivering quality customer testimonial videos that get you generating sales on a global scale.

Get in touch today to find out more!