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29 June, 2022

B2B financial service ,Tranch, offered something a bit more unique, and dare we say odd, in their latest rebrand.

Now, this rebrand is relatively new as the company was only founded back in 2021 with the aim of helping businesses by providing a “buy now, pay later” service.

It’s clear that Tranch have gone for a playful and unusual vibe with their branding, incorporating a unique colour palette, charming icons, and a theme of knives.

Yes, knives.

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Not only this but the name cleverly links a few different elements together, as Tranch has more than one meaning behind it.

Originating from the word “Tranche”, meaning both a portion of money and a slice of meat, Tranch have used this dual meaning to their branding advantage.

There’s a lot to get through, so let’s get into it…

tranch logo
Credit to Under Consideration


The theme of knives starts strongly with the logo, as the box that holds the logo, is shaped, you guessed it, like the sharp edge of a knife.

Without the context of the company however, this subtle nod to the brand’s identity has the potential to be lost in translation.

Luckily though, the theme of cutting, splitting, and slicing is heavily present throughout, so it may be pretty obvious to most who come across the new Tranch branding.

The ink trap font is equally true to the theme, and includes extra slicing within the intersections of each letter. It seems Tranch has thought about every little detail here!

The only criticism we had, was perhaps they could have gone further, including full breaks in the lettering to strongly mimic the splitting of payments more clearly within their logo.

Even so, it’s a cleverly thought-out design.

tranch icons on purple background
Credit to Under Consideration

Cutting Edge Icons

The icons are hands down the best part of this rebrand, as they add a bit of fun and charm to the financial world.

The theme of chopping and slicing is definitely captured in these icons, as Tranch have included various shapes and objects being chopped with axes or knives.

This is a creative twist on the brand’s identity, handling things in bite-sized chunks which works well by mirroring that Tranch can offer relief for businesses with their flexible financing.

Throughout the branding images, the icons are clearly significant to the whole identity of the company, though some match up better than others.

For example, we can see the link to the pie chart and tablet for a company dealing with finances, but as for the loaf of bread being sliced up?

We are guessing this is just an added bit of fun!

layout of tranch branding images
Credit to Under Consideration

Chunks of Colour

The colouring of Tranch is undoubtedly one of the best parts about its branding.

The colour palette used is a blend of purple, blue, and green with the bright yellow cutting through.

Very effective, we think.

It’s nice to see that the company isn’t afraid to play around with colouring, switching up their background and icon colours for each poster, story, or layout. This really allows the company to adopt this colour palette, getting people to make the link between this selection of bright colours and their brand.

In the posters, Instagram posts and general advertisement layouts, the colouring is really eye-catching and contrasts well with the typical black shadows and knife and axe icons.

The colour definitely helps with the whole vibe of the branding, and without it, the icons would feel quite flat.

tranch website final
Credit to Under Consideration

Web Design

Whilst the rest of the branding was super colourful and engaging, the website doesn’t quite reflect this.

On both desktop and mobile platforms, the website has either a white or grey background which, warranted, makes the main colours pop, but equally makes the website as a whole look fairly simple.

However, if we think about the intentions behind this choice, the company was able to use pops of colour to grab customer attention at the right time, for example, for CTA’s and the icons.

Another element of the website design certainly worth mentioning, is the shape of the text boxes holding all of the information.

They are consistent and match the logo really well, as of course, some are shaped like knives! However the concept is confusing at times, as all chunks of texts are separated into various boxes and randomly placed.

Have a look and see what you think!

A Slice of Fun: The Tranch Rebrand Explored

Tranch made some bold choices with their colouring, icons and best of all, knives, injecting some fun into the world of finance.

The icons, our favourite part (in case you hadn’t already guessed), were charming and really consistent with the identity of the brand, which is all about making expenses bite-sized and easier to digest.

Although at face value, Tranch’s branding is pretty simple and straightforward, the links they have made between the services they offer, and the brand identity and design, make it a success!

What do you think, do you like the simplistic branding Tranch have gone for? Do you agree that the icons add some fun and charm, or perhaps you prefer another design element? Let us know via social media!

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