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23 April, 2024

I’m quite (extremely) excited to write about this rebrand.

As an avid pasta fan, and someone who would happily eat this three times a day, being able to combine my love of pasta with writing is perfect.

But I’m ashamed to say I’ve never actually tried an Imperia pasta making machine! That said, I know what I’ll be ordering today.

Established in 1932, Imperia is an Italian company known for manufacturing, retailing, and distributing fresh pasta machines all over the world.

It’s used for both domestic and professional use, allowing people to make fresh pasta from scratch.

Initially based in Rome, Italy, they have expanded on a global scale particularly in the United States.

Whilst pasta-making machines remain the core product, Imperia has diversified its product range to include different pasta-makers and kitchen appliances such as graters, juicers, and mincers.

In partnership with the Milan office of Landor, Imperia recently underwent a rebrand with the aim of appealing to the modern consumer whilst instilling a sense of the company’s rich heritage.

Before I go and grab a bowl of pasta, let’s get into it.

Reflecting the brand’s heritage

When looking at the before and after logo, I should point out that this is a ‘light rebrand’ rather than a complete overhaul.

The idea being that the brand wanted to reach new consumers whilst remaining true to its iconic roots having built up over 90 years of history.

old imperia logo on white background

Imperia logo on red background

According to design agency, Landor:

Aiming for a light rather than radical transformation that reflects the brand’s heritage, the objective is the rebranding of the Imperia brand, maintaining it iconic, leveraging on its historical relevance, but bringing it to a contemporary context and making it relevant for new audiences.

This is visible throughout the updated aesthetic which strips the logo back to basics.

A common trend during the 90s and 2000’s was the need to overcomplicate a logo, adding unnecessary shading and details to areas that took away its beautiful simplicity.

With this rebranding initiative, Landor hoped to instil some of the simplicity back into the brand identity, focussing more on the iconic tablet-shaped border.

Before this was 3D in appearance and quite chunky, visibility lifted off the background. Now it’s been transformed into a flat shape that looks much more fitting for today’s modern landscape, and allows your full attention to be brought to the brand.

The shading around each letter has also been dropped, again drawing your eye to what really matters.

The date that was squeezed along the bottom of the wordmark has been removed too, giving the logo more room to breathe and leading to a cleaner aesthetic.

Clever logo activation

One of my favourite applications of the logo is through the abstract pasta-maker animations.

Not only do these short videos add some movement and personality to the brand, but they also connect the logo to the actual product.

The holding pill shape is brought to life by the outline transforming into different shapes of pasta as they are pulled through what is meant to resemble the pasta-maker. The dough goes in as one flat sheet, yet comes out the other side in various pasta shapes

It shows what the product does and emphasises the core offering of Imperia whilst also highlighting the various options available to the consumer.

Fancy some tagliatelle? Imperia machines can make it.

Is Ravioli your preferred choice? Imperia machines can make it.

It’s a clever way of pushing these messages to the forefront whilst still making the rebrand fun.

This versatility of the machine is further supported by assets like the Instagram stories which read ‘Lasagne Sunday or Midnight Raviolo?’

They’re giving the consumer the choice whilst simultaneously showcasing what the machines can do.

Infusing fun into tradition

Another playful feature of this rebrand is the 3D “Useful and Playful Machines,” which give the brand a modern and quirky vibe – again tying into the brief to appeal to more modern consumers.

This challenges conventional ideas of the appearance and functionality expected from an Italian pasta-making machine that has existed for 90 years!

Infusing a further sense of fun and personality into a beloved pasta brand is crucial because it creates deeper connections with consumers, making the experience of making pasta not just practical but also enjoyable and memorable too.

As a pasta lover I can’t not love this rebrand.

It’s fun, playful, and puts the product at the forefront: pasta.

What’s not to like?

The only thing I’m not best pleased with is how much I’m now craving a bowl myself.

Watching those sheets of dough go through the machine and coming out as delectable strips of tagliatelle has got my stomach rumbling.

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