Rebranding Ligue 1 and 2 Sees a French Football Renaissance



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23 April, 2024

Ah, French football.

Long dubbed “The Farmer’s League” by some cheeky British fans who reckon the quality is a few baguettes short of a boulangerie compared to Europe’s top leagues.

Well, hold onto your hats because Ligue 1 is shaking off that image.

Ligue 1 new logo design before and after

Reinventing the Impression of French Football

Big news for the 2024/25 season:

Ligue 1 and 2 are rolling out a splendid new logo design.

Out goes the old construction looking polygon with a dot, and in comes a bold number 1 with a clever cut-out ‘L’, giving a nod to the league’s nickname ‘L1’.

Vincent Labrune, the big boss of the league, says:

This symbol is part of a new brand identity, very current and modular, so that everyone, clubs and fans alike, can make it their own. All of the brand’s visibility supports will thus be renewed, with a new proprietary typography, a new color palette and a new graphic system. All these elements will be presented later, during the next offseason.

Drenched in royal blue and white, the new emblem is a breath of fresh air, thanks to the creative minds at Leroy Tremblot and LFP Media.

If I was leading this project though, I’d have kept the old colour palette, simply because it’s one of the nicest colour schemes in world football.

The new logo with the previous colour palette really would’ve been something special.

Ligue 1 logo design on blue background

French Football <3 Fast Food Forever, IDST

As if a new look wasn’t exciting enough, back in April Ligue 1 bagged a beefy new sponsorship deal with none other than McDonald’s, kicking off on July 1st.

This three-year romance replaces their old flame, Uber Eats. French football and fast food is apparently a match made in heaven.

McDonald’s, with its grand presence in over 1,000 French locales, is ready to sprinkle some of that fast-food magic on the league, blending the thrill of football with the joy of a good burger.

Navigating Star Departures

Until recently, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) showcased a dazzling trio each week: Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe, three of the world’s top players.

PSG has long been a magnet for football’s elite, likely thanks to the big bag of cash they drop into the laps of their star players.

However, these star players are not just a testament to the league’s allure but also a stark contrast to the “farmer’s league” image Ligue 1 is trying to shake.

Now, without them, Ligue 1 is confronting a new reality.

The landscape has drastically changed with Messi heading to Inter Miami, Neymar moving to Al Hilal, and Mbappe potentially making a high-profile switch to Real Madrid.

Ligue 2 new logo design before and after

Ligue 1 (and French football) as a whole finds itself at a pivotal crossroads, needing to fill the void left by these iconic players.

Opting to rebrand the league(s) now makes perfect sense.

This shift is more than just a visual change, it’s a challenge for the league to elevate its appeal and sustain the enthusiasm of its fan base amidst these high-profile exits.

A photograph of a Ronald McDonald statue on a seat with older people

Send in the Clowns

Sports branding is super subjective. There’s always pushback, outrage, or controversy.

Football fans in particular would bleed for their sport, so when any sort of change is afoot, you can always expect a strong reaction.

The new logo and McDonald’s deal have some fans throwing a party, while others are grumbling, cheekily dubbing it “The Clown League” on social media thanks to everyone’s favourite clown shaped brand mascot, Ronald McDonald.

The memes are endless.

But the folks running the show are keeping their eyes on the prize, betting big on this rebrand to raise Ligue 1’s global profile.

Reflecting on the Changes

While the new logo and identity seems like a bold stride forward, it’s going to be interesting to see how it rolls out over the next few months.

The new typography designs and visual tweaks are probably going to look splendid on the back of the player’s kits.

With all these changes set to roll out, the French football leagues are not just challenging the old farmyard jokes but is all geared up to climb the ranks of Europe’s football elite.

So, as we gear up for the full reveal of this rebranding saga, it’s clear, Ligue 1 is not just playing the game; it’s trying to change it.

It’s only half time. Check back in the summer for our full match report.

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