Networking Events in Houston that Will Propel Your Business


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If you live in Houston and are looking to broaden your business circle, chances are you’ve probably searched for ‘networking events Houston’ at least once already.

The city might be known mostly for its space shuttles, but there are a bunch of networking events held here that you need to know about. Events that will put you in touch with other like-minded businesses and individuals.

There’s a lot one can learn from taking part in these events. Networking, in general, can put you in touch with people who can help take your brand to the next level, either directly or through their help.

Networking is priceless in terms of helping brands discover and reach their overall potential – more-so for aspiring entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of experience.

Making connections at this stage is essential. After all, it’s these connections that help shape your brand moving forward, either directly through key insight, or indirectly by establishing contacts who put you in touch with the right people.

Below we’ve put together a list of all the best networking events in Houston, for convenience.

There’s a bunch of networking events in Houston, but these are the best, and will help you propel your business, guaranteed!

People attending a Texas Networking Event
Credit to Texas Networking Events

Texas Networking Events

The first Houston networking event we’d like to direct your attention to are those run by Texas Networking Events (TNE), an organization that’s been around since 2016.

TNE has played host to many events over the years, catering to thousands of motivated professionals and entrepreneurs from over 40 industries throughout the Texas area. People travel far and wide to these networking events, which bodes well for anyone in attendance looking to strengthen their contact list.

“Our events are structured to help connect professionals to the right leads. We strive to give professionals a innovative way to grow their network by providing a relaxed atmosphere for them to market their company or themselves effectively.”
– Texas Networking Events

The events they run take place around Houston, taking place mostly in bars and other stress-free environments. Every venue they choose is always of a decent size, meaning you should have no trouble in taking part and making the connections that matter.

TNE is definitely one of the more professional networking event outlets in Houston, which you’ll know first hand if you’ve been to one of their events prior – or have checked out the gallery section on their website.

Be sure to check their events page for updates on upcoming networking events!

Katy Business Networking banner
Credit to Katy NetWorth Business Networking

Katy NetWorth Business Networking Mixer

Looking to meet a range of community-focused business leaders and professionals?

Get yourself along to one of the many Katy Networth Business Networking Mixer events that occur every month in Houston. Unlike other Houston networking events, this one is open to the public.

That’s right, anyone can attend!

The organizers actively encourage attendees to bring a guest too, which is more than ideal if you don’t want to go alone. Being a mixer event, those in attendance can enjoy the thrill of networking with a stiff drink in hand – or a soft drink, if that’s your preference.

These events are organized by Red Lion Realty and Baker St. Pub & Grill. The latter being where most of these events take place.

Every networking event takes place every third Thursday of the month, giving attendees plenty of time to plan ahead.

Like most networking events in Houston, there’s a strong sense of community at play here. Various members of the community take part in this mixer, giving attendees the perfect opportunity to share knowledge in an open and welcoming environment.

A screenshot of the BEAMW homepage
Credit to BEAMW

BEAMW Networking Event

Business Ecosystem Alliance for Minorities & Women (BEAMW) is a newly launched networking event in Houston, one that seeks to “reduce barriers women and minority business owners face.”

The event is designed to bring small business owners, business support organizations, investors, bankers, and collaborators together to gain valuable information and make key connections.

The co-hosts for these events are a who’s who of names. A list that includes:

  • Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce (GHBC)
  • JUST
  • TruFund Financial Services
  • Houston Minority Supplier District Council (HMSDC)
  • LiftFund
  • Hello Alice
  • Leadership Houston
  • Impact Hub Houston
  • Women’s Business Center

This event is relatively new to the Houston scene, but it’s already begun making some serious headway amongst the city’s top business owners. Very few Houston networking events are as well-thought-out and as effective as this one.

Make sure to have this one on your calendar.

Networking Winsdays banner
Credit to Networking Winsdays

Networking Winsdays

Where ministry and marketplace leaders attend to build their networks by partnering, bartering, and investing.

We’re, of course, referring to Networking Winsdays, a networking event that occurs on the last Wednesday of every month in Houston, Texas.

This is another free to attend networking event. One that is geared towards accelerating growth through surrounding yourself with the right people.

