How to Embrace Digital Marketing for Your Business

Digital marketing.

Those two words alone have often left many business owners feeling a little out-of-depth, despite their efforts to tread waters in the marketing world.

It has been the topic of many blogs (this one adding to the masses), and still remains the one thing that all of us need help and guidance with.

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Over the years, business tycoons have used every trick-of-the-trade – in order to outsource their brand and gain a wider audience, enabling them to grow their business and reach their lofty ambitions.

You’re probably aware of some of the long-standing marketing techniques of old; telemarketing, newspaper advertising, radio broadcasting, and cold calling, just to name a few.

And the one that sticks in everyone’s minds is billboards.

Yes. I said it. Billboards.

But now, in this age run by smartphones and digital technology, those old marketing tools are simply a thing of the past. They are outdated and “old-fashioned”, lying somewhere between vintage and geriatric in the marketing world.

Not to mention that this is an expensive way to get your brand message across.

While we don’t feel that billboards are entirely useless when it comes to helping advertise you business, we’re here to let you know that there are other (perhaps more effective and cheaper) ways to market your business.

In order to make marketing a success for your business, you need to use strategies and techniques that will create lasting bonds with your target audience. You need to make your name linger in their minds – so much so that they will come running to you to rectify their problems.

So scrap the idea of placing your ad on a billboard, at least for now. Of course, when you are ready, we can help you look fantastic on that billboard too!

Let’s focus on marketing strategies that will enrich and extenuate your brand.

Marketing That Works

There are many ways to enhance and expand your business, but none stand out as much as marketing. Marketing is like oxygen to your business – the very thing that keeps your business upright and breathing – so it’s vital that you get it right.

You want to make an impression that lasts. An impression that will get people buying into your business and consuming what you have to offer. This not only includes choosing the right marketing strategies for your products but also creating a marketing structure that embodies your consumers.

Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant.- Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Co-founder, HubSpot.

So if billboards are out, then how can you get your business to stand out visually to the wide, wide world?

The answer lies in digital marketing: the one-and-only of the 21st century.

Digital marketing is the new money – the updated, modern, most effective way to market one’s business in a way that’ll go viral.

What is it about digital marketing that surpasses its predecessor? It holds a precedent over the people of this world.

Today, everyone is consumed by smartphones, tablets, television and the internet that the only way to get their attention is to be the attention – to be on whatever it is they are holding. That just emphasises the fact that no one will be looking at billboards anymore because their eyes will be looking down upon tech gadgets and screens.

That being said, print marketing still has value and is still used by hundreds of companies around the world, including one of our regular clients.

But if digital marketing is what’s going to work, what techniques and strategies are out there for business owners like you to resource and adapt?

Embracing Digital Marketing for Your Business

Digital marketing does not just involve online, internet sources. There are many other ways to digitally market your brand, but let’s have look at the most technological, online methods of digital marketing and see how they can help to revitalise your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Being a sharp and savvy entrepreneur, you’ll know full well what is meant by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Many online sites describe SEO as the array of techniques used to “increase the amount of hits” on your website in order to get you high on the search engine list, as it were.

But this up-to-date marketing technique brings about many great things for your business. Especially if you don’t fall into one of the common website design complaints that real website visitors make.

You are optimising your online content and you are, in effect, getting your brand name to stand out from the rest by getting consumers to search for you. You are exactly what they are looking for, and they can see that from the first few pages of Google.

So swatting up on the best SEO techniques will help you and your business to stream past other marketers and get you in the visual line of your consumers. You’re then just one click away from boosting your business.

Content Marketing

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to digital marketing, and it takes innovation and planning to get this right. Content marketing is an ongoing, formulated plan that you as a business or company owner creates in order to establish strong, meaningful relationships with your objective audience.

It entails crafting first-class, usable content that speaks to them and holds meaning for them. They can see that what they are receiving from you is to their benefit, and you never let them down in this regard. It is reliable and consistent marketing that will reach the hearts of consumers and will get them using your services regularly.

Content marketing is about creating a story that will engage your target audience and make them feel a part of it – make them feel like the protagonist of your business. The way you word your brand and portray yourself on digital media holds such a powerful influence on your consumer and will then be remembered by them.

That being the case, the visible design of all your content needs to be applicable to your audience and true to your brand. Think about how the look and feel and design of your content will come across to your audience. 

Make sure your products and services are structured in such a way that will add volume to your content and increase how much your audience consumes.

Your content involves everything related to your business or company – your website, email features, print ads, blog posts and images – all of it!

Making sure everything is accurate and designed with the consumer in mind will fast track your business and market it right onto your doorstep. To ensure this happens, work with a professional design agency to help you!

Social Media Marketing

Being the newest (and one of the most effective) forms of growing your business, marketing using social media can skyrocket your brand and draw you closer to your target audience.

Various entrepreneurs have used a variety of social media platforms to promote their services and products using simple, but effective, approaches.

It enables your consumers to share and comment and like media, products, and services you have produced and, in turn, allows you to start building a relationship with them through the small chunks of social media interaction you share together.

