Buzz-Worthy: Lidl’s ‘Bee-r’ Campaign Celebrates World Bee Day!



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05 June, 2024

Supermarket chain Lidl has been doing their bit to support the bees through their latest campaign.

In celebration of ‘World Bee Day’ which took place on the 24th May, they bought a six-pack of ‘Bee-r’ for the hardworking pollinators to enjoy.

Now I used to be very scared of bees, and I still am when it comes to wasps, but recently I have a newfound appreciation for bees in particular. To help combat my fear and in an attempt to be more rational, I did some research on bees and the way in which they contribute to our planet.

I quickly learned that these little buzzers are absolutely vital, and without them, our world would look very different.

So bees are a pretty big deal.

With that in mind, I really admire what Lidl have done, raising awareness through quite a playful, albeit serious PR campaign.

But the bees won’t actually be getting drunk from the ‘bee-r’ as there’s no alcohol inside of this new concoction. Instead, Lidl’s bottles will be filled with sugar syrup which will attract bees and other fauna responsible for pollinating flowers.

The bottles are also tiny, standing just 2 cm tall! They’re quite adorable really, and make the perfect size for bees who want something sweet after a long day of pollinating.

They’re designed with Lidl’s iconic colour palette, showcasing red and blue packaging with a honeycomb pattern and a bee in the centre.

You won’t find these in the gardening or beer aisle though. Instead, the supermarket chain is reserving them for a giveaway competition only, posting the following on Instagram:

lidl instagram about world bee day

So you’ll have to be quick and make sure you’re one of the first 250 people. You can enter via the Lidl website to get your hands on these limited edition bottles.

Lidl has made other steps in support of bees and the work they do for the environment, as they’ve started to sell other bee-friendly products in store and have also donated £10,000 to The British Bee Charity.

If you miss out on the giveaway, you don’t have to miss out on helping the bees.

Simply make your own syrup at home by combining equal parts, by volume, of white granulated sugar and warm water, then dissolve.

This syrup is suitable for placement in gardens and any location where flowers need pollination. Additionally, it can rejuvenate bees that are injured or tired.

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