Scrub Daddy and Dunkin Donuts Team Up for Sweet Brand Collaboration!



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11 June, 2024

What do donuts and household cleaning products have in common?

Well once you’ve indulged in your delicious donut and inevitably got crumbs everywhere, you need a good sponge to clean it all up.

Now this might sound like a weak link, but it’s the idea behind Scrub Daddy and Dunkin Donuts brand collaboration.

These two cheerful-looking brands have teamed up to create a limited edition series of Dunkin Donut shaped scrubbers to celebrate World Donut Day which took place on the 7th June.

Scrub Daddy became popular after appearing on the US show, Shark Tank, and they’ve become loved by cleaning enthusiasts worldwide. These robust little sponges transform in texture when run under warm water, removing stains and dirt from all sorts of surfaces.

Their branding is pretty quirky too, and genuinely creative for a product which is often quite dull. Sponges (and to be honest any household cleaning product) can be difficult to make fun, but Scrub Daddy, with its smiley-face sponges have become known for its playful and innovative approach.

Then there’s Dunkin Donuts which similarly has a lighthearted, friendly brand image.

Whilst initially this might sound like a random collaboration, there’s actually synergy between the two visual identities of these two brands and their brand tone of voice. Even the colour palettes of both brands are very similar sporting both pink and orange palette!

orange and white shaped sponges

Leveraging a wider customer base

Rather than this just being another marketing gimmick, I actually think it’s a very clever strategy.

For starters, by partnering with Dunkin Donuts, Scrub Daddy can tap into a loyal, very established customer base. The donut brand has existed a lot longer so they’ve already acquired customers on a global scale.

Being able to leverage this customer base is a huge advantage to scrub Daddy who are still growing.

Similarly Dunkin Donuts can remind people about their delicious bakes by using the idea of ‘cleaning up crumbs’ afterwards to stay top of mind. There’s further opportunities to highlight their other products such as their iced coffee range, as spillages are another area where Scrub Daddy sponges can work a treat.

Essentially both brands are generating free publicity for their products and creating a buzz for something that is available for a limited time only. This further creates the fear of missing out as customers always want to get their hands on something exclusive!

With platforms such as TikTok and Instagram being rife for video content, these donut-shaped sponges are sure to be a hit.

Visually they look appealing and people also love watching content about cleaning hacks and top tips, giving this collaboration the perfect space to reach even more cleaning and donut enthusiasts online.

scrub daddy donuts in box

Brand collaboration can be sweet success

Brand collaborations are not uncommon and lots of companies use them as ways to tap into each other’s customer base. It’s basically a free way of attracting even more people to your brand by using the platform of another!

Some successful examples include:

  • IKEA and LEGO: In 2020, IKEA Launched their new BYGGLEK collection in partnership with LEGO. Aimed squarely at parents and kids, this new collection introduced a range of storage boxes with LEGO studs on the lids, alongside a new exclusive LEGO set.
  • Aldi and Brewdog: Following Aldi’s announcement of their new Anti Establishment IPA, fans noticed its branding resembled BrewDog’s Punk IPA. Instead of conflict, BrewDog founder James Watt jokingly ribbed Aldi on Twitter, leading to a collaboration. They rebranded the beer to Ald IPA with Aldi-style packaging, and both brands pledged to plant a tree for each crate sold.
  • Nike and Apple: Since 2006, this brand partnership has been a genius move that recognised the direct connection between music and exercise, with both brands knowing exactly how to capitalise on that and add value to both of their customer bases.

We’ve covered more examples of brand partnerships in this blog post here, so give it a read to find out more.

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