Bold Creativity Boosts Engagement for UK B2B Marketers



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05 June, 2024

Engaging B2B buyers is challenging for any brand as there’s usually a significant number of people involved in the purchasing process.

This means the brand has to convince not just one, but a whole group of people to invest in their product or service.

Following this, B2B marketers are increasingly trying bold strategies to boost engagement and navigate complex buyer journeys.

In the UK, 77% of B2B marketing leaders prioritise bold creativity, with 69% seeing improvements in engagement and conversion. These statistics are highlighted in LinkedIn’s 2024 B2B Marketing Benchmark report.

This approach reflects a broader trend where B2B marketing is becoming more innovative and human-centric, in an attempt to resonate on a deeper level with buyers. Often brands forget there is an actual human being at the end of their marketing campaign and this is the person they need to get on board.

Tom Pepper, senior director at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, adds that B2B marketing creativity is thriving, as marketers focus on engaging the human element which is often overlooked.

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Improved reporting and measurement capabilities are further helping marketers link creative efforts to real business results, enabling them to justify their strategies to financial stakeholders.

Globally, over 75% of marketing leaders report stronger relationships with their CFOs, a 10% increase from last year which is a positive step. This aligns with the 95:5 rule from LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, emphasising the need for long-term brand presence since 95% of potential buyers are not immediately ready to purchase. As a result, top-of-funnel activities are becoming more critical in maintaining brand visibility among potential buyers.

As noted above, B2B buying cycles are long and complicated usually involving six to 10 stakeholders. In the UK, 62% of marketing leaders find reaching buyers challenging, though this is lower than the global figure of 72%.

Despite challenges, 93% of B2B marketing leaders are optimistic about driving revenue, with 74% expecting to increase their marketing budget.

And of course we can’t highlight this story without mentioning the role of generative AI.

This tool is being welcomed with open arms, with about two-thirds of UK B2B marketers already using it to improve productivity (37%), accelerate content creation (32%), and create cost efficiencies (27%).

Pepper emphasises the shift from initial excitement to productive outcomes with Generative AI, as marketers seek “AI wins” to leverage its advantages.

On LinkedIn, members have increasingly begun adding AI skills to their list of credentials, marking it as the fastest-growing digital skill among marketing leaders.

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