Marketers On the Move: Over Half of Marketers Are Considering Moving Jobs



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18 March, 2024

According to a survey by Marketing Week, a staggering 43.2% of Gen Z marketers have held a role for less than 12 months.

However, this may be due to the fact that they are naturally early in their careers after just leaving university or college. Aside from this, an overwhelming 95% of them have been in their current position for less than three years.

Moving on to millennial marketers, nearly a quarter (22.9%) have been in their roles for less than a year, while a substantial 69.2% have been in their current positions for under three years.

Contrastingly, Gen X marketers seem to stick around longer, with only 12.2% in a role for less than a year, and 45.4% for less than three years.

These recent findings shed light on a concerning trend: over half of marketers are actively seeking new jobs. Among millennials, almost three fifths (61.7%) are considering a change, joined by 58.9% of Gen Z and 58.4% of Gen X.

The motivations behind changing jobs vary across generations. Unsurprisingly, money plays a key role, with 77.1% of Gen Z and 70.1% of millennials citing financial remuneration as a key factor.

Yet, interestingly, over half (55.8%) of Gen X also prioritise monetary incentives. Additionally, 55% of this group expressed a level of dissatisfaction with the limited opportunities available within their current jobs.

In today’s competitive landscape, where moving jobs is common, it’s important for employers to recognise the needs of employees to maintain a productive workforce.

Beyond traditional benefits, offering career development plans and opportunities can be a key part of retaining top talent across generations.

By building a culture of learning and growth, companies can not only attract but also retain skilled marketers who want to stay and grow within the company.

So, how can businesses adapt their talent strategies to accommodate the changing expectations of a multi-generational workforce?

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