The Complete List of Corporate Video Services


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Understanding the various types of corporate video services will allow you to pick out what is relevant to you and your business.

That’s the main reason you’ve clicked on this post, right? To learn more about corporate video services and how they differ from type to type?

Don’t worry if you don’t know too much about corporate video, currently.

Below you’ll find every corporate video service, each separated into simple categories — categories that anyone can understand.

You’d be surprised at how many people get an explainer video mixed up with a product demo, and vice versa.

Knowing is half the battle, and understanding the differences between these corporate videos is paramount.

You see, it’s helpful knowledge to have when writing a video brief to then send to a third-party, or simply to outline your corporate video ideas to yourself and others, generally.

Now, let’s get started.

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What Is Corporate Video?

Before we go any further and explain the various corporate video services for you, it’s important that we take a quick detour.

For most of what you’re about to read to make sense, we must first give you a quick overview on corporate video.

So, what exactly is corporate video?

Corporate video is part of the content marketing umbrella, and it involves creating video content that engages a relevant audience (be it external or internal). Internally, this type of video content could be used for training/recruitment processes.

Externally, corporate video is used to convey specific messages, either to inform, entertain or engage. Videos made with external distribution in mind will typically find themselves on sites like YouTube, or on the website of the brand in question.

Video content, generally, is known to increase engagements tenfold. Not to mention help retain whatever information is displayed within the minds of your viewers.

Around 90% of information transmitted within the brain is visual, and we can break down visuals a hell of a lot faster than text.

It’s why you see your competitors dabbling in corporate video, and nearly every other major business/brand on the planet.

To ignore corporate video is to ignore a large portion of your audience!

Corporate Video Services

Now that you have a brief idea of what a corporate video is, it’s time we got to the nitty gritty of the post, that being the complete list of corporate video services!

We should preface all of this with a quick fact: every corporate video you’re about to see will differ in terms of length, intent, framing, audience, budget and more.

Some of the video services covered will be quite broad as we talk about them.

This is purposeful as:

A) There are unlimited possibilities tied to this type of content.


B) We want you to imagine how your business could capitalise on corporate video in the future.

We’ll start with testimonials and go from there.

Disclaimer: The list of corporate video services you’re about to read are in no particular order, so feel free to read on at your own leisure.

Oh, and we’ve also sprinkled in some tips and other handy bits of info for some of these services. Those are there for your benefit when it comes to planning your own corporate videos!

You’re welcome.


If we’re talking corporate video services, then we can’t forget about arguably the most notable of them all.

Testimonials serve as the perfect reference point based on previous experiences from customers (this applies to B2B and B2C businesses).

In case this isn’t clear, a testimonial video puts customers first as they talk about how beneficial/helpful you’ve been to them.

By highlighting the customer experience in this way, you show just how important they are to you and your business.

It makes you relatable in a very indirect but direct manner; it’s an interesting one.

Of course, some of your customers will have subjective takes based on what you did for them specifically.

While every case might be different, often, simply seeing how satisfied established customers are with your work is enough to get you noticed.

Feature Multiple Customers In The Same Video

While focusing on a single subject (or customer, in this case) is ideal, you might find that highlighting a couple in rapid succession has a much higher success rate in turning viewers into customers.

We should mention that there’s nothing wrong with focusing on one particular customer in one testimonial video — especially if that customer represents a big company that could influence a lot of people to follow suit.

How many people you choose to feature will depend on the length of the video, and more. We know, it’s a cop out answer, but testimonials are always so specific to each business.

It’s difficult for us to recommend how many people you should feature without knowing what you do, and your market.

Overview Videos

Looking for the perfect entry point for your video marketing strategy?

Look no further than overview videos. This type of content is more than ideal when starting out as a business as it offers short and snappy bits of info that clue your viewers in on what you’re about and what it is you do exactly.

People can learn a lot from a 2 minute overview video, especially when it’s placed on your home page!

Like every other form of video-based content, there are multiple ways of going about it. If you’re a very happy-go-lucky company selling electric scooters, then you might want a playful video that best reflects that.

If you’re a funeral-based business, then you might want something a little more formal and down to earth.

Try to always approach an overview video with your audience in mind. Think about what they’d typically be attracted to and go from there.

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Explainer Videos

An explainer video is one of those “does what it says on the tin’ types — it’s great at showing exactly how your products or services can help those watching at home (or wherever, since video content can be consumed anywhere these days).

