Navigating the Future: The Eurostar Rebrand Explored



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01 February, 2023

Last week saw the rebrand of the newly merged organisation, The Eurostar Group, consisting of the rail operations of Eurostar and Thalys.

Designed by London-based agency: DesignStudio, the idea was to bring both brands together with the common aim of sparking new experiences, ideas and opportunities.

(Hence the new spark asset that can be seen across all of the branding!)

This was essential as the two original identities felt dated and lacking in vibrancy and personality, therefore it was key to add a new boldness and clear destination for the branding.

The design agency transformed the logo, website, marketing materials, and of course the train tickets to better reflect the new company.

So, let’s dive into this exciting new rebrand!

Eurostar wordmark construction
Credit to Underconsideration

The Logo and Wordmark Construction

The new logo is a total transformation and leaves all dated elements of each of the old logos behind.

Instead, this logo introduces a new curved shape allowing each letter to flow from one to the other due to the italic wordmark and this creates an elegant feel to the lettering overall.

The shape of this logo helps to mimic the movement of the train and the seamless journeys provided by Eurostar, so this is a really nice touch!

The shape of each letter certainly adds an element of sophistication to the rebranded logo, as each individual letter is different from the other.

For example, the “e” is rounded and comes to a sharp point in the centre, and the “u” lacks such rounded or sharp edges, providing a nice contrast from one another. This helps to ensure the logo doesn’t begin to feel flat in years to come!

Equally, the blend of the logo with the monogram and spark asset (which we are yet to dive into) work well in unison as each asset incorporates curves and sharp points.

However, the two are different enough so that the monogram doesn’t just become an add-on or extension of the logo.

Eurostar livery
Credit to Underconsideration

The Spark

Next up we are moving onto the star of the show (quite literally) for this rebrand, with the brand new spark asset that is central to the new brand identity.

The new Eurostar spark, which is included in the logo and across all brand touchpoints, takes on a range of behaviours to avoid the look of a static monogram that adds little to the branding.

Instead, the symbol resembles more of a navigational compass which is a universal symbol that represents travel and exploration of new places. Therefore, it is a perfect match for the new Eurostar brand values, as the spark aims to help facilitate new experiences and new journeys.

This spark is then incorporated into the brand monogram, where each tapered line is shortened to fit into a circular case that acts as the exterior of a compass.

The main animation shows the flow between the two symbols really nicely, and is especially engaging when used in unison with various other branding elements such as advertisements, on the website design, and the mobile app.

This spark is designed to be flexible in order to be moulded to every single traveller, whatever their destination may be, and I think we can all agree the asset is simple but certainly does the job!

Eurostar illustrations
Credit to Underconsideration

The Illustrations

The range of illustrations used are from a variety of artists including Matt Saunders, Fago Studio, and Jordan Robertson.

DesignStudio has gone for a more high-end style with the choice of illustrations for this rebrand, rather than the rounded more trendy illustrations that a lot of brands go for today.

However, despite the illustrations being created by different artists they still match up quite nicely, as they are all similar to the golden age of travel-style posters, and most have a slightly more vintage look.

This helps to add to the sense of luxury that travelling with Eurostar can provide for all customers, as travellers can see themselves in the unique imagery and the possibilities of each and every trip.

This style of illustration is accompanied by punchy brand colours, ensuring that the vibrancy and diversity of Europe is represented within the branding, helping to appeal to a wider market across the world.

Navigating the Future: The Eurostar Rebrand Explored

This rebrand has been executed well and in bringing together two popular travel giants it has created a new and diverse merged organisation.

The older more dated aspects of each of the brand identities were scrapped to create something more modern that reflected the way real customers travel day-to-day.

This was done through bright and bold colouring, a new logo, monogram and spark asset, and a range of unique illustrations that ensure diversity and target the wider market who travel by train.

DesignStudio have done a great job at capturing both the heritage of the two companies whilst helping them to evolve into the future and appeal to future travellers for years to come.

But that’s just our take! You may have preferred the traditional design of the two travel companies separately, or like us you may feel this merger was necessary to bring both Eurostar and Thalys up to date. Let us know what you think via the social links below!

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