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30 April, 2024

Everyone knows the Headspace app.

Regardless of whether you’ve used it before yourself or not, the iconic floating orange head with a charming smile, is a staple in the mental health space.

It just makes you feel calm and happy. The orange tone also adds a lovely warmth to it and you just feel a sense of contentment when you look at the icon.

That said, Headspace merged with mental health service Ginger in 2021 (a merger that cost $3 billion) and is now opting for a slightly more professional look.

The idea being that hey want to represent their expanded range of services including a one-to-one coaching service that is tailored to individual needs.

So with the merge comes a new redesign, which we’re pouring our thoughts into below.

man talking on mobile phone screen

Appealing to a more serious audience

Keeping Headspace playful is key as this element is what makes the app so relatable and what helps put people at ease.

When you’re stressed or anxious, the last thing you want to turn to is a service that looks really serious and corporate. If anything, you want to feel like a weight has been taken off your shoulders.

This element of playfulness is still visible throughout the rebrand, although there is a definite focus on creating a more professional profile.

Real imagery has been used throughout the rebrand to show the new services and to carry the message forward about the one-to-one coaching offering.

This is also a bit risky – especially considering how much brand equity Headspace has built since it launched in 2010.

According to the team behind the rebrand:

Evolving as a mental health brand exposed the need to evolve the identity to be kind, warm and welcoming to our members who may be looking for support on a wide range of need states – from better sleep, to everyday stress, to supporting members with care for more complex issues like anxiety and depression.

It’s an app that really does cater for a wide range of mental health needs, which I think the team have perfectly demonstrated through the suite of digital assets.

Just looking at the Instagram story templates for example, they depict a range of need states whether that be stress, feelings, family, break ups, or big goals.

suite of three Heaspace Instagram templates

The app is there to offer comfort and support which is illustrated through the emotive branding and message. I particularly like the illustration of the wide eyes and the head whirring around it.

This cleverly depicts how peoples thoughts and feelings can have them in a spin, but without being too serious or heavy in application.

It keeps everything quite light, which makes people more likely to engage and use the app.
Headspace billboard on yellow background

Keeping a sense of playfulness and personality

The rebranding initiative was created in-house in partnership with Italic Studio, while Colophon Foundry developed the new proprietary typeface, a “Headspace-ified version of their famous Aperçu typeface”.

Again the focus on reaching a more professional audience is clearly visible as Headspace chosen the font due to its ability to “flex from playful to clinical”, thereby showcasing its move into more health markets.

That said, the letters are still friendly and in keeping with the warm, comforting tone that the brand has worked hard to achieve.

Whilst being functional and fit for purpose to attract a more serious audience, they retain the element of playfulness which separates Headspace from other mental health offerings.

Appealing to the everyday person who might be struggling quietly at gome is key as lots of people use the Headspace app as a way to simply escape some of life’s daily stresses.

I’m a big dan of both Headspace and this rebrand as I think they’ve managed to bridge the gap between appealing to two different audiences.

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