One huge plus in favour of social media marketing is that it is a less direct, more effective way of getting existing clients to take up your services or, even better, refer you to others.

Comparing social media marketing to email marketing, it’s true that the latter can seem a little overt and pushy (despite its track record of success), it is, in some ways, an older marketing technique when compared to marketing on Twitter.

Think about every time you get an email from a company that you may or may not have subscribed to.

How many times do you actually open that email? And when you do, how many times do you actually do something about it?


In comparison, social media marketing stands its ground when it comes to consumers viewing, reading and even sharing content.

It is so easy to do, and everyone’s on it!

Getting involved with new internet technology and media will streamline your business and get your brand into the viewer’s minds, hauling in more clients who will spread the word with just one click.

Email Marketing

To be honest, email marketing may be considered an older form of digital marketing and may seem a little dated in terms of how it looks to customers.

But, when done effectively, it can revive old clients that you haven’t heard from in a while. And it may even get them using your services again.

You are letting your target audience know what you are doing and how it can benefit them by sharing your updates via your email list. They see it and automatically think of you and what you can offer them.

If they are an old client, they may remember how you solved their business woes and got them to where they are today.

And yes, they may not do anything there and then, but your steady and consistent stream of updates will let them know that you are always there for them when they need you.

But, as stated before, some facets of email marketing are outdated.

You need to be careful not to come across as desperate by pushing your services like you’re selling groceries. No one’s going to buy into a “you can’t do without it!” slogan. That’s been and gone and is old news, just like those billboards we mentioned earlier.

Try to see email marketing as a way to keep your company in the minds of your audience and a way to gently knock on their digital door.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Sometimes the only way win your audience’s heart is money. That’s right. Pay-per-click is exactly that: buying visits to your site.

As a digital marketer, you may decide to invest in this form of technology by paying for your ads to be seen and clicked, therefore increasing traffic and readers to your site.

Here’s the deal:

In terms of digital marketing, it is a quick and easy way of winning traffic. Pay per click adverts allow potential customers to see your name above your competitors.

Again, this boils down to your content marketing and the design and user friendliness of your ad being effective.

When executed correctly, you will source traffic instantly by the nature of the ad alone.

As with everything else, you are in control of how your brand translates to your audience; therefore how your ad is viewed online will depend on how you have created it. 


The content and design of your advert will have a deep bearing on how your message transcends to your target audience. So make it count.

Affiliate Marketing

You can increase your business earnings by generating income from other companies marketing for you.

Affiliate marketings means you basically get to ride shotgun while someone else does the driving, but still get to share the views of the road ahead. 

In simple terms:

You outsource your ads to others who then make the sale, and you then generate a steady stream of income from what they make.

Of course, it then means you have to be diligent when it comes to choosing others to market for you. Your brand and your clients are the most important thing, so no matter how you choose to connect with existing and new customers, you must keep in mind how you are visually appearing to outsiders.

Always think of ways to attract and retain your target audience!

Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is growing. It’s getting bigger and bigger by the day.

With this technique, you are basically promoting your services by working with someone who has a larger follower base and shares a similar target market to you.

Their influence can have a great bearing on your business and can lead to stimulating and strengthening it. You have a like-minded audience who know the influencer well and trust their word. When they then refer them to you, they are more than likely going to listen and put their trust in you.


It is important to match up to the expectations that the influencer has given your potential clients – show them just how good you are through the first point of contact: the eyes.

You may not realise it, but you’ve seen plenty of influencer marketing examples with your own eyes.

If you’re an avid Instagrammer, you’re more than likely aware of how brands and business are using glamorous celebs to market their products. That’s influencer marketing right there.

For example:

American Express has cashed in on this strategy and has teamed up with big names, like Shaquille O’Neal and smaller celebs like Julia Engel, to market their products.

In doing so, they create an un-written formation of their brand, bringing in clients who then see how Amex has beautified the lives of the people they look up to.

And cha-ching!

Amex draws in uncountable consumers through a simple, resourceful digital marketing strategy.

When people feel insecure about something, they look around for validation. Show them that other people trust you. – Francisco Rosales, CEO of Socialmouths.

Embrace Digital Marketing. Your Business Will Thank You For It!

You’ve seen for yourself just how much old and outdated marketing strategies no longer have a hold on today’s generation. In order to wow and amaze your clients, you need to be a part of their world – the world of digital technology.

Get aquatinted with the variety of digital marketing options at your disposal – see what works for you and your business and put them to the test. It’s all about connecting with your consumers and showing how you can benefit them.

Make it easy for them to access your products and services by embracing the digital marketing techniques, using up-to-date technology to gain the most up-to-date consumers.

Let your audience reach you with just a few clicks from their mobile phone.

You can be sure that’s where they’ll be looking, it definitely won’t be those billboards on the highway!

Is your business or brand succeeding with digital marketing?

Amy Aitman is the owner of 8menCan, a content agency based in Toronto, Canada. She works to create content strategies and digital marketing plans for businesses around the world. Away from the office, Amy takes her team out for chicken tacos and martins, extra dirty, extra olives of course.


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