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20 February, 2024

Energy drinks brand, Rockstar, has undergone its first brand refresh since being bought by PepsiCo in 2020.

The idea behind the new identity is to engage a broader, more modern audience who are seeking more variety in their flavours. Utilising their in-house team, this update is part of a wider initiative titled ‘press play’ – the introduction of a new platform that encourages customers to ‘press play on doing the things they love’.

To implement this, Rockstar have partnered up with audio streaming service Spotify to deliver digital content and immersive experiences to fans who are passionate about music.

The underlying concept remains that they want to inspire fans to do what they love, and this includes listening to the sounds that they love and the music that gets them hyped.

Let’s start by looking at what elements have remained the same.

gold star on cans of Rockstar energy drink
Credit to The Dieline

The iconic gold star

The gold star is synonymous with the Rockstar drinks brand so it makes total sense that this has stayed in the identity.

Positioned at the forefront of the packaging, the new visual identity encases the classic ‘RR’ wordmark. This strategic placement ensures instant recognition, making the cans stand out on store shelves.

The combination of the distinctive design and the iconic ‘RR’ not only improves brand visibility but also encourages consumers to reach for the product, fostering a sense of familiarity with the Rockstar Energy drinks brand.

Another element which has remained is the italic sans serif headline which acts as a banner around the top of the cans, framing the product and reinforcing the brand name.

It’s quite nostalgic and the style is reminiscent of the opening title of an old blockbuster movie.

This retro-esque feel is accompanied by a range of vibrant colours, each indicating a different flavour and supporting the brands aim to appeal to a wider audience base.

different coloured cans of rockstar energy drink
Credit to The Dieline

Introducing some zesty flavours

To really get the flavours of the drinks across to consumers and the variety of flavours available, the brand has introduced a rainbow of colours for the product packaging.

There’s everything from zesty orange, to lime green, allowing customers to easily choose which one best suits their taste.

Again this ties into the focus of encouraging people to do what they love by injecting a boost of energy and excitement into the product packaging. It also helps to separate Rockstar from other drinks brands on the market who might opt for a more muted colour palette.

However, by choosing a flavour-focussed visual aesthetic it showcases the different varieties that they offer which further helps them appeal to a wider range of consumers with varying tastes.

Marie-Therese Cassidy, Vice President of Design, Europe, had the following the say:

Through our newly crafted visual identity system for Rockstar, we’ve infused the brand with confidence and distinctiveness. Each touchpoint of the brand now revolves around the bold ‘Press Play’ platform, urging Rockstar enthusiasts to embrace new experiences and press play on the things they love. By seamlessly merging our iconic gold star with the refreshed Rockstar wordmark, we’ve made a lasting impact both on and off the shelf. Additionally, our team has introduced a vibrant repeating star shape, providing a visual gateway into Rockstar’s diverse world of flavours and experiences.

Rocking It: Rockstar Energy’s New Drinks Packaging

Rockstar Energy’s updated visual identity will make its debut in the UK, Poland, and Germany in January 2024, followed by planned launches in other regions throughout the year.

The fresh look will eventually extend across all international Rockstar Energy flavours through various campaigns across multiple touchpoints – essentially anywhere you can find a Rockstar drink from January 2024 onwards.

So, you might have to wait a little bit longer if you want to get your hands on one of these snazzy cans!

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