Being a creative marketing agency, one of the first things that stood out to us was the quality of the branding compared to other networking events in the area. The 3D effect on the logo is easily recognizable.

In case you haven’t guessed, this networking event is all about elevating your brand and positioning yourself for success. Brought about through connecting with like-minded people who offer valuable insight and experience.

According to the organizers, these events are designed to help increase your net worth by building your network.

If that doesn’t convince you to attend, nothing will.

A Small Business Ignite event taking place
Credit to Small Business Ignite

Small Business Ignite

For small businesses, it can be tough to propel that business without the right level of help and support. Which is where Small Business Ignite comes in.

Small Business Ignite runs various networking events around Houston, connecting entrepreneurs, franchises and business owners alike! Unlike some of the other events mentioned, a membership is required for you to take part.

Those that do sign up, will gain access to one of the fastest-rising small business events in the entire city. A claim we wouldn’t make if we weren’t 100% sure that this event is the real deal.

And yeah, it’s the real deal.

Small Business Ignite events tend to run from 6pm to 10pm on average, with the Wyndham Hotel being where the majority of them take place. That being said, you should still keep up to date with where these events are taking place.

Small Business Ignite is pretty active on Facebook. So finding the relevant information for the next event shouldn’t prove too difficult.

Happy Hour Houston events poster
Credit to Do-WAP

Professional Fridays Happy Hour

Every Friday, Do-WAP Agency and The Minority Report bring Happy Hour to the hundreds of urban professionals looking to support their business goals and aspirations through networking.

Doors for these events typically open around 6pm. The networking portion of the event runs from 6pm to 9pm. The ‘Aftervibe,’ as the organizers call it, continues up until 12pm. Which, as you can imagine, is a lot more relaxed in comparison.

“We are eager to bring together #BOSSES whenever possible to network. We are founded on the principle of supporting current and start up business owners and the resources and people that power them.”
– Do-WAP Agency

Do-WAP Agency has produced professional networking and social events since 1992. They’ve run events in over 30 different cities throughout the US, Canada and several other countries.

Their goal with Professional Fridays Happy Hour is to uplift and inspire entrepreneurs who are “the backbone of our community.” In other words, these events are more than qualified in terms of helping you take your business to the next level!

Every event takes place at Edony Food & Music on 11681 Westheimer Rd. Don’t miss out on one of the very best networking events in Houston.

A man speaking at a American Marketing Association Houston event
Credit to AMA Houston

American Marketing Association Houston

If you’re a marketing professional in Houston interested in networking, then you need to take part in one of the many events put on by the American Marketing Association (AMA) Houston.

The Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association has been serving marketing professionals for more than 60 years. Their mission is to provide support to Houston marketers, giving them the tools they need to succeed.

Which includes putting on a range of events geared towards establishing connections with other individuals in the local area. For those not in the know, AMA Houston runs regular informative workshops and luncheons for its members!

Events that “provides marketers the ability to remain competitive in today’s business environment.”

Becoming a member of AMA Houston will grant you access to their greater Houston network, not to mention a range of free webinars, and a bunch of other perks.

Houston marketers, AMA Houston is where it’s at.

A poster for Network After Work
Credit to Network After Work

Network After Work

Here’s a networking organization you’ve more than likely heard of already. Network After Work is a national events specialist, with chapters in most major US cities.

Houston being one of them.

Each year around 100,000 people attend their events across the country. Their events can help you polish your presentation skills, grow your network, strengthen your brand awareness and so much more!

We should mention that you will need to be a member to take part in their networking events in Houston. Becoming a member costs less than $4 a month, which isn’t bad when you compare it to other events in the state.

Becoming a member comes with perks too. Perks that include access to over 75 past workshops, and access to its established online community of other like-minded professionals.

Their events are attended by some of the most passionate and dedicated business folk you’ll find in all of Houston. Business folk who represent any of the following industries (according to Network After Work):

  • Marketing/Advertising
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Media
  • Retail/Consumer Goods
  • And More

Houston Young Professionals banner
Credit to Houston Young Professionals

Houston Young Professionals

Houston Young Professionals is an event organizer you’ve more than likely heard of already, considering the number of networking events they run in Houston. Their events have helped hundreds of young individuals on their own path to success.

