Over Half of Women in Marketing Want a Better Work-Life Balance



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13 February, 2024

Are women in the marketing and communications industry facing a significant toll on their mental health due to a lack of work-life balance?

Statistics from Bloom UK reveal that more than 9 in 10 (93%) women employed in the marketing and communications sector believe that a deficient work-life balance has adversely affected their mental health.

Notably, over 4 in 5 (83%) acknowledge experiencing physical health issues due to an imbalance, with 43% reporting symptoms of stress, anxiety, or burnout.

Contributing significantly to these imbalances are inflexible working arrangements and an unsustainable workload. Only slightly over half (53%) of women in the industry express satisfaction with their employer’s current flexible working arrangements.

Meanwhile, more than half of women (54%) frequently find themselves overwhelmed by their workload, and approximately two-thirds engage in overtime, despite only 16% expressing contentment with this.

The research delves into the disparities in work-life balance among diverse groups of women in the industry. It reveals that 2 in 5 women of colour (41%) feel their work doesn’t allow for a healthy integration of personal and professional life, compared to about one-third (31%) of white women.

Moreover, approximately two-thirds of women with a disability (66%) or mental health condition (65%) find it challenging to disconnect from work, in contrast to half of those without such conditions.

Canny’s Founder and Director, Tony Hardy, had the following to say about what our agency is doing to contribute to a better worklife balance all-round:

At Canny, we appreciate and understand how busy everyone’s lives are – and they’re only getting busier! Between work commitments, home life, and personal time, it’s incredibly hard to juggle everything, and to be good at everything. That’s why we introduced a 4 day workweek a year and a half ago, and so far we’re pleased to say it’s been a great success. It gives everyone more down time to rest and recharge for another week ahead which we know is gonna be full of twists and turns! Keeping our clients happy is our priority, but making sure all of our team enjoy a healthy worklife balance is equally as important.

This study sheds light on the challenges faced by women in the marketing and communications sector, and poses questions about how companies can better support their staff.

Hey I'm Tony, Founder and Director of Canny Creative. I eat, sleep and bleed Canny to be honest. I'm an absolute workaholic (and yes, I know that's not a good thing!).

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