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Due to a recent enquiry from a customer I was looking for more information on NCR printing and NCR paper. Not having dealt with any NCR printing at Canny Creative, I turned to the experts NCR Pads Ltd who kindly pointed me in the right direction…

“The acronym NCR in the printing industry stands for No Carbon Required; this is a special type of paper that is the modern day replacement to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon paper that was used to make duplicates, usually found in invoice and order pads.

With NCR paper there is no mess at all, the back of the first sheet is coated with micro-encapsulated dye. The face of the second sheet is coated with a clay that quickly reacts with the dye to form a permanent mark. Any further sheets needed are coated with clay on top and dye on the bottom allowing for 2, 3, 4 or even more copies of the original sheet.

When the top copy is written on the pressure of the pen/pencil (or dot matrix printer) makes the coating on the reverse of the top sheet react with the coating on the face of the bottom sheet, causing the micro-capsules to break and spill their dye, as the capsules are so small, the print obtained on subsequent sheets is very accurate.”

NCR paper is typically used in duplicate pads (known as NCR Pads in the printing industry), where the user requires instant multiple copies of what is being written. For example; an invoice or receipt pad where the company keeps one copy and the customer receives the other. It is also widely used as agreement forms whereby the customer signs and agrees to Terms & Conditions or similar, again allowing the company and customer to both keep a signed copy.

NCP Paper can be printed on in single colour, spot colours or full colour, this means that your pad or book can be personalised with your logo, contact details and any specific forms or layout that you may require. Personalised NCR printing to match your existing business stationery design will maintain consistency across your brand and will portray a professional look to your customers. They also provide a great reminder of your business/services to your client/customer as a past invoice or receipt is where most people look when it is time to re-order something.

NCR paper is typically supplied in pads which are glued to one edge allowing all copies to be removed. You may prefer them as books which are stapled, spine-taped and perforated allowing you to leave the copy in the book for safe storage. Loose sets are supplied either completely loose, usually because they need to be over-printed using an office printer or they can be glued into loose sets. Continuous forms are also available, although not used as often as they once were; they are supplied with detachable sprocket holes on either side and can be fed through a dot matrix printer.