When Should I Consider a Logo Redesign?

When should I consider a logo redesign?

A logo redesign is something you should consider as your business grows. However, it’s not something a lot of people give any thought too.

And they should.

Your logo is quite often the first piece of visual communication your business, company or brand has with a potential customer.

But it’s also quite often the very first thing you had designed when starting your business. And that can be a recipe for disaster.

When you started your business, you probably had a goal and vision in mind. As your business has grown, it’s quite likely that your goals and vision has changed.

And that’s fine – but is your logo design still effective? Are you still communicating properly?

Knowing when to consider a logo redesign is key. So let us help.

When To Consider a Logo Redesign

You might want to redesign your company logo for any number of reasons. Here are 5 questions to get you thinking about your logo and whether a logo redesign is the right direction for you:

Does Your Company Do What You Set Out To Do?

When you set up your company, it’s likely that you will have had a vision and a set of goals.

But here’s the thing:

As your business develops and you realise what sells, what your customers want and more, it’s quite likely that your company has changed somewhat.

And that’s the nature of goals, they change.

So, does your logo still reflect what your company is all about? Or have you moved away from what you set out to accomplish when you first had your logo designed and set your company up?

Take a read through our Small Business Branding Guide, and see if it can help you think about what your business is now, compared to what you set out to be.

Has Your Company Expanded, Changed, or Entered a New Market?

Sometimes when you’re starting out in business, you have no idea about the reach your brand might have.

For example:

When I started Canny Creative, I had no idea that we’d be dealing with companies from all corners of the world like Japan, Brazil and Canada.

You just don’t know. Sure, you can plan to get there, and some people will, some people won’t.

But, what if you didn’t make a plan?

And now you’re growing a successful global brand, rather than a one-person business working from their home office.

Is your logo design reflective of a large global brand? Or does it look like a bad mashup of clipart and Word art?

If you’re growing, and entering new markets, you may need to reconsider your logo design and brand identity.

First of all, you need to make sure your company looks good. But, a logo design is only one piece of a much larger branding puzzle.

And secondly, you need to make sure your logo is appropriate for the market.

For example:

If you’re expanding into Asia and the Middle East, it would be sensible to revisit the text elements in your logo design, and make the appropriate language changes.

There are a lot of considerations you need to make as your business grows.

Make sure you have your brand fundamentals down, and you’ll have have one less thing to worry about.

Do You Have New Competitors and Competition?

If you were first to market, or a “fast follower”, it’s likely that the competitive landscape of your business has shifted.

Are your competitors now the same as when you started out?

If they’re not, look at their logo design and branding, and see how it compares to yours.

Then decide, do you want to stand out or fit in?

And that’s a big branding decision you should make with your chosen branding partner.

Closely look at what your competitors are doing. Analyse their choice of colour, choice of logo mark, choice of typography and see if you can notice any patterns emerging.

And then, make your decision.

Here’s the thing:

Fitting In

Fitting in is the “safe bet.” If five other companies in your space are using similar logo designs and visual language, then you have to ask yourself why?

Perhaps it’s because it works.

Some industries are more suited to the “fitting in” approach than others.

For example:

Healthcare professionals, real estate brokers, insurance companies and more seem to have developed an industry specific design style.

But then you have to wonder, would you be better…

Standing Out

If everyone is doing the same thing, and you have a unique business idea that could revolutionise the marketplace, then you need to stand out.

You can stand out by doing the opposite of what your competitors are doing.

If they’re using navy blue and grey, use orange and bright red. If they use a serif font, use a sans-serif font. Being different is easy.

But you need to make sure your business has something unique about it.

You don’t want to stand out, and end up looking a fool.

For example:

If you’re a funeral director, there’s a reason your competitors are using more reserved colours such as blacks, greys and soft purples.

You don’t want to go marching into that industry with bright and happy colours. You would certainly stand out, but you’d look like an insensitive idiot.

Has Your Customer Persona or Target Audience Changed?

As your business grows, you might end up shifting focus with your target audience and customer persona.

We’ve talked about the importance of creating a customer persona in the past in our top brand tips article.