You’ve probably already seen one of these videos before when entering a YouTube rabbit hole.

Explainer videos appear in many forms, and they often utilise animation and drawings to make points or display info.

One of the best pieces of advice we can give when creating this type of corporate video content is to think of it more as a reflection of your brand, and less of a sales window.

These videos should raise awareness, inform and entertain.

The sales will come, in time.

Different Approaches to Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are great at showcasing short bursts of information that don’t require a heavy script (by heavy we mean detailed as you can display info on the screen as you talk).

In terms of the ways you can execute explainer videos, here are but a few ideas:

  • Animation
  • Drawings
  • Sketches
  • Whiteboard Writing

These are but a few examples, but can you see the pattern yet?

That’s right, with explainer videos you can experiment a lot more with how you display the information towards an engaged audience.

In our experience, the more creative the better.

The last thing you should want to do is have someone front facing towards the camera and just reading off a script.

If you want your audience to give you their complete undivided attention, then you need something on the screen that jumps out to them.

Location Tours

The virtual tour, taking your viewers from one spot to the next to give them an accurate idea of the facilities you offer, or simply to give them an idea of how you work from a day-to-day perspective.

You don’t even need the flashiest equipment to record such a video. All you need is a decent smartphone and a few minutes to map your place of work or any other locations of note!

Corporate Video Services Tip: Location tours can take people on a journey. Try to come at it from that angle rather than simply walking them from room to room. Create something engaging!

The duration of a location tour will vary from business to business. After all, some of you reading this might have a tiny office that could be summed up in a 60 second video.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

In this case you could probably do the entire thing in one take. Larger locations might require a few takes.

If it gets too long, you can always speed up the video and apply some background music to keep it nice and tight.

Drones Make For Great Location Tours

We’re going to cover drone video a little later on, but we had to mention them in relation to location tours as they’re fantastic at adding an additional layer of quality.

Viewing your workspace from a birds eye view just puts into perspective the greater area of where you work, done in a way that is super engaging for anyone watching.

If you wanted to take things a step further, you could fly a drone around the inside of your office to come at your location tours from a completely different angle!

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that there is no one in the office when you do this (health and safety and all that).

Onboarding Videos

Did you know that you can use corporate video in line with your sales processes?

No? Well, now you know.

Onboarding videos are a great way to introduce brand new clients or customers to you and your business, putting a face to the name in a completely new and interesting way.

The idea here is that you’re being a lot more personal compared to sending them a generic email welcome. It’s a great way of introducing yourself and other members of the team too!

And the great thing about an onboarding video is that it applies to all kinds of businesses regardless of the industry you find yourself in.

Want your business to stand out? This is one of the ways you can do it.

man in blue top holding camera to screen

Product Demos

How do you show your viewers how a product works? Why with a product demo video, of course!

Product demos are also pretty self explanatory in that they describe videos that demonstrate how a product works in a very clear and concise manner, while highlighting the main features of the product as you go along.

Corporate video services like product demos are a fantastic way of avoiding the generic list of features/specifications.

By implementing a visual element, you ensure that nothing about your product is left to chance, or is lost in translation. Seeing a product in action is a lot more compelling over a simple image with text on top of it.

It goes without saying, but if you sell something that is quite difficult to define, then going with a product demo is easily the best way forward!

Corporate Video Services Tip: Create Short Product Demos

With product demos, the length of the video matters.

The longer the video, the less likely your viewers are to retain the information shown, depending on the topic of the video in question.

As a general rule of thumb, try to limit the length of your corporate videos to around 5 minutes or so. This appears to be the visual sweet spot in that it’s not too long and not too short.

Remember, the average YouTube watcher will move on to multiple videos in one session. It’s very rare that they watch your video and come away from the screen. They’ll probably watch many of the same videos in one go.

You’re battling for their attention, and there’s nothing more unappealing than a 25 minute product demo that could be wrapped up in a fifth of the time.

Again, this will depend on the product you’re looking to showcase. You might find that you need a 10 minute video to tick everything off.

Internal Training Videos

Let’s face it, training new staff can be a time consuming process, especially when adding multiple staff to the force in one go.

Remember when we said that these corporate video services could apply internally as well as externally? Yeah, this is where training videos can really shine!

Training videos are one of the more common examples of corporate video when people think of this type of video generally.

