Heinz Launches ‘Every Sauce’: 14 Flavours in a Single Bottle!



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27 June, 2024

Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ sauce or all 3?

What’s your favourite when it comes to choosing a condiment?

Well with Heinz, you can now have all of them together in one sauce. In fact scratch that, you can have 14 different flavours in one Heinz sauce.

Yes you read that right! If you like dipping your mayo into your ketchup or spicing things up with some sweet chilli, then this is right up your street.

Heinz have never been afraid of trying something new, with their brand history including sauce combinations such as truffle mayo and pickle ketchup! They’re not satisfied with dominating the ketchup market (because let’s face it, it’s got to be Heinz), they want to dominate the entire sauce market.

Whatever tickles your taste buds when it comes to spicing up your next burger or pizza, Heinz wants to make sure their brand is front and centre.

heinz every sauce single bottle on gold background

And it’s not just something they’ve decided to create on a whim.

Research shows that one sauce isn’t enough for over seven in 10 (73%) people, who admit to using multiple at once – because why should we have to choose?!

Many of these sauce fans are also partial to mixing flavours, but the majority (57%) only mix a maximum of two. That said, there’s still nearly 10% of those who are willing to combine five or more to get the perfect taste!

It seems like their prayers have been answered with Heinz’ latest combo as the blending part is already done. Further data reveals that we’re a big fan of sauces in general with the average person having five condiments in their home. Even more impressively is that 15% of people have 10 or more – basically the cupboard of dreams.

front and back of Heinz every sauce bottle showing flavours

According to Thiago Rapp, Director of Taste Elevation at Heinz:

Over the years, we’ve been constantly innovating to meet culinary tastes and trends, and when it comes to sauces at Heinz we can’t deny we’re sauce obsessed.It only felt right to find those out there who are just as obsauced as we are and give them the ultimate sauce to rule them all. If you don’t manage to get your hands on a limited-edition bottle, don’t worry you can experiment with your own version at home using your favourites from the Heinz Flavours range!

But think again if you think you can just pick a bottle of this mega mashup from the shop.

You need to be a die-hard fan to get your hands on one of these limited editions. Heinz is asking customers to take part in a quiz with the prize being a bottle of Every Sauce.

There’s another but.

Only 100 bottles will be given away at random to the highest scorers on Friday June 28 so you better hurry!

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