Bumble’s New Brand Identity and Campaign Aims to Make Dating Easy



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02 May, 2024

Lots of people find online dating exhausting.

Whilst it’s meant to be fun and exciting, the reality is you’ve got to spend A LOT of time sifting through potential matches before finding anyone who could be a good fit.

It’s a little bit like finding the right job.

You’re having to put time and effort into going through ‘applications’ (for want of a better word) to see if there’s anyone you seem compatible with.

It’s a lot of admin, and it can become tiresome very quickly.

The idea of just logging into the app and finding your perfect someone in the first few minutes soon becomes a bit of a slog.

But dating app Bumble, are on a mission to change this and make dating easy.

They’ve always been an app with a difference by reversing traditional roles in heterosexual matches, mandating that women initiate the conversation within 24 hours of a match.

The hope being that it builds a respectful and proactive dating environment for everyone.

In their latest campaign, they’ve cleverly leaned into ‘tiredness’ as a motivator, using it to resonate with the struggle women are having when it comes to finding a match.

Lots of people will relate to this idea, and it plays on both their sense of humour and the challenge of finding a date.

Too tired to date

The current stage of the campaign features an advertisement that depicts a woman taking extreme measures to avoid dating by enrolling in some sort of rehabilitation program.

The ad featurs Bumble’s signature black-and-yellow colour scheme, lending a vibrant and consistent energy to the branding to bring it to life.

The music is also upbeat and refreshing and puts a positive spin on dating. It flips this idea that dating is drawn-out, long, and tiring by making it feel easy and exciting again.

The language is also brilliantly crafted with slogans such as:

“We’ve changed so you don’t have to”


“You do no have to resort to making eye contact on the tube again”

It’s tongue-and-cheek and it works perfectly for engaging women who might be ready to give up on dating altogether!

yellow billboard at tube station for bumble

yellow advertising board for Bumble

Matching the visual identity

This latest digital campaign is supported by the rollout of an updated brand identity including a reworked logo which now closely resembles a beehive.

This ties into the brand name i.e. Bumble and whilst being simplistic in design, it can be applied across various digital devices.

There is also the addition of a new typography which feels more modern and the capitalisation of the ‘B’ makes the brand name feel stronger and more stand-out.

The app experience has also been given a slight overhaul thanks to some snazzy new design features including its new ‘Opening Moves’ option.

The idea being that women can ask an initial question which they can either think of themselves or choose from a preset list, allowing the recipient to respond and kick start the conversation.

yellow Bumble opening moves template

Bumble surveyed more than 6,000 female users worldwide, and found that nearly half of them believe having more options to initiate conversations would improve their online dating experience.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Selby Drummond:

We have always taken our lead from the amazing women in our community. Today, they are looking for more choice and ease in their dating life and with the launch of Opening Moves, Bumble is continuing to put women’s experiences first.

So instead of women doing all of the grafting, which Bumble has been somewhat criticised for, this lets the other person do some of the legwork too.

It also gives women an opportunity to learn more about their potential match, facilitating an easier conversation once the ice has been broken.

The entire campaign, including the app’s refreshed appearance and feel, was spearheaded by the brand’s in-house agency, Bumble Creative Studio.

With their updated look, cheeky advertising campaign, and the fact their pushing female power, Bumble has a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded market.

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