Internal training videos could cover everything from physically lifting items to how to file documents in an internal system. The possibilities are endless (again, this applies to all types of corporate video services)!

This works wonders for remote workers, as it ensures that every base is covered and that new employees have a 360 view of the company and their roles/responsibilities.

Just picture how many internal headaches this will solve.

Implementing some form of animation or still photography into your internal training videos will only help form a level of understanding that could be lost when training someone in person.

It’s one thing explaining how to lift heavy objects, but an animation that shows it from all angles could prove all the more helpful in comparison!

Event Videos

Running an event and would like to document it for the world to see?

This is where the event videos come into play. This also applies to the events you take part in but aren’t running too by the way, just so we’re clear.

An event video covers a wide range of events, such as:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Networking
  • Live Performances

Just anywhere that puts you in an open environment with the intention of sharing information to attendees and other key figures.

An event video is you and your business out of the office in a completely open environment.

There’s a feeling that anything can happen here as you’re not in a controlled environment which shows those watching that you’re more than capable of adapting on the fly.

It might not seem like much, but potential customers do pay attention to these things.

Livestream Your Event Videos

Livestreaming isn’t exclusive to gamers and vloggers.

No, no.

It’s open to all, including those out there looking to capitalise on effective corporate video that has a ‘anything can happen’ type feel to it.

Why you should livestream during events is simple: it encourages people to engage with you even if they couldn’t make it. Oh, and you can also record the footage and add it to your event videos as B-roll — this would work really well for a timelapse.

Another option would be to simply upload the entire stream as one complete video.

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with live-streaming video content — which is a rule that applies to most forms of corporate video to be honest.

woman wearing pink jumper with camera in front

Case Study Videos

Similar to testimonials in purpose, case study videos give you the opportunity to show potential clients/customers how your work can help them by outlining a previous example.

Corporate video services that cover case studies are very effective when they mix multiple different elements together.

For example, a case study that switches between footage of you talking directly into the camera while showcasing screenshots of what you did/the process behind it, will stand a lot more ground compared to you simply writing all of this up and putting it in a PowerPoint.

Ensure that you cover all of the above info if you do choose to take this corporate video route:

  • Who the client is
  • What work you did together
  • The result of said work

Unlike a lot of corporate video services, case study videos double up as both an inbound and outbound marketing technique!

Your case studies are what make you, well you. Potential clients are more likely to work with someone they know has a proven track record over those with a question mark next to their name.

We know that first hand, given how many clients we’ve secured off the back of our case studies. It’s one of the reasons you should go with Canny to meet your corporate video needs, in all honesty.

You see, we understand what people are looking out for in terms of video content, and have a deep understanding of how to record, edit, and showcase effective corporate video.

Seriously, get in touch to find out more!

Or risk losing out on quality video content that gets you results.

The choice is up to you…

Other Corporate Video Services

We’ve covered the bulk of corporate video services already, but there are a couple that we still want look at.

Not all of these corporate video examples will apply to you as some are pretty out there in terms of tone. Those of you operating in the healthcare and wellbeing sector, for example, might not see the benefits in the content we’re about to touch on.

Still, they’re worth listing nonetheless.

Expect only the unexpected in the miscellaneous corporate video services section.


You can communicate with your audiences a lot better thanks to animation, which is something we’ve already touched on above, just not in a great amount of detail.

Animation is used a lot across many of the corporate video services shown above, and with good reason.

A lot of the topics covered in video content are dull when you look at it on paper. This puts you in a position where you need to come up with new and interesting ways to share info.

Animation is but one of the ways you can do that.

Just look at this animated corporate video from Slack, and tell us you aren’t entertained by what you see:

An animated corporate video is a break from reality in the best possible way.

You’re utilising video content to convey messaging, there should be nothing stopping you from trying something off kilter to get your point across!

Video FAQs

Frequently asked questions often sit at the bottom of blog content. But have you thought about reworking said info into a video-type format for maximum effectiveness?

Oh yeah, it’s entirely possible to get this set up and working, all you have to do is identify a series of questions that you want to shed light on, and then write yourself a video script.

This is something we like to describe as ‘bite-sized’ video content in that these videos don’t need to be crazy long or anything, all they need to be is detailed. How formal you want to go with video FAQs is entirely up to you, although we’d recommend you come at this from an informal angle.

Why? That’s simple, it works better for social media.

