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25 January, 2023

The Peerspace marketplace was established less than a decade ago, and is a platform that allows hosts to list their workspaces for other users to rent for meetings, productions, and events.

Whether hosts own lofts, backyards, or conference rooms, they can use Peerspace to advertise their space and the times it is available, and then users can simply click to book.

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Therefore, such an innovative and modern way of facilitating creativity in various workspaces required the company to adopt a new identity.

So, New York-based agency Mother Design, got to it creating a refreshed look for the brand to reflect the spirit of the hosts, and the creativity of projects yet to come.

But let’s take a look at the specifics of this rebrand, shall we?

Peerspace logo and mobile
Credit to Underconsideration

The Logo and Typography

Let’s start with the logo design, as this is arguably the most important part of the new identity.

The brand name and typography are used across the website, advertisements, and merchandise (which we will get onto later!) so it had to be changed to something that would stand out to audiences.

What was originally a fairly plain logo, was transformed into something that fits the idea behind the business far better.

Although the new logo is still a fairly straightforward design it has a purpose, it’s bold, and certainly feels more memorable.

The bold condensed sans serif makes for a strong look, and when shown in a stacked version it seems to bring the brand to life slightly better than the old logo.

This stacked version of the brand name equally helps to incorporate the purpose of the company by highlighting different shapes which nicely links to the range of spaces they have on offer to rent.

In fact, the company themselves called the reimagined logo “floor-to-ceiling bold, modern and monumental.”

Peerspace merchandise
Credit to Underconsideration


When exploring the latest rebrands merchandise or branded products aren’t always included or even part of the new brand identity.

However, for Peerspace, bringing out “swag” was very much a part of their branding as they released hats, caps, tote bags, stickers, and travel mugs.

In order to stay aligned with the new brand concept, Mother Design created branded products using only black and white and added the new company logo.

These designs add depth to the Peerspace offering, as each item has a streetwear edge and style, matching up perfectly with the vibe of the spaces on offer, such as industrial lofts with original brickwork, or funky city apartments.

The merchandise helps to appeal to a wider audience whether that be a couple looking for the perfect spot for an engagement shoot, or a small magazine team looking to take some shots for the next editorial piece.

By releasing a small range of branded items this has helped to create a community and spread the word about the Peerspace offering.

Equally, the design of each merchandise piece has been created with simplicity in mind, which provides a good contrast to the range of users looking to hire spaces, as everything from the beanie hat to the travel mug can fit the style of every member of the Peerspace community.

Peerspace website
Credit to Peerspace

The Website

We have saved the best until last as we think this website does a great job of pulling all of the branding elements together.

At first glance, the site is simple as it uses black and white and original company imagery, however, the way the information is laid out makes it so easy to scroll and discover more.

The imagery is spaced so well throughout the pages as though not to overwhelm users during their online journey. Instead, this website gives you a taster of the type of spaces Peerspace tend to have on offer, rather than flooding pages with options much like hotel, or meeting room websites.

The photographs have an almost glossy feel to them and look to be straight out of a magazine, adding a certain kind of luxury to the spaces advertised.

All of the imagery on the website is accompanied by small and succinct sections of text to answer any questions users may have such as, Peerspace locations, benefits, and examples of how others have used each spot creatively.

Not only does the website design stand out to us overall, but the functionality and navigation of the website deserve a shoutout too.

Peerspace use elements of parallax scrolling, meaning the content and background move at slightly different speeds as you scroll giving the illusion that users uncover more and more information as they go.

This makes the copy on the website seem less overwhelming as it is presented at intervals to the reader and broken up nicely on each page.

Overall, this is an example of a solid website that doesn’t overdo it with moving images or bright colours, and instead creates a calmer online environment to search for your next creative space!

Room For Everyone: The Peerspace Rebrand Explored

This rebrand certainly helped to create a brand new look for Peerspace which was needed in order to encapsulate the unique idea behind the company.

The process of stripping the branding back to a monochromatic colour palette, and keeping the logo simple yet bold, really allows the brand imagery to take centre stage and become the main focus of the brand.

After all, Peerspace provides rooms that act as a canvas or backdrop for creativity to flow in whatever form that may be!

The new branding is a huge step up from the branding of the past and is a perfect fit for the company due to the emphasis on spaces and the people working within them.

But more importantly, what do you think? Was the Peerspace rebrand needed, or do you think the old branding did a better job of reflecting the core values and offering behind the business? Let us know via the social links below!

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