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12 April, 2024

Happy Socks have updated their brand identity, with the aim of making their logo even more expressive, and of course, ‘happy’.

The result is oozing with playfulness and personality reflecting the ethos of the brand and how it differentiates itself from others on the market.

Aside from the new logo mark, one of the biggest updates is the typography which was in real need of a refresh!

Moving away from a black script type, they’ve opted for a bright, chunky logo with a new ‘H’ icon representing ‘happy’ making it much more fun and engaging.

Making Socks Stand Out

Making any sock brand memorable and distinctive can be challenging (after all they’re socks, they’re on our feet, and the likelihood is we don’t pay that much attention to them once they’re on).

But the Happy Socks brand refresh definitely demands some attention!

With a bright colour palette and vibrant designs, these aren’t just an item of clothing.

person wearing socks in front of flower wall

In the words of Creative Director, Paula Maso:

We wanted a refreshed identity that reflected who we are at our core: bold and happy!

Partnering with Paris-based agency, Yorgo & Co, a key focus of the update was creating a logo that expressed Happy Socks and what it stands for, through the use of icons.

Yorgo Tloupas, Art Dorector from Yorgo&Co said the following:

My first intention was to iconize the brand, adding an icon to an already iconic house. But that symbol had to stand out, to express happiness, and to be uniquely evocative of the name Happy Socks in its shape.

H is for Happy

With this in mind, the new logo was born out of the idea of making the everyday essentials (in this case, socks) and reimagining it to be full of personality and style.

This reiterates my earlier point about the challenge of making socks fun, but the team have managed to pull it off!

the h icon on yellow background

Along with the new logo is the creation of a ‘H’ icon which is used for both static use and animated for digital applications.

It’s fun, cheeky, and quirky – all connotations that relate to the Happy Socks brand.

The wide, curious eyes are a particular favourite of mine and you can’t help but find it endearing.

green happy socks packaging

Sock Packaging Perfection

The new brand identity has been rolled out across numerous brand touchpoints including the product packaging, shopping bags, and their website.

It’s also been applied to sock hangers and tags, which, with the addition of the new ‘H’ emblem works really well!

I think I’ll be buying myself a pair.

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Happy Socks
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