Crusha’s Rebrand Revives the Spirit of Classic American Diners



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06 June, 2024

Crusha milkshakes scream classic American dining.

First introduced in 1955, 10 years after the Second World War, they gave UK consumers a taste of American culture which everyone wanted a piece of.

People were liberated during the 50’s and children were enjoying a sense of freedom that their parents couldn’t have imagined 10 years prior.

It was generally a happy time, and consumerism was starting to boom.

The first McDonalds was also opened that year, giving consumers a taste of fast food convenience that they had never had before. Whilst we all know how easy it is just to nip to maccies now (and you can’t drive for more than 10 miles without seeing one) this was a big deal back in 1955.

Additionally, Rock and Roll music was immensely popular, with Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry’s playing on every jukebox. Marilyn Monroe also stood out as an international icon.

Everything felt hopeful and exciting, but more importantly, American culture was growing in popularity and UK teens in particular, wanted to be a part of it.

An American diner reflects the spirit of freedom and liberation perfectly, serving as the heart of youthfulness and rebellion in pop culture, as seen in films like “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction.

Crusha jacket and rolling skates on blue background

Modernising an iconic brand

Soon after its launch in the mid-fifties, Crusha sold a range of milkshake mix flavours to the UK market. However, despite being successful for more than 70 years and being enjoyed by children worldwide, they felt they were in need of a rebrand – the aim being to modernise.

In collaboration with Bristol-based design studio Outlaw, Crusha wanted to reimagine its brand and reach a much broader audience.

Outlaw were tasked with revisiting all of their branded assets to restore the exciting and distinctive personality that made Crusha such a popular choice of drink. There’s hundreds of milkshake brands, but this one struck a chord.

And why?

Because it depicted the American dining culture in such a way.

By tapping into its 1950s heritage and fully embracing the world of American diners as inspiration, Outlaw were able to take the brand back to its roots.

3 crusha social media templates

Therefore, the new design incorporates the classic features of authentic diner milkshakes, complete with striped straws, tall glasses, and, of course, thick, frothy delicious milkshakes.

The new visual elements are striking with a heavy focus on the colour red, something that immediately draws your mind towards a classic American diner. The checkerboard patterns and neon signs are also synonymous with an American diner, building up that familiar aesthetic and positioning Crusha as the original milkshake of choice.

According to Outlaw, Crusha is:

The only choice when it comes to a real at-home milkshake experience.

packaging for crusha before and after

A rebellious brand mascot

The beloved cat icon, Errol, has also been given a makeover as it was believed he had become too ‘soft’ and ‘infantile’ which contrasts with the aim of this rebrand – to attract a wider, broader audience.

With this in mind, Outlaw brought a local illustrator on board to help revive the furry character, capturing Errol’s original attitude and making him the focal point of the main Crusha brand.

Looking at the before and after illustrations of this iconic brand mascot, he looks so much cooler and more rebellious with his sunglasses on and sporting a mohican haircut.

Alex Rexworthy, Design Director at Outlaw had the following to say:

Our new design channels the irreverent attitude of Errol the cat, who was the heart and soul of the original advertising. Drawing inspiration from classic milkshakes mixed with Americana, our design promises joy to the very last slurp.

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