The great thing about Houston Young Professionals is they don’t limit their events to one topic of discussion. There’s a bunch of events out there to check out. Here, it’s probably easier if I show you.

The following are all events due to take place in the next few weeks (as of this writing):

  • Building a Business in Financial Services
  • Grow your Business from Home
  • How to Start a Recruiting Business in Financial Services
  • Small Business Expo
  • White Linen Night Pub Crawl in The Heights

So as you can see, there are a bunch of events to attend. Each as different as the last when it comes to what you can learn, and who you’ll network with.

Some of these events won’t be for everyone, but it’s nice to know there’s options, right?

A screenshot of the NetworkNite homepage
Credit to NetworkNite

NetworkNite Speed Networking Events

Speed networking is a lot like speed dating just without the ‘dating’ aspect. They give aspiring professionals the ability to meet all kinds of individuals at a rapid fire pace, allowing them to cut straight through the small talk, and get to the important stuff.

NetworkNite might only be in the city every now and then, but they’re still one of Houston’s premier speed networking events, facilitating lasting business connections one professional at a time.

Who is this event tailored towards?

Anyone looking to expand their business, social, or enterprise contacts in a setting that doesn’t beat around the bush too much. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, legal/medical professionals, and anyone in the finance, real estate, or entertainment industry. You’re all welcome at this Houston networking event.

Seeing is believing, so if you’ve yet to experience the thrill of speed networking before, don’t delay.

A Houston Millennials event taking place in a boardroom
Credit to Houston Millennials

Millennials After Dark Professional Networking

Like Houston Young Professionals, Houston Millenials run events that are tailored more towards younger business professionals. Only, their events couldn’t be any different in terms of the topics covered.

For example, Houston Millennials run business workshops on social media marketing alongside art events that showcase the works of young artists in Houston.

The events mentioned are very different from those we covered earlier when talking about Houston Young Professionals. That being said, both have a knack for throwing memorable networking events!

Houston Millennials’ networking event is known as Millennials After Dark (MAD). The stuff of local legend, these events take place in some of the most extravagant locations across Houston (hotel rooftops, nightclubs, and so on).

Attending these networking events is said to be quite the experience. A full LED production team, multiple 360 selfie video cameras, happy hour beverages, and the chance to network on top of that. This event has it all!

These events get you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible to create memorable experiences and true lifetime connections in and amongst your fellow professionals.

As Houston Millennials would say:

“See you at the top.”

A Business and Brews event taking place
Credit to Business and Brews

Business and Brews

Do you love business and learning about local craft beer?

Business and Brews are a growing group of sophisticated, high-level professionals who are interested in both networking and the ever-growing popularity of locally crafted ales.

Their networking events occur once every month, typically attracting around 100 or more professionals in the same space. That’s 99 professionals you might not know already!

Events take place across some of Houston’s best alcohol spots. Its latest event just happened at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co on Summer Street, with next month’s event eyeing Saint Arnold Brewing Company on Lyons Avenue.

Business and Brews recommends you bring at least 50 business cards to share with folks at the event. Which sounds about right given how many people attend these events.

Most networking events in Houston take place in bars and restaurants. But this event takes the alcohol aspect of these events to another level.

Go raise a glass and tell them Canny sent ya!

Networking Events in Houston that Will Propel Your Business

How many of these networking events have you already attended? Or have we surprised you with some of our selections? Either way, there’s networking events for everyone in the great city of Houston.

All of which will help you propel your business forwards in some way or another, in line with your business goals and objectives.

That, we promise you.

Just remember that you will need to pay to attend some of these events. And the cost does scale depending on a bunch of factors, such as where the event is taking place, who’s organizing the event, and how many people will be in attendance.

Your next step should be to follow the events you’d like to attend on social media, or subscribe to their mailing list if they have one.

Following them on social media will also inform you of all future events, detailing all important information, such as when and where they’re taking place. Have a question you’d like to ask the organizers? You can send them direct messages too!

Like Austin and San Antonio, the number of events in Houston increases by the day it seems.

So if you find any events that we might have missed that you think could help someone propel their business don’t hesitate to let us know!

And don’t forget about us if you need help with your branding, websites, content, or video either. Canny is a creative marketing agency that helps you propel your business in a completely different way to the networking events covered. Get in touch to find out more.