Innocent Smoothies Restructures Marketing Leadership for Future Growth



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23 May, 2024

Innocent Smoothies is undergoing an “evolution” of its marketing leadership structure.

As part of the change, the smoothie and juice brand is scrapping the chief marketing officer (CMO) title. Kirsty Hunter, who has served as CMO since 2020, will now have the role of director for marketing and innovation.

This new post will allow her to have “greater scope to shape the marketing strategy across all regions” and oversee the “end-to-end marketing process”.

She will also retain her position on the company’s board, allowing her to have an input into strategic decisions.

Expanding the board of Directors

Hunter’s job change follows some big moves at Innocent, including the recent departures of the chief operating officer and the UK managing director.

But that’s not all – the smoothie brand is also bringing in four new directors.

Nicolas Marotte, currently the managing director of the French business, will step into the role of director of go-to-market. Meanwhile, Tobias Ekpfadt, a finance VP from Coca-Cola, will become the director of finance and strategy.

Coca-Cola, which has owned Innocent for over a decade, ditched the CMO role back in 2017 and went with a chief growth officer instead.

This move caused a stir in the marketing sector, but when the previous chief growth officer retired in 2019, top marketer, Manuel Arroyo took over as the global chief marketing officer.

Entering a new phase of growth

These new roles are designed to help Innocent achieve its “next phase of growth” – a key part of the brands mission.

The company proudly reported delivering 1.2 billion portions of fruit and vegetables in 2023, and by 2030, it aims to deliver 1 billion more per year. That means they’re looking to almost double their output in just over five years!

According to Innocent, the 2030 business strategy will:

See the company refocus on its founding purpose: making it easier for people to live well through the delicious goodness of fruit and veg.

It’s an ambitious target but something the brand is clearly serious about as it’s already taking steps to make it happen.

So what’s the plan?

To achieve its growth targets, Innocent will double down on developing successful areas, like functional products, while also focusing on its core offerings.

One of Innocent’s key categories, juice, has been struggling recently. Nielsen IQ reports that juice volumes sold in 2023 declined by 7.4% from the previous year, totalling 520 million litres.

This continues a trend of consistent decline since 2021, with volumes dropping significantly from over 750 million litres in 2012 – a decrease of more than 30% over the past decade.

Innocent’s willingness to restructure and evolve its marketing leadership demonstrates the importance of embracing change to stay relevant and competitive.

To better align with current market demands and business goals, marketers should be open to rethinking traditional roles and structures.

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