Advancing Into Fruit: The Avocado Collective Rebrand Explored



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23 February, 2022

Is there anything better than avocado on toast?

Sure there is, take this Advance Packing & Marketing Services rebrand, for example.

Established in 2007, the Australian company now known as ‘The Avocado Collective’ is a specialist in the handling, transporting and packing of, you guessed it, avocados.

It’s a rich company in the sense that it promotes a collective spirit, with over 60 growers across Western Australia all working towards a common goal, that being, you guessed it, avocados.

Avocados aside we really should talk about this rebrand properly. After all, a name change isn’t the only thing thing that changed.

The brand received a complete overhaul.

Everything from the logo, to the type, to the website, it’s all been updated to make for something a lot more playful/emotive.

Let’s look at it some more, shall we?

Let’s Start With The Name

That long-winded name the brand had β€” Advance Packing & Marketing Services β€” doesn’t sound anything like a company that sells, you guessed it, avocados.

It doesn’t even sound like a company known for gathering/shipping food. Sure you have the word ‘packing’ in there, but still.

‘The Avocado Collective’ has a much better ring to it, it also highlights one of the strongest attributes of the brand, period. That being:

Their emphasis on working as a collective to serve a much larger purpose.

It works on multiple levels, it works from a brand messaging standpoint and from the outside looking in.

Ask any random stranger what they think ‘The Avocado Collective’ represents and we can all but guarantee they’ll say something fruit-based within the first few answers.

The Avocado Collective business cards
Credit to Block

The New Logo And Type

Notice anything about the logo yet?

Here’s a hint:

Look at the counters in the letters with space within, and then tell us what you see.

That’s right, the custom typeface (Gooper) has been slightly modified to, again emphasise, you guessed it, avocados.

It’s such a satisfying logo to look at too, with the Gooper typeface balanced nicely with the HK Grotesk used that sits above and below the word ‘Avocado.’

It gives me a bit of a Tony’s Chocolony sort of vibe, a FMCG brand with really bright packaging and a unique approach to marketing.

Anyway, back to The Avocado Collective.

The playful nature of the centre typeface looks lush on mock-ups of business cards, design elements, and the updated website that flaunts these changes.

The Avocado Collective monogram
Credit to Block

Avocado-ception In The Monogram

The main logo, the one that highlights the full name of the updated brand, is found on most marketing materials.

However, Block (the agency behind this rebrand) saw fit to gift The Avocado Collective with a monogram to use on boxes and stickers you’d typically find on fruit.

“From naming to brand guidelines, avocado was at the centre of it all (literally, in the case of some of our letters). Block developed an instantly recognisable identity to last decades to come.”
β€” Block, the designer behind this rebrand

The monogram is in the shape of, you guessed it, an avocado, only in the centre you’ll find the letter A, again, showcasing that Gooper type.

It looks perfect on the boxes used to ship the fruit, putting the likes of Del Monte to shame, at least in our opinion.

The Avocado Collective website
Credit to Block

A Website To Grow Alongside

Let’s talk website changes.

The Avocado Collective now have a completely new website made from scratch. And what a clean website it is too.

The colour scheme of the site is very similar to, you guessed it, an avocado, with a dark green outer background and a creamier centre.

Reds are used throughout too, which really pop against the others colours used. The logo, for example, holds the entire page together.

The Avocado Collective’s values can be found on the front page of the homepage too, complete with various imagery showing, what we assume, are people who are apart of the collective.

You get a real sense of community from the site, with emphasis on West Australia and the the standard day-to-day processes of the business.

All in all, it’s a fantastic site that doesn’t let the other parts of the rebrand down.

Advancing Into Fruit: The Avocado Collective Rebrand Explored

This is definitely one of the better rebrands we’ve seen in recent memory.

The logo/type is definitely the main highlight of the rebrand. Again, Gooper was a fantastic choice, and the little avocados within add so much flavour to a type that’s already popping off the page.

In recent weeks we’ve covered a charity rebrand, a fashion rebrand and an orange soda rebrand.

All are cool, but there’s just something about, you guessed it, avocados and The Avocado Collective brand that sets itself aside from some of the others we’ve covered up to this point.

What do you think of this rebrand? And do you agree with me that the updated logo is the best part of it all?

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