Delightfully Non-Dairy: The Marin Living Foods Rebrand Explored



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15 March, 2023

Marin Living Foods, was founded over 10 years ago and was a company in need of a rebrand to reflect its values and delicious products.

The brand produces a range of different flavoured Almond milks, made with 100% organic ingredients sourced in California.

However, the old identity was tired and getting lost on the shelves, as the muddled packaging design consisted of a “monster energy” type M, mixed with a pen-scrawl wordmark, which didn’t give the brand the right platform to shine.

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Now, with flavours available such as Matcha, Berry Goji, Cacao Maca, and Vanilla Chia, the brand needed to rework its packaging to align with the needs of the booming plant-based industry.

So, in need of a new identity, the company worked with New York-based creative agency, The Working Assembly, to create a smooth new look to match the product they have built their brand around.

Let’s get started by taking a look at the new logo!

Marin Almond Milk logo
Credit to The Working Assembly

The New Logo

The new logo is creamier and inspired by the textures of nut milk making it distinct in the plant-based market.

This new fully customised script wordmark is placed at a 40-degree angle allowing the logo to flow from one end of the bottle to the other.

These fluid details have been created using a cursive round brush approach which can be likened to a drizzle effect as the logo looks as if it could have been piped or drizzled onto the packaging.

Dropping “living foods” from the logo was a smart choice, as this allows the new wordmark to breathe, and instead creates a shorter and snappier brand name “Marin”.

These updates have helped to rebrand a haphazard logo, into one that flows nicely to reflect the movement of the almond milk product in a more attractive way.

Marin living foods colour palette
Credit to The Working Assembly

Photography and Colour Palette

Each individual packaging design has been updated, with each almond milk bottle now in a bold colour to reflect the flavour inside.

Marin has neatly matched their product flavours to the colour palette used across the branding, matching Vanilla Chia, Matcha, Berry Goji, and Cacao Maca, with colours Oat Blend, Original Almond, Mango, Matcha, Ube, and Goji Berry.

Using colours that follow the product flavours is classic and simple, but it works, purley because of the rich warm tones chosen by the company.

These new carton designs are now the focus of the brand photography and advertisements for the brand, as they provide a nice contrast to the monochromatic black and white tones used for the boxes and messaging.

Each image is simple with a model (wearing the corresponding brand colour) holding or balancing the bottle front and centre. For example, for the Matcha flavour the model wears a green long-sleeved shirt and green nail polish to keep the imagery consistent.

This new photography style is very grounded and comfortable and allows the packaging design to take centre stage.

Marin packaging
Credit to The Working Assembly

Packaging Design (Boxes and Bottles)

For this rebrand, the bottles and boxes provide a great contrast to one another, with each almond milk carton providing a pop of colour against the simplicity of each box.

As mentioned earlier, the boxes use a monochromatic style with all white boxes and close up sections of the black Marin logo on some sides, and the regular horizontal logo on others.

However, these boxes aren’t without colour, as depending on the flavour of almond milk you buy in bulk, the corresponding box will have a small coloured sticker to confirm the flavour inside, as well as the flavour name on the edge of the box.

The bottles, as we have touched on, steer away from this style of packaging and use the rich block colours from the brand’s new palette.

Each bottle displays the new brand logo vertically, as well as the full brand name “Marin Living Foods” at the very bottom of each design.

Then above all of this is the flavour, which is written in block capitals at the top of each bottle and much like other milk packaging designs each Marin carton features a screw top, making the product easy to access and easy to pour.

Delightfully Non-Dairy: The Marin Living Foods Rebrand Explored

This rebrand was not only much needed, but executed in a way that brought Marin Living Foods to the forefront of the plant-based industry.

The juxtaposition of bold colours for each bottle design, against more consistent monochromatic base layers, gave the brand identity a nice contrast throughout, adding dimension to the previously tired identity that lacked direction.

Everything about this rebrand flows nicely and each element has been given space to breathe as nothing has been overcomplicated.

Rich warm tones, a simple milk carton design, and the fluid logo now better represent Marin Living Foods, and help the brand to remain competitive in the market!

But now it’s over to you, now you’ve heard our take on the rebrand we want to know what you think! Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, let us know your thoughts on the latest Marin rebrand via the social links below!

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