It’s time to revisit that idea.

Is the customer persona that you created when starting your business still relevant?

If your business has grown and expanded, there’s a chance they’re not. Especially if you’re entering into a new market.

Take a close look at what your original customer personas looked like and reevaluate them.

Does Your Logo Design Look Dated?

If you or your designer followed logo design “trends” when you first created your logo, then there’s a high chance it looks out of date.

Logo design “trends” suck, and you should do everything your power to avoid them.

First it was gradients and drop shadows, then it was Web 2.0, then it was skeuomorphism, then it was flat design, then everything went out of date.

Trends are more prevalent on the web, but you get “designers” recommend you follow them for logo design too.

And it’s not right.

Trends go out of fashion, they become untrendy by nature. And every time that happens, your logo ends up looking out of date.

Your logo should be memorable, simple, versatile, appropriate and timeless.

You don’t see huge international brands jumping on a trendy bandwagon, and neither should you!

If your logo looks dated, it’s time to get it redesigned.

Are You as Happy Now as You Were Then?

Sometimes you just can’t shake the fear of putting out something that you don’t like. And honestly, that’s a good a reason as any to undergo a logo redesign.

When I first started Canny, I changed the logo more frequently than I ate hot meals. And I love hot meals! There was just something about each iteration that I couldn’t shake.

And that’s fine. Sometimes a logo design just doesn’t fit with you, or your business. It just doesn’t click.

If you dread having to put your logo out there, then something isn’t right and you need to consider a logo redesign.

Logo Redesign Specific Questions

And here are 3 further questions to get you thinking more about the design of your logo, rather than your business.

What is it About Your Current Logo That Doesn’t Work?

Take a long hard look at your current logo design and analyse it. You need to analyse it based on these five factors:

  1. Memorability
  2. Simplicity
  3. Versatility
  4. Appropriateness
  5. Timelessness

We’ve been over these key principles of effective logo design before.

It’s important that you analyse your logo against these factors to help you decide if you need a redesign.

You need to analyse all elements of the logo and how they work together. This includes; your typography, your colour choices and your logo mark.

Do they still help to communicate your brand vision and story? Or is there something you’ve seen that makes you think your logo isn’t quite right?

You can use a tool like Pinterest to pull all of your visual research and discovery together.

Then, take that to your chosen branding partner and share your findings. It’ll help you build a great client/agency relationship if you can add to the discussion too.

What Elements of Your Current Logo Design Work and Need to Stay?

Are there elements of your current logo that work for your business? If so, is it important they stay?

A good way of showing analysing your logo is to print it out, and go to town with your pen and highlighters. Circle things, make notes. Instant gut reaction is what you’re looking for.

By doing this, you can work out what is important, is it the; theme, style, colour, the way the text works?

Seeing your logo off the screen and being able to react with a pen is often a good way of breaking your logo down.

Is Your Logo Instantly Recognisable and Do Your Customers Know It?

One thing a lot of companies forget to do, is ask.

Ask your customers. Do they know it and recognise it? Do they love it our hate it?

Double check and make sure you’re using your logo consistently across all platforms, and then send out a survey.

If you have a mailing list, it’s a thirty second job using SurveyMonkey. If not, use social media to drum up interest and send out your survey.

It’s important you ask your customers. But don’t ask your granny, or any family members for that matter. The chances are you won’t get an honest answer.

Once you’ve collected your feedback, put it into context with the rest of your thoughts and questions. From there, you should know whether or not your company needs a logo redesign.

Conclusion: When Should I Consider a Logo Redesign?

Redesigning your company logo might sound like a massive challenge. And it is. But it’s not impossible, especially with the right help in place.

If you have the answers to the questions above, you’re way more “tuned in” to your business than a lot of people.

Knowing whether or not you need a logo redesign or rebrand can be tricky, but if you need a professional opinion, then feel free to reach out to us.

In an ideal world, you would design your logo once, and avoid rebranding your company.

However, as you learn more about your market, your competitors and how your business will grow, you might need to consider a logo redesign and rebrand.

What do you think? Have you redesigned your logo recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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