A Message Now Carried By Pigeon: The HomeAid Rebrand Explored



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16 February, 2022

If there’s one thing we love, it’s seeing an old brand get a bit of a modern makeover in the logo and brand messaging department.

In recent weeks we’ve looked at an orange soda company in Tuborg Squash, and just last week, a high-end fashion brand splitting its name in two.

But this week we’re flying in a completely different direction β€” ‘flying’ being the appropriate word.

Enter HomeAid West Lothian, a voluntary organising known for recycling old furniture and supporting members of the local community who face social and economic exclusion.

They provide essential furniture and white good requirements for people who were once home homeless and now looking to furnish their homes.

In short, its an organisation offering an important service to those in need.

The organisation now has a new brand identity, one that communicates the helpful nature of its work a lot better.

Let’s review the new logo in full.

HomeAid pigeon logo in various poses
Credit to DO

A Red Pigeon Full of Personality

Easily the best part of this rebrand is the pigeon.

This helpful little guy/gal is a lot more effective compared to the little house that featured in the old branding.

Speaking of the old branding, the differences here are night and day. The old branding looked like it was done in Microsoft Paint, where this pigeon approach is a lot more refined, not to mention, charming.

It’s an incredibly minimalistic design (just look at its legs) but it works in carrying the message, the message being:

Pigeons build homes using sticks, in a similar way to how HomeAid takes furniture and helps others pad out their homes.

The concept is playful and interpersonal in the best way, which explains why it looks so good on mock-ups, tote bags and delivery vans.

A Bold New Typeface to Follow

The sketch-like pigeon works really well as a direct contrast to the bolder typeface found in the updated version.

It goes without saying, but the new typeface is a lot better in contrast to the old one. It’s a lot cleaner, it isn’t as spaced out, and it’s a lot more emotive.

Whoever came up with the idea of putting the sticks in the word ‘Aid’ deserves a big pat on the back too.

Doing this highlights the word and plays into the overall brand concept of HomeAid helping people in need.

HomeAid external signage
Credit to DO

Signage that Carries the Message Further

HomeAid have wasted little time in getting the new message out there. The new signage looks really good both inside and outside of HomeAid’s West Lothian location.

Outside is where it really shines. The choice of putting the pigeon on one wall and all the important information on the other is a great touch, one that really grabs your attention.

The white walls help the red really pop from off the wall. Needless to say, it’s a 10/10 from us on the signage front.

Cooofee and the letterhead

The pigeon concept works well on signage and whatnot, but how does it fare on other marketing materials such as letterheads?

Really well, as expected, although the choice of including the red pigeon on a coffee cup with the words ‘Cooofee’ on it is an odd one. Still, we appreciate the attention to detail shown by the design agency who put this all together.

HomeAid twig graphics
Credit to DO

Twig Graphics for a Personal Touch

The pigeon works so well because it has various twigs (or sticks depending on what you like to call them) accompanying it no matter where it’s featured.

These twigs, again, are rather minimalistic, which kind of works in establishing a connection between the bird and its home.

Also, the pigeon is always shown with a twig in its mouth or looking directly at where the twigs are. Little details like this go a long way in communicating the appropriate message.

On the various signage, the twigs are used to display important information. On the outside picture featured above, the HomeAid website and telephone number are listed.

This works on so many levels, and doesn’t feel too out of place what with them appearing at an angle.

The message is clear, despite the free-flying approach.

A Message Now Carried By Pigeon: The HomeAid Rebrand Explored

The differences between the old logo β€” one that looks like it was made in the early 2000s β€” and the updated look, are night and day.

Concept-wise, the red pigeon was implemented perfectly, making for a much more memorable brand.

It’s always great to see charities and organisations go through the rebranding process and come out the other side better off.

Now HomeAid has a strong branding foundation to build on top of, one that could lead to increased interest, therefore helping them extend their reach and help more people find the furniture they need.

The old HomeAid branding is a classic case of ‘branding stuck in the past.’ This new approach is bound to make a big difference socially.

Props to DO, an Edinburgh-based studio that worked on this one.

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