England ‘Til I Died: BHF Kick Off World Class Campaign



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15 June, 2024

Photo of England Til I Died heart disease billboard campaign 1

The Euros have officially kicked off, and the British Heart Foundation have kicked off a world class campaign that plays right into the heart of the competition.

A Heartfelt Campaign Kicks Off with the Euros

The new Saatchi & Saatchi campaign taps into football fandom, drawing attention to the issue of heart disease among young people.

“I’m England ’til I die!” is a chant we’ll be hearing for most of June (assuming we don’t get dumped out in the group stages) – and it’s this chant that forms the beating centrepiece of the new heart disease awareness campaign.

The campaign centres around 12 out of home displays, each featuring a young football fan who has died as a result of heart disease. The billboards have popped up in major cities around England, Scotland, and Wales.

Photo of England Til I Died heart disease billboard campaign 2

The 12 designs link directly to a shocking statistic about the disease:

On average 12 young people lose their lives to heart disease every week.

Striking Visuals and Emotional Impact

The campaign is not only poignant but visually striking. Each billboard showcases the image of a young football fan alongside their age and a heart-wrenching message about their death due to heart disease.

Photo of England Til I Died heart disease billboard campaign 3

The campaign seeks to engage football fans by leveraging the deep emotional connection they have with the sport. By aligning the campaign with the Euros, the British Heart Foundation hopes to maximise visibility and impact.

Saatchi & Saatchi’s innovative approach taps into the raw emotion of football chants and uses it to deliver a powerful public health message.

The campaign extends to social media, where people are encouraged to share their support using the hashtag #EnglandTilIDied. This digital extension aims to create a broader conversation around heart health among the youth, encouraging preventative measures and awareness​.

Join the Conversation: How You Can Help

The British Heart Foundation’s website provides additional resources and information on how to support the campaign. They urge the public to participate by sharing stories, donating, and spreading the word about heart disease. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of young lives lost to heart disease each week​​.

Photo of England Til I Died heart disease billboard campaign 4

The ‘England ’til I Died’ campaign is a reminder of the fragility of life, even among the young. By leveraging the power of football and it’s communal spirit, the British Heart Foundation hopes to make a lasting impact on public awareness and health outcomes.

This campaign is a testament to the power of strategic, emotionally driven marketing in addressing critical health issues.

For more information, visit the British Heart Foundation’s campaign page here.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
CCO: Franki Goodwin
ACD: Mia Silverman
Senior Creatives: Henrik Ridderheim, Pete Ioulianou, Ollie Agius
OOH Production Company: Grand Visual

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