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14 February, 2024

Cereal company Surreal are at it again.

This Valentine’s Day they’ve launched a new out-of-home campaign teaming up with sexual wellness (condom) company, Hanx.

What does cereal and sex have in common?

Without a clever copywriter involved, not a lot. But with a clever piece of copy you get an advert for two brands that goes viral with:

“Great for spooning / Great for forking.”

Surreal cereal brand advertising with Hanx - great for spooning, great for forking.
Images credit to Surreal

And it’s beautiful.

Even in their own post, Surreal say that cereal and condoms don’t have a lot in common, “but they do say opposites attract.”

Their shock tactics are working too. This post went live at around 10am, and by midday, they’re sitting on well over 500 likes and a whole load of brand impressions.

These strange brand partnerships are helping increase their reach and virality across their social channels.

Surreal are hands down my favourite cereal brand, and I’ve not even tried it.

In 2023 they swooped in with this absolutely classic nostalgia hit by partnering with Doughnut Time and Toolstation.

Surreal cereal brand advertising with Doughnut Time and Toolstation

And at Halloween, they unleashed the Breakfast Chainsaw Massacre, alongside other brands making a spooky advertising play.

Surreal cereal brand advertising for The Breakfast Chainsaw Massacre

Every single time I load up LinkedIn, they’re up to something else ridiculous.

I don’t follow them anywhere else, but I see them pop-up with something creative at least once or twice a week.

On LinkedIn. The business network.

Their marketing team is delivering a masterclass in knowing your audience, knowing where they hang out, and then speaking to them.

They’re tongue in cheek, nostalgic, and popular on the weirdest platform.

For context:

They have around 50,000 followers on Instagram, to their nearly 65,000 on LinkedIn. It’s just beautiful.

These surreal “team ups” aren’t the only thing they’re doing either. They’ve also:

  • Razzed on pancakes for being a conspiracy theory (on pancake day of course)
  • Teamed up with “famous people” and used non-famous people with names like Dwayne Johnson and Ronaldo in their advertising
  • Made a pun around bowls, and super bowls, to help the British audience understand the NFL
  • Tapped into the visual aesthetics of nostalgic video games from the 80s and 90s
  • Got their directors to pose in their underwear and branded it as “their worst advertising they’ve done all year”
  • Strayed close to trademark infringement by invoking other cereal slogans

Here are a few of my favourite examples:

Surreal - Don't Tell Tony billboard advert

Surreal - Dwayne Johnson billboard advert

Surreal - Mario billboard advert

It’s a real mixed bag. But their marketing team are outstanding.

And they must get quite the discount on out of home advertising!

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