Peroni Future-Proofs Its Iconic Brand with a Bold Redesign



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07 May, 2024

When I think of a bottle of Peroni, the first thing that comes to mind are the striking green bottles and distinctive red typography.

The green is synonymous with the Italian beer brand along with its signature blue ribbon logo (Nastro Azzurro meaning “Blue Ribbon” in Italian) which used to encase the wordmark.

As a light, refreshing beer, it’s been a staple in the drinks industry since its launch and is a popular choice for outdoor events and casual gatherings.

There’s something very old-school about the previous branding for Peroni as the primary colour palette keeps the brand stuck in a moment in time.

It’s as though it transports you to a quaint village in the heart of Italy where nothing really changes from one year to the next.

Whilst this is a lovely, warming thought, it’s not enough to compete in a heavily saturated market.

Lots of alcoholic drink brands are waking up tp the fact that they need more than a ‘nice’ brand story to stand out; they need packaging design that resonates with the audience of today.

With that in mind, Peroni partnered with award-winning creative agency, Smith Lumen who are based in Milan.

peroni bottle and can lying flat on red background

Preserving tradition while embracing the modern market

A key aspect of the project was ensuring the branding maintained its traditional charm while enabling it to compete with more modern and sleek brands.

Keeping that link to the brand history is key, as Peroni has built up years of rich brand equity so it’s important not to ditch that altogether in pursuit of something new.

It’s a careful balance, but the team at Smith Lumen have achieved a successful result, developing a brand identity that enjoys a sleek new look whilst still retaining some of its iconic elements.

Starting with the logo mark, the serif typeface has been replaced with a style reminiscent of mid-century Italian liquor posters. It feels trendier and more suitable for today’s crowded shelves. The new typeface also has a noticeable strength and boldness, which adds character and presence to the overall branding.

The wordmark is now encased inside of a gold box, making the brand feel quite regal and in-line with it’s positioning as a more premium beer choice.

Peroni bottle collection on red background

A sleek look that resonates with today’s audience

The iconic blue ribbon has been ditched, and instead, the gold seal sits above the wordmark on its own, with the date ‘1846’ divided in two.

It’s much more stripped back, a theme which is carried throughout the entire redesign of the packaging.

This approach provides the brand with more room to breathe, enabling it to withstand the unpredictable cycles of modern trends. Peroni has essentially future-proofed its design, allowing it to endure for years to come rather than falling victim to the inevitable design changes facing the drinks industry.

And we can’t write this review without mentioning the deep red (or should we say profondo rosso).

It’s classic, timeless, and again, ties into the idea of making the brand fit for purpose for years to come. It works great across both the bottles and the cans, adding a real sense of cohesion to the brand.

The primary colours from the previous design have also been replaced with more simple, neutral tones, including the gold border and the white typography.

Everything just feels more simple, and your eye is only really drawn to the brand name.

As for the iconic green bottles, they’ve been kept for Peroni’s Chill Lemon flavour, although I anticipate this will initially cause some confusion!

The only thing I really miss on the packaging is the blue ribbon. I can’t help but feel it was such a huge piece of the visual branding and the bottles look a little sparse without it.

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