Brooklyn Brewery’s New Master Brand Created by Thirst



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03 June, 2024

Global beverage branding specialist Thirst has crafted a master brand identity for Brooklyn Brewery, achieving global cohesion while preserving the brands legacy.

Thirst has ensured that Brooklyn Brewery’s personality shines through in every market, increasing its global presence without compromising its unique character that audiences know and love.

The branding agency maintains a long-term creative partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, working closely with its partner, Carlsberg Group. This collaboration has already seen Thirst develop the positioning and identities for Brooklyn Pilsner and Pulp Art, as well as refreshing the existing identities of other sub-brands.

Through this partnership, Thirst has played a key role in evolving Brooklyn Brewery’s visual and strategic identity, making it a popular brand in the global beverage market.

However, the challenge lies in being able to balance innovation with tradition, ensuring that Brooklyn Brewery remains a beloved icon while appealing to new audiences.

Let’s find out how they did it.

image of Brooklyn beer OOH campaign

Building on existing brand equity

Brooklyn Brewery aimed to consolidate its assets after developing a suite of characterful sub-brands, each with its own personality.

Thirst was brought on board to improve the existing brand identity, ensuring the new master brand achieved consistent recognition across every touchpoint. This included out-of-home (OOH) advertising, digital and social media, on-trade, off-trade, and brand activations.

The goal was not to transform the entire brand but to build on its existing strengths.

Brooklyn Brewery is already a highly recognisable brand, so losing any of this brand equity would be unwise. Instead, the strategy focused on maximising the effectiveness of the brand’s globally recognised creative platform, honouring the original creative vision while adapting it for a global presence.

One of core themes throughout this exercise was ensuring everything reflected the borough of Brooklyn. However rather than just being seen as a place, the brand positioned it as a mindset: ‘The Brooklyn State of Mind’.

This is supported by taglines such as ‘This is Brooklyn’ to really drive home the message whilst also adding a sense of pride in terms of where the beer is from.

Karli Bainbridge, Vice President of Marketing at Brooklyn Brewery explains the importance of balancing something new whilst staying true to the original roots:

Thirst identified an opportunity to create a bold, culturally-iconic and instantly recognisable masterbrand to unify our image globally while staying true to our Brooklyn heritage.

Brooklyn beer black frame icon with sub-brands

A versatile and adaptable icon

The exercise for creating the master brand was deliberately quite simple as the main goal was to develop a tight, cohesive visual system.

Whilst multiple stakeholders were involved for a branding exercise of this scale, there was a level of restraint, allowing the team to create something that worked for both the master brand and the sub-brands that operate beneath.

It’s a careful trade-off between allowing the main Brooklyn brand to shine whilst also celebrating several sub-brand identities, each of which command their own dedication and attention.

A black frame device featuring the Brooklyn Brewery brand mark serves as the unifying backdrop for capturing and sharing the unique spirit of the borough. Distinct taglines are employed for both global audiences and specifically for use within the US.

The frame is a good choice due to its versatility and adaptability. Not only can it be used to showcase brand campaigns, but it also works for individual sub-brands or multiple sub-brands if and when needed.

Thirst worked hard to identify and simplify and each of the brand assets and sub-brands would co-exist, with a particular focus on bringing them to life through the brand’s packaging. Brooklyn Brewery is known for their bold, vibrant colours so this had to be carried through to the new visual system, ensuring increased brand recognition.

Brooklyn beer billboard with sky in background

A cohesive brand experience

Thirst introduced new off-pack patterns for each sub-brand, distilling the unique character of each into designs that allow different beers to coexist with ease.

These patterns complement the primary packs without competing with them, creating a cohesive brand experience across different products.

Additionally, Thirst’s flexible layout system grants the master brand versatility ensuring that visuals can be scaled to meet all media requirements, from digital platforms to physical advertising spaces.

We asked Will Storer, Brand Designer at Canny, for his thoughts on the new identity:

I think Thirst has done a brilliant job of injecting life back into the Brooklyn Brewery master brand and bringing all the beers into one cohesive system, while still allowing each beer to have its own self-expression and identity.

The new brand strikes the perfect balance between a creative, modern brewery and maintaining links to the gritty streets of Brooklyn’s heritage through its bold condensed type and predominantly black and white palette. This helps the bright, bold palette of each individual range to stand out loud and proud without clashing styles.

The cohesive visual systems implemented by Thirst have also done a great job of future-proofing the brand for years to come, allowing for a seemingly endless combination of new ranges and beers.

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