Speaking of social media…

Social Media Videos

Technically all of the corporate video production services we’ve covered are social media videos, since you can share them to your heart’s content across multiple channels with ease.

But we’re not talking about shareable content, we’re talking about corporate video that is made exclusively for social networking.

Our advice: try to treat every social platform differently to maximise your reach.

In other words, you want to give people a reason to go to your Instagram page over your LinkedIn page and vice versa.

Instagram, in particular, is a very aesthetics-based platform that elevates engaging content above all else — so you might want to be pretty informal on this one.

LinkedIn is similar, yet different, in that the content you provide needs to offer a lot more value for people to engage with it. It should also be a little bit more factual, in our opinion.

We’d recommend you outline the social media channels you currently operate on (or at least would like to) before you action anything.

Can you see now why this made the miscellaneous corporate video section?

man with headphones on speaking into a mic

Podcast Videos

Podcasting in the corporate sense is ever-growing. As too are the various opportunities you have at your disposal to showcase yourself in a video format.

The two are often linked, as most actually record the podcasts they record, with the intention of placing that content on their website, or on sites like YouTube. And it’s something you can take advantage of too.

Podcast footage is very handy to have, usable in various types of corporate video content. A business overview video, for example, is a great place to splice in some podcast content, simply to show the various ways that you market the business/brand!

Not everyone will have their own podcast to create video content around, but for those that do, definitely utilise video content where you can.

Even if it’s just to rip teaser footage out of it to share on social media. Every little helps when it comes to engagements.

Drone Videos

Drones glorious drones, is there anything they can’t do? Well, everything outside of flying in gale force winds, still, you get the idea.

Drones provide perspective from the top down, literally.

They give you the chance to frame your corporate videos in new/interesting ways, the likes of which were considered impossible mere years ago. Now, in the present day, drone footage can be found everywhere, featured in everything from location tours to internal training videos as transitional footage.

We’re a big advocate for drone footage as we actually own one ourselves (you might have seen drone footage used in the Canny vlog up on YouTube?).

Not only are they fun to fly, but the footage they gather is second to none, at least for those corporate videos that lean more on the experimental side of things.

Corporate Video Services FAQs

We’ve covered quite a lot in this post already, but before we finish up let’s turn our attention to some frequently asked questions on corporate video services.

  • What are Corporate Video Services?

    Corporate video services are leveraged by businesses — often in a B2B capacity — to have engaging video content shot, edited, and delivered for them.

    Video services cover multiple types of video content too, from social media videos to testimonials.

  • How Much Is a Corporate Video?

    The answer to this question depends entirely on who’s handling the corporate video for you.

    Some charge up to £5,000 for a 60 second video, others as low as £2,500 for a 5 minute video. Freelance corporate video tends to vary a lot more.

    In our experience, the cost is usually determined based on the type of video, the length of the shoot, the logistics of the shoot, and other variables.

  • What is the Best Corporate Video to Engage Audiences?

    In our experience, an office tour video, or a product demo, make for the best corporate videos.

    They tend to streamline information that could get lost in translation in other formats. Produce demos are the perfect example of just how effective corporate video can be.

    Office tour videos are a relaxed way of showing your audience behind the scenes to give them a better idea of who you are, what you do, and your values.

  • People Also Ask: Who Does Corporate Video Well?

    B2B brands such as SurveyMonkey, Slack, and Monday have all leveraged corporate video production perfectly in the past — the same goes for animated video content.

    We’d also recommend checking out Aspire’s use of corporate videos as we had a hand in creating them, and know how to do them properly.

The Complete List of Corporate Video Services

There are quite a few subtypes of corporate video to know about and implement. Which you choose, at the end of the day, will depend on the intent behind your videos and how big your budgets are.

For startups, we’d recommend you look at overview videos to serve as an introduction of sorts to new and interested clients/customers.

Location tours should also come in pretty handy here too (unless you’re remote working, that is).

For medium sized companies, you should be looking at testimonials and case study-orientated content to keep the leads coming in and your video figures growing!

Want to know what the majority of the above services have in common?

They’re all something we can help you with here at Canny!

Our knowledge on this subject goes beyond that of most, having helped various clients get the most out of their video-based content.

Anything is possible with corporate video, so feel free to pitch us anything and everything. You might find it easier to gather your thoughts via a video brief, but it’s completely up to you.

If you have a corporate video idea, then we want to hear it so get in touch.